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Hi Nicole,

Can you tell me how to get rid of the continue button that shows up on multiple pages in the footer section. Eg. About us, Terms and conditions etc.



This is a built in option in opencart, you can try hidding the button from css by adding

.buttons .right .button

in stylesheet/stylesheet.css

This might hide some other buttons in some rare cases, if you notice some missing buttons on some pages try to delete the css to see if this is the cause.

The other option which is safer is to edit all template files from template folder and manually delete the button html code.

Why is responsive css applied to .image a img? It completely messes up the product images in the cart. Thanks


Thanks for the bug report, I fixed it, you can download the new css from


Hi Nicole,

I know you answered this question before but I would love to find someone or an extension to solve this issue for me, which is showing sub-categories images and names when clicking on a category.

Thanks, Nezar

I already read this suggestions, but my issue is that I don’t know how to uncomment subcategory links :)

Appreciate if you can show me how.

I thought is useful to have this option in the theme panel and I added it, you can find the new option in Theme options > Show subcategories list.

The new feature will be available in the next release, If you send me a message from my profile page I can mail you the changed files before the update is approved.

thanks a lot, I will :)

Hi nico ! How are you? Fist thank you for you good job. Please, can you help me with some theme details? Look this image:

I would like to configure 4 products per line…


Use this space with a module (filter, features…). How can I do this? Thank you very much. Israel.


You can either make the product images smaller to fit the container or increase the container width, the default width of #content is 800px.

You can increase it from stylesheet/stylesheet.css, I just tested with 1060px and 4 products fits, then you need to make the necessary adjustments to #header-top and other elements that needs the new width.

Filters can be added in column left and it will show under menu.


Hi nico ! Some sites using your theme including mine sometimes are showing this ($column_left) on the left side, above the categories…

Thank you Nico !

Any suggestion?

Try updating simplecheckout.tpl it should work.

Nice ! Thank you Nico…or Nicole?

Nico, about other thinks: 1—- I have a custom layout position (vqmod) called “All Pages” that’s show a module in all opencart pages at same time…(top, botton, right or left position). So, I’m using the welcome module to show a sample message (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…), but I need to force it to don’t load on the homepage only…because the homepage shows your theme slider…I think that is possible to delete some homepage code to dont’ load the welcome message, am I right? Can you help me telling what file/line I need to edit? 2—- How can I hide/delete all theme breadcrumbs? I really don’t use this and without this I’m geting a cleanner site.. 3—-About the add to cart notification. The Notification timeout theme option is perfect, thank you. But how can I put this message on the page center instead of the top right? Thank you Nico. Israel.

1—-SOLVED – home.tpl 2—-SOLVED – *.tpl

3—-About the add to cart notification. The Notification timeout theme option is perfect, thank you. But how can I put this message on the page center instead of the top right? Thank you Nico. Israel.

You need to make the following css changes

.success, .warning, .attention, .information 
top:50%;/* add this line*/
right:50%;/* add this line*/

in stylesheet.css line 2968

Nico, using (visibility: hidden;) with no () hide all notifications. It’s perfect for me, because I will not use it.

Nicole, Hi again. Please, can you give me a hand? Please, tell me what files I need to edit to do this. ok? - 1) I would like to change the mini-cart link, from checkout/cart to checkout/simplecheckout… 2) And remove the mini-cart checkout link, living only the view cart… -— Thank you, Israel.


The mini cart code is located in /template/module/cart.tpl

Perfect. Thanks.

Hi, Nicole, how are you? I was trying to do something like this with the facebook plugin, but couldn`t get this working. I couldnt find where to comment twitter area on footer so I could make facebook area wider. Can you help me? thank you :D

solved it here :D Thanks anyway!!!


i would like to show also the flag according to the language in the language selector. How i can change this?

thanks in advance


I just added this feature thanks for the suggestion, you can check the demo.

The feature will be available in the next release, I can send you the changed files before the update is approved, just send me a message from my profile page and I will reply.

Hello Nicole,

I purchased your nico theme but now notice that there is no menu system that can include a blog, contact page, company philosophy page etc

There is just the category list on the left. Is there any way of turning this into a standard menu for a web page and have the categories and store as just one of the menu items?

