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Is it possible to add description and keyword metadata values to the generated HTML ? This information is often used by search engines.

Hi markma,

I’d recommend using something like the “All in one SEO plugin” found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

Either that or you’d need to edit the files yourself to add this, which wouldn’t be difficult at all, email me at help@quitenicestuff.com if you need help

Hi, I’m having trouble for translating this (very good) theme. I’m using Codestyling Translation plugin (which work as WPML : scan file and create .po/.mo file). I did this, the 2 new fr_FR.po/.mo files have been created (in the theme directory). But the english version is still showing… I also added the define (‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’);

Did I miss something?

Thanks for this quick answer :) I’m not sure paying 29$ for WPML plugin which do the same than Codestyling (scann the language file, translate and publish fr_FR.po/.mo files) will work. The issue is that it don’t work with all ready for translate <?php php e(..) ?> items. Do you mind if I send you the login to a demo I put on an other domain ?

Hi palbertus,

If the Codestyling plugin isn’t translating the text found in the .mo/.po I would say its either a problem with the plugin or how its being implemented. Is it not translating any text at all or just missing certain bits?

As mentioned before some of the theme’s text is stored as theme options and not .mo/.po, for this text you’re going to need WPML or a translation plugin with the same ability to translate theme options as well as .mo/.po text. I had a quick look at the Codestyling plugin and while I’m not totally sure it appears it only translates .mo/.po text.


I found the bug … crazy shit that took me several hours…. When creating the tranlsation files .po/.mo, the plugin created them in the them root, instead of /languages/ .. ! Thanks for your help anyway :)

Hi again.

How can edit css an graphic image and upload .

hi i did pemanent links and i creat booking page and other you said but still come Page Not Found -Oops! looks like you clicked on a broken link. Go home? page .

Hi TurkishSailor,

To set up the booking page, firstly you’ll need to create the page using the “Booking” template as it appears you’ve already done. Then after this you should go to “Appearance > Theme Options” and click on the “Accommodation Settings” tab, then add the booking page ID to the “Booking Page ID” field and click “Save all changes”. For more details see section “B” of the documentation “Getting Started”.

Regarding editing CSS and adding an image, yes you can edit the CSS by going to “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” then add your CSS in the “Custom CSS ” field. You can upload a logo in the theme options in the “General Settings” tab.


hi again i want to reach css source code. i want change manually

Hi TurkishSailor,

Sure, if you’d rather edit the CSS file, go to the main “nice_hotel” theme folder then open the “style.css” file

Love the theme just one small problem, when I add a image logo the page doesnt load anything except the logo and the top nav bar. When I have a text logo the site works 100%. any ideas why a image logo is causing the theme to have a heart attack?

Hi Biggestleaf,

This is a bug which has happened after the last update. Fear not though, its easy to fix, just open “header.php” found in the main “nice_hotel” theme folder and go to line 141 and delete:

<?php echo tagline_position(); ?>

I’ll submit an update to fix this in a moment so others don’t experience this problem, sorry for the inconvenience!

Awesome, disaster averted Thanks!

pre-purchase question please….

Is it possible to have the booking form connected to paypal? so that the booking is made and paid for.

This would also mean that the booking form is connected to a room booking system – so that if the room is already taken then it is unavailable.

many thanks – love the design and features.

Hi iwsayers,

I agree it would greatly improve the theme, however I’m not sure I could take on that much work right now unfortunately. Its giving me ideas for a future theme though so keep your eyes peeled :)

any chance that future theme would be also hotel related and due for release in the next few days / weeks ? – without paypal integration the client wont move and i think your theme has some really nice features / layout etc -

thanks for the quick response.

Hi iwsayers,

I’m afraid its unlikely I’d be able to release it any time soon. It’d be in a few months time when I’ve finished up work on other projects. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

Sorry another quick question, Is it possible to take out the “select a room…” box out from the slider?

Hi Biggestleaf,

Yep certainly, go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Home Settings” and untick “Display Booking Form on Slideshow”.


Cant believe I missed that! Thanks for the quick reply.

great theme! Couple of questions: 1) Where can I slow down the slide transition? 2) Can I have two rates for one room? for example: 100 for weekday and 150 for weekend?


Hi CORE12 ,

1.) To change the speed of the transition between slides open “nice_hotel/js/scripts.js” and go to line 54. Its currently set to “600” which = 0.6 seconds.

2.) Technically yes although you’d need to do a bit of modification to achieve this. Probably not too hard, you could just do an if statement for the price, i.e. if day = sat/sun reduce price by a certain %. I could probably give you some more detailed directions if you email me at help@quitenicestuff.com



Is there a way to completely turn off the booking system? I dont need it.


