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I’m having trouble with this theme. The emails are not sending from the contact form or the room booking. I’ve tried a few of the logical solutions. I’m not sure why this is happening.

Can you have a look? http://www.glenlochinn.com

Hi drewsmog,

I’m afraid I can’t replicate this problem on my version, the only things I can think of which could be causing this are:

1.) Have you entered your email address correctly? By default the forms will send the email to the address you entered when installing WordPress, you can check this by going to “Settings > General”. Or if you enter an address in “Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Settings” it will send to this address instead

2.) Check your spam folder, as obvious as it sounds some people miss this

3.) Try using a different email address from different provider, sign up for a free yahoo, hotmail account and test with this, its unlikely but your email provider may have blocked accepting mail from your web server’s IP or simply have issues routing the traffic between the two servers

4.) Contact your web host and ask them if they allow the PHP mail() function to be used, some really cheap/free hosts block this to prevent spammers abusing servers

5.) If all of the above fails please contact me at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look


Hi there! Me again.

I was just wondering whether it would be easy to separate the colour for the top logo header section and the content section so I can change the colours more easily?

Many thanks


Hi jdowning640,

It can be done but you’ll need to do a bit of modification yourself, the white background you currently see there is a single div wrapper so you’d need to add another div wrapper only around the header section to achieve this.


When choosing arrival and departure as the same date, the script says that it is not possible. How can one change so it is allowed to check in and out the same day?

Hi glenndk,

This will involve a bit of modification, send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look


Hello! Thanks for the last question, I solved the issue with your tips! Now I have another question, hehe. How do I make homepage template page? I’ve saw a Homepage page type but I cant see that content showing into the frontend, I need to make a page with the slider become my homepage, please help.

Hi TiagoRossi,

Are you trying to replicate the demo homepage? if so there is dummy data included which will partially do this.

There are 4 parts which make up the homepage: Slideshow, Intro text, 3 content blocks and testimonials.

-To add slides to the slideshow go to “Slideshow > Add New”

-To add an intro message below the slideshow go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” then scroll down to the “Announcement Message” field

-To add content to the 3 blocks again go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” and you’ll see the fields clearly labelled

-Testimonials are also added to the homepage by going to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” in the “Testimonial IDs to Display on Homepage” field


Hi, first thing first – you theme is really good! Great job!

1.) I have question regarding the email received after someone books a room. I need to send and receive this form in UTF -8. In my native Czech language we have some special symbols (such as ????…) that are displayed incorrectly in the email.

2.) The second and last question – is it possible to add multiple prices for a one room? I mean – my client offers a country cottage for rent, but there are several different prices. ‘Per night’ price is different in March, in June etc.

Thank you for your help! I love your customer service! :-)

hi I bouyght nicehotel temp. I have some ques. I coundt edit accomoadaiton and reservastion page. for example here is my link http://taksimwhitesuite.com my problem is 1-I ve created accomadation 3 page here is the link http://taksimwhitesuite.com/?accommodation=standart-oda-1 but default temp?late is link http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/nicehotelwp/accommodation/hotel-room-1/ how to solve this problem I think mine is wrong 2. in default temp ain this page http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/nicehotelwp/accommodation/hotel-room-1/ when fill form room booking page. I coudnt do that. pls help me emergency 3.. in main page when fill form and when click book now buttonhow to set page after next page psl help me

Hi TurkishSailor,

I also responded to the email you sent me but I’ll add in here too:

1.) This is to do with how you setup permalinks, to create the same structure as the demo go to “Settings > Permalinks” and select “Post name”

2.) You need to create a page with the “booking” template, for more info please see the “B) Getting Started > Accommodation booking form” section of the documentation supplied with the theme, found in the “Documentation” folder

3.) The above answer will also fix this

Hi, I bouyght nicehotel template, and I have a little problem:
1. How can I translate (in 5 lang., with WMPL ) the text from room description: Room Description, Room Facilities
2. In room description page (accommodation page) how can I set the slide show to show more than one photo for the room (which room have 5-9 photos)
3. In room description: how can I put some text or map shortcode in the left page (under the slide show) (which room have different address)
4. Do you have any style for booking plugin?

I use your theme for some vacation houses/apartments.

Hi emilf,

Thanks for purchasing!

1.) You should be able to do this with the WPML string translation plugin, you can scan the .mo/.po files to detect the text and then translate it

2.) Upload more than one photo using the “Insert/Upload” button, the photos will automatically be added to the slideshow, the one you set as the “Featured Image” will be the main image shown on the listing page

3.) You can use the Google map shortcode (see the shortcodes section of the documentation for details of how to use). Add it to the “Accommodation Details” field in “Accommodation > Add New”

4.) The theme comes with default styling for all basic HTML elements such as tables/typography etc

Another question is:
How to set off comment on pages (sidebar,leftbar or full) and on posts?

