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I use NextGEN for site. After update NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati to Version 2.0.14 i can’t open calendar on “Book Now”. I replace old version of NextGEN gallery…

Have you any solution?


Hi Nick,

This sounds like a JavaScript conflict, could you open a support ticket with your website URL included so I can take a look: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com

Kind regards

hi quitenicestuff,

we have 3 questions to ask about one of our client’s website http://hotelreale.com:

1 – how can we translate in a second languages these three areas in the website: welcome, hotel facilities and luxury spa shown in the demo of the Nice Hotel Theme? we installed wpml in our website, but it doesn’t spot anything about that text. 2 – with wpml, is it possible to translate the testimonials inside the demo homepage? 3 – when using chrome browser, the area “centro benessere” in the homepage of our website gets non-alligned. i guess this happened after a browser’s update. can we fix this through CSS?

thanks onesa

Hi onesa,

1.) To translate the homepage (or any text stored in the theme options) go to “WPML > String Translation”, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Translate texts in admin screens »”, tick all the options you want to translate then click “Apply”. Now when you go back to “WPML > String Translation” the text will be in the list ready for you to translate.

2.) Sure the testimonials are a custom post type so to translate them go to “WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup”, scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the “Custom Posts” box set all the option to “Translate”. You can then go to “Testimonials” and translate them as you would any other posts/page

3.) To fix this go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Option” and add the following in the “Custom CSS” field:

.one-third-full {width: 28% !important;}

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hello we bought your nice hotel theme, we want to use google translate. We activitaed gogle translate, but it doesnt translate our web site? doesnt your theme provides google translate?

Hi eyaslak,

Could you open a support ticket and give details of which Google translate plugin or service you’re using: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

If you’re only translating to a single language I’d recommend this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/

Kind regards


We want to buy this wordpress template but first we need to know if is possible to customize the header image of each section. Can anybody tell us if is this possible?


Hi mercedesi3net,

Thanks for your interest.

You can set a custom header image for each pages created via “Pages > Add New” which is most of them. And for all the others a general header image can be set in the theme options.

Kind regards

I’ve updated my website to v.1.9.1, but I got an error about booking. When clicking the Book Now button, it was not redirected to the booking page anymore.

Hi cpcmaker,

Could you open a support ticket with your website URL included so I can take a look: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, how I can put a timer on the slide. I want to put 10 seconds between slides.

Hi Ernestrodriguez,

This would be a very simple modification to the code, open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Can you remove the booking part on the first page?

Hi mgambal,

Sure this can be easily removed via the theme options.

Kind regards

Hi I want to add an extra field into the booking form for address (not email address) how do I do this??


Hi Renee,

You would need to customize the theme to do this, I’m happy to advise which files you need to edit though.

Open a support ticket here: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

what is going on with the slideshow for the accommodations? all the pictures appears sepia???? it says that i must buy a plugin? why ??? I have already payed for your template!!!! Please advise!!!!

Hi vladimirnicolas,

Thanks for purchasing!

I think this must be some kind of plugin conflict, the accommodation slideshow comes packaged with theme and there’s definitely no need to purchase anything else to get it working.

I’d recommend disabling all plugins and this should solve the problem, if you’re still having issues feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Upon visiting the site I’m only able to view the blog page. In the “themes” page of wordpress the picture appears of the full site.I unzipped the file and uploaded the nice_hotel.zip file, and I’m not sure what to do. I checked the menus and pages categories in the wordpress menu and I don’t see anything else. Why am I only viewing the blog?

Hi udogoo123,

Thanks for purchasing!

You need to create all the pages using the templates packaged with the theme. For example to create the homepage go to “Pages > Add New” and select “Homepage” from the “Template” selection on the right side of the page. You can then go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” to configure the homepage.

For more info I’d recommend checking out the “Getting Started” guide in the documentation packaged with the theme.

If you have any other questions feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Thank you so much!

Hi There,

DO this include wpml plugin or i need to purchase this from their website..

Thanks, Chetena

Hi Chetena,

You would need to purchase the WPML plugin separately from http://wpml.org

Kind regards

I can’t seem to add pictures to the slideshow on the homepage. The buttons to scroll through the images appears, so I know I have it enabled. I’ve tried adding a gallery to the homepage by going to Pages > Edit Home and add media. I’ve also tried selecting the slideshow tab from the menu and creating a slideshow but I’m not sure how to set it up. I didn’t see anything in the documentation as far as adding images goes, just how to enable the use of a slideshow.

The only thing I was able to do was set a featured image on the homepage in the slideshow menu.