Hi adminsuperwoman,

Yep certainly, the booking form over the homepage slideshow can be turned on/off via the theme options, the sidebar/footer booking widgets can simply be removed from the widget areas and on the accommodation single page you’d just need to delete line 105 – 130 (single-accommodation.php) and that will remove the entire booking system from the site!



How can i change the slideshow transition settings? like: fade, ext.??



Hi gotrens,

Open “nice_hotel/js/scripts.js”, then go to lines 46 and 62 and change “slide” to “fade”. The first one is for the homepage slideshow, then second is for the slideshow on the accommodation single page.


Love the theme.

Two questions:

1. I’ve followed your direction to get multiple images displayed in the rooms section, but I still cannot figure it out. I set my featured image but I dont see anywhere to add additional images. I select the image upload button on the page but that places the images into the page itself, not into the slideshow.

2. How do I add the text you have on the booking page: http://cl.ly/JPZc


Hi Skyball,

Click on “Upload/Insert” which is found just above the big main text input field. Then click “Select Files”, pick your file then upload it. You can then scroll back up to the top of the pop-up box and click “Select Files” again to upload another image, you can repeat this as many times as you like. No need to click “Insert into post”.


^ Figured out #2 above, still stuck on #1. Thanks!

do you have admin settings of demo theme screenshoots

Hi TurkishSailor,

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, can you give more details please?

If you’re referring to demo data, all the available demo/import data is available in the “Import Data” folder


Congratulations! Good job. I bought your template. I have some problems. 1 – In the documentation I could not find the code for the blockquote. I’ve tried both [blockquote] ... [/ blockquote] and [quote] ... [/ quote] but without success. 2 – If I use the firefox browser, updated to the latest version, there is a problem in the widget title display. A cross appears. View http://onesahost.it/hotelreale. 3 – Where do I find the testimonials IDs? 4 – I would like to replace the testimonials on the home page with the events. Can you give me a tip on how to do?

Thanks Carlo

Hi onesa,

Thanks a lot for purchasing!

1.) You should use the “blockquote” HTML tag 2.) I’m afraid I can’t replicate this problem in the latest Firefox on Mac OSX , could you send a screenshot to help@quitenicestuff.com 3.) Go to “Testimonials” in WordPress, click on one of them in the list, then in the browser address bar the address will be similar to:


Where it says “post=4”, the number “4” is the testimonial ID.


Hello, what about mobile support? I think nowadays expecially for a Hotel is very important to have a mobile version of their website. Do you plan on adding mobile support soon?

Hi valtline,

I’m going to possibly make it responsive after my next project is complete, the keyword being possible though as I wouldn’t want to commit to it and then fail to deliver. I can see there is a demand for it, so I’m certainly considering it.


Hi quitenicestuff, I’m how change in header menu En / Fr at flag icons? Or put widget for plugins like http://transposh.org/ or http://wpml.org/ .

Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

Sure certainly possible could you email me at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll talk you through it.


Hi, Just purchased the theme and it’s great but have couple question 1) Contact page using contact template, How do you activate the right sidebar? 2)how to add new widget areas, for some reason Im not able to add new ares 3)how to make custom widgets and areas and have them show up on diffrent pages?


Hi abitboli,

Thanks very much for purchasing!

1.) You can set all pages to use the right sidebar by going to “Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings” and then select the right sidebar layout. This would be the easiest way, if you want to have some pages right sidebar and some left then since the contact page already uses a page template the only way to use the right sidebar would be to do it by editing the code, not too difficult, if you need assistance email at help@quitenicestuff.com

2.) You’ll need to do this via the code, send me an email via support to the above mentioned address and I’ll walk you through how to do it

3.) You can get different widgets to show up on certain pages using the Widget Logic plugin which is available here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/


I’ve tried to slow down the swapping of images on the home page using your instructions in an earlier post. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working quite the way I want. I can slow down the sliding speed by increasing the ‘slideSpeed’ value. What I am trying to do is to leave the images on the screen for longer before they are swapped out. I thought this might have be achieved by increasing the ‘pause’ value, but this seems to have no effect. How do I force the images to display on the screen for longer before they are moved off?

Hi markma,

You’re correct in thinking the “pause” value controls how long slides display for and the “slideSpeed” value controls the speed of the transition.

There are three things which could be causing it not to work for you:

1.) Because there are two slideshow configs (one for the homepage slider and one for the accommodation single) it might be that you’re editing the wrong one. Line 53/54 in “js/scripts.js” controls the homepage slider and line 69/70 controls the single accommodation slider.

2.) Make sure you clear your browser cache/history when checking the slideshow, it could be that your browser is still loading the old file

3.) Bear in mind the values used in the code are in milliseconds, so for example “2500” would = 2.5 seconds

If you above doesn’t work could you email your site details to help@quitenicestuff.com