I am not sure if open cart can cater for this…



Currently the theme does not have a menu editor this will be added in the next release. If you don’t want to wait until next week you can edit /template/common/header.tpl and add the links in the html code like this

code to add

<li><a href="/link_to_my_blog">Blog</a></li>

context code where to add links

<div id="menu" class="clearfix not_mobile">
  <ul class="clearfix">
    <?php foreach ($categories as $category) { ?>
    <li if=""> class="parent"<?php } ?>><a href="<?php echo $category['href']; ?>"><?php echo $category['name']; ?></a>
      <?php if ($category['children']) { ?>
        <?php if (isset($category['thumb'])) {?><div class="img"><img src="<?php echo $category['thumb'];?>" /></div><?php }?>  
        <?php for ($i = 0; $i < count($category['children']);) { ?>
          <?php $j = $i + ceil(count($category['children']) / $category['column']); ?>
          <?php for (; $i < $j; $i++) { ?>
          <?php if (isset($category['children'][$i])) { ?>
          <li><a href="<?php echo $category['children'][$i]['href']; ?>"><?php echo $category['children'][$i]['name']; ?></a></li>
          <?php } ?>
          <?php } ?>
        <?php } ?>
      <?php } ?>
    <?php } ?>

      <!-- add the line below -->
    <li><a href="/link_to_my_blog">Blog</a></li>


Nico, Hi again ! Please, how can I disable the 2st level menu? I will use only the 1st one. Thank you again. Israel.


You can either delete the subcategories from opencart admin or you can delete

#header > #menu > div > ul > li:hover > div

from stylesheet/stylesheet.css line 512.

Hi, In the camera slider mode I would like to see the home slider text (the title and the description) similar to Thumbflip mode. But it doesn’t work. Could you help? Thank you! Waldemar


I will add text support for camera slider in the next release in a few days.

Hi, thank you – now it works!

Hi, is there a way to have a max. width and height for the homepage slider images? So the images won’t get larger than there actual size?

The slider enlarges the images if either height or width is smaller than the page, this is the only way it can cover the whole page, if you change the code to disable this than there will be white margins because the image will not cover the whole page, if only width or height is increased and not both than the image will be skewed, all fullscreen sliders work this way.

You can use nivo slider if you don’t want the images to be enlarged.

Yes I know that but the white margins will be no problem for me because the background color of my slider images have the same color than the container background. So is it possible to change the slider code that the slider image have a size maximum and will not increase further and stay centered no matter how large the browser windows size is?

I think is possible to change the code in this way if you know enough javascript, unfortunately I can’t help, I don’t offer custom work or freelance services and this feature is not a common request to add it as a feature for a future release.

Thanks for understanding.

Hi Is there a way to change the images ? Also I do not see an option to hide the customise bar ? Can I change the logo ? Thanks


What images do you mean? The slider images can be changed from opencart admin.

The customize bar is shown only for admin user, in my demo store it’s always visible for demonstration purpose.

You can choose either text logo or image logo from theme panel, the image logo is the one configured in the opencart admin.

Hi Nicole, how are you? Well, I tried to search for this by myself and on the defaul template, but as they are different I couldnt find much. On product page, when I add an option… the phrase “Available Options” is too close to the Price. I’d like to add more space between Price and “Available Options” text, so the text “Available Options” would be a little lower… can you help me? Thank you :D


You can add margin-top to .product-info .options in stylesheet/stylesheet.css line 2073

.product-info .options {
  margin-top: 10px;

Nicole, thank you again :D

When I go to the address: the error below pops up:

Warning: require_once(/home/panace/public_html/upload/system/startup.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/panace/public_html/upload/index.php on line 17

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/panace/public_html/upload/system/startup.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php’) in /home/panace/public_html/upload/index.php on line 17

Any ideas on why this may be happening??

Nevermind, found the fix. Original files were traced back to the wrong source.

Hi nicole, in my website the language option not showing? any clue? thanks


You need to have at least two languages configured in the admin to have the language selector visible.

You can find more info on how to add a new language here

Nicole, Hi again, Please, look this message: PHP Notice: Undefined index: in….../nico/nico_theme_editor/ on line 499 -—- Look this image: --- Special products page can’t load..An error occurs.


Thanks for the bug reports, I fixed them, if you don’t want to wait for the next release send me a message from my profile page and I will send you the files.

Notices are not errors they are code hints useful only for code debugging is not recommended to have them enabled on production servers, I will also remove the notice in the code to help when disabling them on the server is not possible.