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Hola :D

dos thhis theme admit http://wpml.org/?


Hi virplay,

Yes it does! check the theme description for more details :)

thx :D

Will check ur theme, and will ask you some questiions befroa I buy it :D

Hola :D

- Is it possible not to show the reservetion module on the sliders? I just wnat the slider witohut the book reservation

- Can i set any other colors? Want this theme in blue or others

- Have any video o pictures of the admin panel to see th features?

Gracias :D

Hi virplay,

1.) Yes in the theme options there is an option which allows you to switch the booking form on/off on the slideshow

2.) Yep, all of the colours can be change using the colour picker in the theme options

3.) Here: http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/themeforest/theme-options-nh.jpg

Any other questions just ask :)

Hello, I am interested in the same questions like virplay…


Hi Yodying,

Feel free to check out my response to virplay, if you’ve got any other questions just ask :)

I purchase the theme, however I need to change the value of the ‘Book Now’ button so it redirects to a URL instead of the booking page. Can you please help me do that? Thanks.

Hi jhhawkins08,

Sure no problem, it involves a little bit of coding though so it’d be easier to talk you through this via email, send me a quick email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll be happy to help :)

Hello, I’ve purchased your theme recently and working on it for our center. First I congratulate you for this nice template. There are some issues I don’t understand and don’t know how to repair. The website is www.anacondacosmica.com 1- The logo in the home page has got white spaces over and below, I tried changing the height in the theme option but it doesn’t change anything. I want it to fit to both menus. 2- The description of the website is always displayed below the logo, I don’t want it to appear, how can I remove it ? 3- I didn’t find in the documentation how to activate the localisation, how to setup the langages, how to display the options on the top right like in your preview website. How can I do it ? 4- How do I change the background image ? Directly on the server ? These are my main questions for the moment. Thank you for your hard work !

Hi Zoubergibof,

Thanks for purchasing. I checked the link you supplied but got a 404, in response to your questions:

1.) The white space above and below the logo is part of the design, its fairly easy to remove it if you’d rather it wasn’t there. Drop me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll walk you through how do it

2.) The description is taken from “Settings > General” tagline field. You can just delete the text from this field to remove it

3.) You need the http://wpml.org plugin to achieve this, all the docs about how to set it up are supplied with the plugin. If you run into issues installing it for this theme feel free to email me for support at the email supplied above

4.) Yes!

Hope that helps!

I would like to use this theme for a facility that books parties at multiple locations. Can you modify the theme to enable visitors to book a time and date instead of just a time?

Do you have an option that will display an availability calendar?

Thank you, Adam Singer

Hi ajsinger,

it would fairly simple to add additional fields to the booking form if you’d like to record a time. Regarding booking parties at multiple locations, this isn’t something the theme currently supports but as mentioned if its simply a case of adding additional form fields it wouldn’t be too hard for you to implement. An availability calendar isn’t something the theme provides by default but there are free plugins available which would let you achieve this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/booking/


Love this theme, I purchased it last week and found it very easy to implement and customize. Great job!

Would love for it to be responsive and work on smartphones and tablets – so please implement this feature.

Hi thinkbagel,

Thanks for purchasing, this is something I’m considering implementing!

will this theme be mobile responsive anytime soon?

Hi danielshaw,

I don’t have a date set for this at the moment, I’ll keep the comments updated with any developments though.


Hi There.

Trying to create a simple gallery, but not sure what the short code is for this?

have seen in previous themes, it is something like [galleryitem]

if you could let me know that would be great.


Hi mattlewin76,

First create a new page and set the template as “Photo Gallery”. Then in the main left menu there is an item called “Photo Galleries”, click “Add New”. Then upload your images by clicking “Upload/Insert” above the main content box. The image you set as featured will be the title image and the rest will be display inside the gallery.



How do I remove the link from the Single Accommodation Image Gallery? It goes to a post page. I’d like to change it so that if the user clicks the image it pops up with the enlarged/full size images?

Is there a way to automatically add the Accommodation to a menu? I have manually created a menu with the links at this stage.

Thanks! Anna

Hi KiwiWebWorks,

This is a bug which I’m going to fix in the next update which will be out in a couple of days. Regarding automatically adding pages to the menu, unfortunately doing it manually is the only way

Thank you for this excellent theme.