Hi udogoo123,

To add slides to the homepage:

1.) Go to “Pages > Add New” and select “Homepage” from the “Template” selection on the right

2.) Go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” and tick “Display Slideshow”

3.) Go to “Slideshow > Add New” and upload a slide

If you have any other questions please open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Is this theme Seo Friendly.

Hi bnbnewdelhi,

Yes the theme is SEO friendly.

Kind regards

Hi, is it possible to organize photo galleries in albums?

Is there a way to manage the order of the slides in the slideshow?

Thank you, Alex

Whoa, that was fast :)

About the album functionality, I have 5-6 pages with photo galleries and need a way to show all of them in a single page (like facebook albums, you click and enter). I think I saw this kind of page in another user’s website, here in the comments.

Anyway, I’ll look for a plugin, is there one you suggest?

The easiest way to create an “album” gallery page linking to all the inner galleries would be to create an image grid using the columns shortcode and just link each image to a gallery.

Regarding gallery suggestions, I’d go for the highest rated which is currently: http://wordpress.org/plugins/nextgen-gallery/

Hope that helps!

Thank you, I’ll go for the DIY way with the columns :)

How do I amend the payment details page to actually record credit debit card information address so that info can be emailed through for processing?

Currently the theme only takes full name, group size email telephone so it just needs a little more for final touches

Hi Rakylem,

You would need to customize the theme to accept credit card details, this would be fairly complex to do and would unfortunately fall outside the scope of support.

We’ve just released a new hotel theme which accept credit card payment via PayPal which you might be interested in: http://themeforest.net/item/soho-hotel-responsive-hotel-booking-wp-theme/5576098

Kind regards

Thank you for the Theme.

Can you please tell me how to change the amount of time spent on each slide. I am pretty code savvy. So if there is simple code change please just post it here.


Hi jcoryarnold1,

Open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi. Nice theme. But unfortunately, the slideshow didn’t move. I already put 3 slide. But only 1 slide show up. Take a look here:


Hi balootisme,

Could you check the following for me:

1.) Make sure you haven’t modified any of the core theme files, if you have switch back to the default ones

2.) Try disabling all plugins

If it’s still not working after trying the above open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Ok thanks. This theme is not compatible with Quform Form Builder plugin. Perhaps u can fix this ? Because all other theme slideshow is compatible with this plugin.

Hi balootisme,

Open a support ticket with the plugin activated and I’ll be happy to take a look: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi quitenicestuff,

We have been “spending effort” to be able to buy a hotel theme on the net. We have worked with themeforest before and to tell you the truth we were not very pleased with it.

We bought another theme from MAGAZINE3 for instance.. www.hangimoda.com and the service the author provides is truly amazing.. meaning, we would definitely go to this guy if he had the hotel theme (unfortunately he does not)..

We wonder if NICE HOTEL theme would run properly (widgets,and especially mail sending system to the guest at reservation and also multilingual system etc) because after I pay the fee I dont want to tear my hair off because somethings are not running properly.. And unfortunately that is what happens on a great number of those wordpress templates/themes…

In fact, I have read above about quite a few problems encountered in this regard..

We have another site www.businessturkeytoday and it runs smoothly.. So we have no complaints about it..

What do you suggest, which one do you suggest we buy NICE HOTEL or SOHO HOTEL (both 45 dollars)...

and one last quuestion what is the difference between HTML (15 dollars) and PHP themes.. Mailing system of HTML (hotel) does not seem to be running

Awaiting your satisfactory reply please..



I opened a ticket on the support forum aas suggested by you… Rgds

I opened the ticket about 10 hrs ago and NO REPLY yet.. Could you be so kind to revert sooner please? Thanks

Hi bilgi,

I just responded to your ticket.

Kind regards

Hi quitenicestuff,

I would like to have quitegoodservice as well.. When should I expect u to revert


Hi which theme would you say is easier to use and less time consuming, this theme or your other theme SoHo hotel theme?

Hi grantkessler,

They’re both pretty much the same in regard to ease of use.

I’d make your decision based on:

1.) Which design you prefer 2.) Do you need a room availability checker? (If yes go for Soho Hotel)

Kind regards

Doesn’t the Nice Hotel theme have that too? Or is that just an online booker and if so what is the difference between the two.

Nope Nice Hotel doesn’t have an availability checker I’m afraid.

Basically the difference between the two is:

Soho Hotel:
-Accommodation management
-Full featured booking plugin
-Availability checker
-Stores booking in WP
-PayPal payments
-Emails customer and admin booking details

Nice Hotel
-Accommodation management
-Emails customer and admin booking details

Kind regards