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Hi there, I just download and I get this error when I Install the theme…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/safwahbi/public_html/wp-content/themes/nice_hotel/admin/index.php on line 35


Hi AskaX,

You can send me your WP login details to: help@quitenicestuff.com


Ok, I just reinstalling the wp.

I’ll send you the login panel

Great Theme, Just need the latest Wp installed and no line in map address, all works properly.

Thank you for fast responds and assistance.

Hi there, I’ve been trying to set up my my “Rooms” menu the way I want it, but I just don’t get it. What I want is…

  1. When clicking on the menu “Rooms” I’d like to see the 3 categories (single, double, appartment) i. e. with a picture and short describtion (as displayed with the accomodation template).

  2. When clicking on one of those categories (which can also directly be chosen from the “Room” menue) I want to see all rooms of only that categorie. But no matter where you click, you alway see all rooms of all categories.
My menu is structured like this: “Rooms” (page) > “Singles”(page) > “Room One” (accommodation).
Is there a way to realise this?

Hi Herrzahm,

This is a good idea, I’m going to look at implementing a category feature as I realise its a bit limiting not having this functionality. Bear with me, I’ll aim to release it before the end of this week


Hi I just purchased this theme for my SPA . I purchased it for Wordpress, but when I try and install it I get the following message: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Please assist! thanks!

I was able to install the theme in the end, but now I get the same error message as AskaX:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/paobryn/public_html/wp-content/themes/nice_hotel/admin/index.php on line 35

Now I can´t do anything without getting that message.

1) I have the version of WP just before 3.4.1 2.) Is WP_DEBUG on? (How do I check this?! – I´m a newbie!)


Hi Sanobella,

I just tested the theme on a new install of the latest version of WordPress (3.4.1) and can’t replicate the problem you’re experiencing.

I suspect you’re not running the latest version of WordPress, as the error your getting would happen in an old version. The reason its not finding wp_get_theme() is because its a newly introduced function, if you’re not running a newer version you’ll get this error.

Please confirm which version your running, go to WordPress.org and redownload/install. If this still doesn’t fix the problem send me your WP login details to help@quitenicestuff.com

Bug report!

Multiple inclusion of maps.google.com/maps/api/js on Contact page – fixed by commenting line 44 of ../nice_hotel/functions/shortcodes/googlemap.php.

Great theme, thank you so much!

Hi emcniece,

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll take care of this in the next update!

I’m not sure if I sent my comment to the right email address – but I’m really stupid and looking to know how to get the slideshow working on the front page? On the ‘Slide URL ’ bit, I can put in the image address of one image and it’ll show but how do I make it so it is actually a slideshow?

Thanks and sorry if it’s a stupid question. I’m awful with WordPress.

Hi jdowning640,

In WordPress go to “Slideshow > Add New”, enter the “Slide URL ” as you’re doing then click “Publish”. This is a single slide, to add another click on “Slideshow > Add New” again and repeat the process :)


I have purchased the theme. It is a really good theme. I just have one question.

How can i change the language of the Block Contents on the homepage. I have purchased the WPML plugin. But i can’t find where I can change the language to German and Dutch

Hi boesterd,

The homepage blocks are stored as theme options, to translate these you need to create a wpml-config.xml file, for more details see here: http://wpml.org/documentation/support/language-configuration-files/


Thanks I found the translations for the block content. But I have another problem/question: I use three languages. In some of the templates some headlines are hardcoded and cannot be translated. E.g.: Room description and room facilities

I can find them in the section of string translation, the only thing that I can change is the block contents and the widget content.

Hi boesterd,

It may be that you’re running an old version because I think this was an issue at one point, its been fixed for a while now though. If you download the latest version it should all be working as expected.


Hi quitenicestuff,

Where is the documentation?

Hi roberturidge,

In the main download package when you unzip it there is a folder inside called “Documentation”, inside this folder is a file called “index.html”, this is the documentation


Thanks quitenicestuff!


EW3 Purchased

When I create a photo gallery and upload/insert the photos, on the gallery page it won’t let me scroll through the photos. I have to click one, then close it, then click another, then close it, etc.

It looks as if there may be a coding issue, because to the right of the Facebook like button on the prettyPhoto popup is a {

Besides that I love the theme, thanks!

Hi EW3 ,

This issue has been fixed in the latest version, feel free to go to your Themeforest download page to update


why is it not responsive? :°°°°°

Hi there,

How do I upgrade without losing data?

Many thanks


Hi jdowning640,

Essentially you only need to backup your theme options by going to “Appearance > Theme Options > Backup Options”, however its always good to err on the side of caution, so a backup of the database while not essential wouldn’t hurt just in case! Also worth noting, if you’ve made any changes to the core theme files you’ll need to backup these and re-apply them to the new files.