Hi again emilf,

This is very easy, simply go to “Pages” then hover over your page of choice and some options will appear, click “Quick Edit” then untick “Allow Comments” and click “Update”

1.) You should be able to do this with the WPML string translation plugin, you can scan the .mo/.po files to detect the text and then translate it

This 2 words can`t be translated with WPML Multilingual CMS ?

Hi emilf,

You can translate embedded text found in .mo/.po files by going to “WPML > Theme and Plugins Localization”, then scroll down to “Strings in the theme” and click “View all theme’s texts”.


2.) Upload more than one photo using the “Insert/Upload” button, the photos will automatically be added to the slideshow, the one you set as the “Featured Image” will be the main image shown on the listing page

On Wordpress/Administration/Slideshow I don`t have any Insert/Upload button I have only Add new button , and option for a slideshow I have only:
Caption, Slide Image URL , Slide Link URL


The “Slideshow” you see in the left hand side menu in WordPress is for the homepage slideshow only. To add a slideshow on the accommodation details page, simply go to “Accommodation > Add New” then follow the instructions above.


Hi, Great theme. I’m having trouble getting the slideshow photos on the accommodation page to display in the order that I want. I would like the photos to be displayed in the order that they were uploaded, but it seems to be showing them in the reverse. I’ve specified the order numbers but they seem to be ignored.

Hi markma,

Send me an email via support at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look at this for you

Hi, How can I made the Block Titles and Block Button Titles, Announcement Message from Apparence/Theme options to be translated in 5 different languages?

Hi emilf,

These are stored as theme options, you will need to use the WPML string translation plugin to translate these.


How can I increase the font size of the tagline and the items in the top menu?

Hi markma,

You would need to add some custom CSS in “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” in the “Custom CSS ” field. I would put the code here but but its not allowed in the item comments and doesn’t display correctly. If you need more assistance send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com

I’m having trouble with setting up a photo gallery. I’ve created a photo gallery page using the photo gallery template and then uploaded some photos to the photo gallery. Each item in the photo gallery contains only one photo. When I preview the page the gallery displays as it should but then when I click on the photo it takes me to another page displaying the same small version of the photo and I have to click again to see a full sized version of the photo (i.e. I need to click twice before seeing the full sized photo). How do I stop the intermediate page from displaying?

Hi markma,

You should upload all of your photos in a single photo gallery by clicking “Upload/Insert” (upload as many as you like), the one you set as the “Featured Image” will be used as the main title photo on the gallery listing page.

If you don’t want to display the gallery listing page and just want to link directly the the actual image gallery, add a custom menu link to the gallery single page and delete the main gallery link from your menu.

Hope that made sense? If not email me your WP login details to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll do it since its a quick job.

Thanks again for all your help. Another question… is it possible to completely remove/hide the brown bars at the top of the screen (i.e. Top menu) and directly above the footer (i.e. Sitemap area)? This will save some screen real-estate with my website.

Hi markma,

Sure, you will need to modify a couple of files to do this though. Can you email support help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll talk you through it.


Hello, My slide suddenly dissapeared from the homepage – I’m not sure why but there is just the left/right arrow and it is strangely located in the third block content. I tried disabling all plugins but it is stll not working.

Please help, Thanks, Andrew

Hi andrewpg,

Sounds like you’ve got a JavaScript conflict, most likely a new piece of JavaScript either in a plugin or something else isn’t playing well with the theme. Can you send me a link to your site at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look.



Great theme, love it so far.

is there any easy way to change the date format? I’m also in Australia and need the date to be dd/mm/yy but I’m not comfortable editing .js files as I’ve never done it before. Can you walk me through it?


Thanks for your help :)

Hi tynkit,

Thanks for purchasing, it is indeed possible to change the date format with a bit of modification. Send me an email via support at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll see what I can do :)


This is probably a very basic question… how do you turn comments off? I’m using the default template to create a page containing general information. It seems this template allows comments to be posted. I would like to disable this feature. I’ve looked in Settings->Discussion but couldn’t find anything obvious.

Hi markma,

Go to “Pages” then find the page in the list you want to remove comments from, hover over it and some options will appear, click “Quick Edit” and then untick “Allow Comments”



I see you updated this Theme on September 4th. Please tell me which changes you did since the last version. Is there a history with file-names you edited, too?

Best regards, Mario

Hi Numedica,

You can check the file “Changelog.txt” for details of updates. For example the latest update fixed a character encoding bug on the booking form email (template-booking.php).


Hi smartitsupport,

You would need to do some customization to integrate this with the theme