1. Is it possible to replace the contact details in the main navigation with a search bar or another menu item?

2. How do I get the language options into the very top of your page as you have in the demo (I use WPML )

Thank you for your help and looking forward to a mobile responsive version :-)

Hi danielshaw,

Thanks for purchasing!

1.) In the theme options you can turn off the contact details in the nav bar (“Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Settings > Display phone number and email in navigation bar”) then go to line 419 in the style.css file found in the the theme folder and delete the max-width value and the menu will extend to the full length of the bar.

Regarding adding a search bar there, it wouldn’t be hard however it would involve a bit of coding, if you need help send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com

2.) You can set the language switcher to use a menu in the WPML options, the top right menu is the “Secondary Navigation” area

Thank you for your quick answer, I’ve managed to edit the main nav bar, and add the languages to the secondary menu based on your advice.

I have 2 more questions: – how is it possible to change to order of the images that appear in the slideshow? I tried changing the publishing date, but it didn’t help. I guess they are done in order of IDs. Is there somewhere to edit this?

- How is it possible to show the home page sections in different languages?

Thank you for your help…

If you’d like to order the slides by date you could edit template-homepage.php and change line 27 to:

query_posts( “post_type=slideshow&orderby=date&order=ASC&posts_per_page=9999” );

And yep it is indeed possible to translate the homepage sections, for this you’d need to use WPML ’s string translation plugin


Hi again

How do I change the order of the Accommodation Listings?

How do I slow down and preferrably change to a “fade” option for the Home Page slider?

When you release an update, will it show in Wordpress themes that an update is available?


Hi KiwiWebWorks,

Send me a quick email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll walk you through how to do the above.


Hi there, I have just bought this theme for my client and think it is great. Two questions though:-

1. I’m in Australia so I need the date format to be dd/mm/yy If I change it in the .js file, it breaks! Any easy way to change this? 2. If I install the ‘Booking Calendar’ plugin you suggested, does that integrate with your booking form? How is this going to show the user dates already booked? 3. The shortcode [msg type=info]This is my message[/msg] does not seem to show the info icon.

Thanks a lot.

Hi wattsyourwebsite,

Thanks for purchasing.

1.) The calendar uses the jQuery datepicker widget, I recommend checking the docs for it here: http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/ and specifically this section: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Datepicker/formatDate 2.) You’d need to enter the booking info in the calendar plugin when you receive a booking through the main form 3.) Yep sorry that’s a mistake in the documentation, use “default” instead of “info” so it should be: [msg type=default]This is my message[/msg]

Thanks once again for your help. I’ve managed to make the necessary changes, however in the MPML string translation plugin, I have not been able change the “from” and “to” in the date section, as well as the “book now” button… How would I be able to do that?

Also how do we change the map on the home page to a satellite view?

Hi danielshaw,

My bad the “To” and “From” text is actually translated by the .mo/.po files. You’ll need to update them using poedit, or if you prefer send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll send the updated files over.



To change the map to satellite view in the main theme folder open js/scripts.js and on line 102 change ROADMAP to SATELLITE (must be uppercase)

Hi, I cannot find out how to make the slideshow in the room’s page like in your live preview. I can only add 1 image via featured image. Please help,

Cheers, Andrew

Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have come accross another problem:

The default menu items got text below them (rates & reservation, “happy customers” for testimonial, etc)

How do add those text if I add other items?

Thanks in advance, Andrew

Hi andrewpg,

To add the text below the main menu items you need to switch on “Description” field under “Screen Options”, for more details see “B) Getting Started” in the documentation


My bad, I missed that in the documentation. Thank you again for your prompt reply.


Good morning, I’m going to buy the theme but I need to know some things: 1. can you customize the background and the head not with images but with a different color? 2. can you have the Italian version of the site as the principal and the English version by clicking the flag at the top right? 3. can you change the social icons with other icons I have chosen? 4. can you put the logo of holding on the head?

Thank you very much and look forward to a reply

Hi ceciliamoresi,

1.) Yes

2.) Yes, you would need to use the WPML .org plugin for this

3.) Yes via the CSS

4.) Not sure I understand this question, its possible to add an image logo if thats what you mean?


I’m sorry but in my first question there’s an error. The right question: can you customize background and header with images? For example in twenty eleven wp theme you can customize the background and header with images fixed or scrolled. thanks a lot

Good design for hotel needs.