Hi quitenicestuff,

How do I get the search function to display results from all pages? It categorizes the results in events, accomodation, testimonials, etc. but do not display results from all pages in general.

Thanks in advance.

Hi annesiig,

Send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look


Hi, My page title got very messed up. I use all-in-one seo plugin and now everything is like this: Contact UsMy Hotel | My Hotel Deluxe RoomMyHotel | My Hotel

Where do I disable the theme’s default title?

Thanks, Andrew

Hi andrewpg,

The title for all pages is set in “header.php” on line 28


Hi, I just bought your theme and it really looks great. I’m fiddling with the settings at the moment and I was just wondering if it’s possible to add my own color schemes. My client really wants this specific set of colors and textures that I made. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi 13ram,

Sure, you can set custom colours in the theme options, go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options”, then scroll down and you’ll see a bunch of fields with colour pickers next to them.


Thanks for the reply, but I was looking for the css. If I change the ‘Navigation/Footer Text/Border Colour’ to make the menu description text more visible, the hover/active state stops doing what I want it to do… Found a solution though :)

Like I said great theme, but there’s one other thing I’m wondering about. My nav titles are slightly long. If I want to put al my nav items in the menu it needs an extra row. This isn’t really pretty so I unchecked the phone/e-mail option. Now my items should all fit the menu bar but for some reason my last item is still beneath the other items. Any thoughts on why this is happening and if there’s a quick fix for it?

Hi 13ram,

Just sent you an email with details of how to do this


Hi, I’m looking to buy this theme and I’ve a few questions:

  1. for complete theme/content translation which version of WPML do I need (Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Blog)?
  2. if I buy this theme could you send me complete backup of theme demo (all files and SQL of exported database) so I can make some modifications on demo and show to my client?

Thanks in advance.

Hi adriapixel,

Thanks for your interest.

1.) You’ll need the “Multilingual CMS ” package

2.) Demo data is included in the download package


Hey! Good job on the theme but are you going to make it responsive anytime soon?




I have another question, how do you setup the Google Maps on the site? Because it’s very unclear how to in the Help Documentation.


Hi AoiroStudio,

Sure, go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Settings” then scroll down to the “Google Map Latitude/Longitude” field and “Google Map Marker Content” field


Hello! I’ve purchased your theme, congratz, its a really nice and good theme! I have a problem, im from Brazil and the date here are set that way: dd/mm/yy and not mm/dd/yy. I’ve changed the dateFormat from the /js/jquery.ui.datepicker.js file and I need your help, what I need to change into the code?
    // Calculate difference between dates
    var start = new Date(datefrom);
    var end = new Date(dateto);
    var diff = new Date(end - start);
    var days = diff/1000/60/60/24;

    return days;
Thanks very much!

Hi TiagoRossi,

The jQuery datepicker uses 3 files:

-js/jquery.ui.datepicker.js -js/dateprice.js -js/scripts.js

To change the format I guess you would need to switch the code in dateprice.js to match the format, I’d recommend checking the jQuery datepicker documentation for this: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Datepicker specifically this part: http://docs.jquery.com/UI/Datepicker/formatDate


The slider on the front doesn’t display any pictures. And the progress indicater is just running all the time! I have added slides and filled out the “Caption”, the “Slide Image URL ” and the “Slide Link URL ”, but still i just get the progress indicator running. I even tried to add a “featured image”, but no luck.

I am running WP 3 .4.1 and WPML 2 .4.3. I even tried to disable WPML languages.

How do i get this to work?

Yes, surely i checked all links :-)

The problem was a faulty WP installation. I reinstalled the site and it worked. Thanks for the good support.

You’re welcome, glad you got it working in the end


I’ve been going through all comments and the documentation, but there are still some things I just don’t get…

Once in a while I’m checking “last update” on themeforest, but the last 3 or 4 udates I downloaded have always been version 1.4 and don’t seem to have any changes. What I do is downloading the new version and making a new installation in a new folder. Is that the right way? (by the way, I’m using wordpress Version 3.4.1–de_DE)

I don’t understand how to create a slideshow for the room details page. I can add descriptions, facility facts, a galery (opening in a new screen),...
What exactly do I have to do to make images appear on the room page in order to view one by one by clicking the arrows on top right of the image as shown on the demo page?
...slide image url… slide link url… sorry I don’t get it. Would be great to have a more detailed description of that in the documention.

Sorry, I hope I’m not the only person that struggles with that.

Hi Herrzahm,

The version number only changes if its a significant update, a lot of the updates I do are literally changing a string of code so I don’t really feel like it warrants a new version number.

When you update you just need to overwrite the theme’s files stored in wp-content/themes/nice_hotel, don’t forget to back your theme options by going to “Appearance > Theme Options > Backup Options” and while not necessary backing up your database is good practice.

The slideshow on the room page is automatically created when you upload more than one photo, whichever photo you set as the “Featured Image” will be used on the accommodation listing page.