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Hi! Nicole, First of all, great work… I have question for you.. I do not want to show any price to unregistered customer and show product name and login for price button instead. Can you help me this?



Thanks, in opencart you can have a different price for guests, add zero price for guests and then use an extension like this one to show “please log in” message for zero price.

This kind of change can’t be done from template files alone it requires changes in the back end also and because of this it can’t be achieved without an extension or patching.

Another useful extension

Thanks for your earliest respond…really appreciate…helped me a lot

Hi Nicole, thanks a lot for your stunning work. I can’t see a search function in the comments here so I’ll just fire a few questions at you if you don’t mind.

1. Can I change the white background inserted above and below my photos in the cloud-zoom view, and if not what dimensions should the photos be so that there are no white bars? 2. How do I edit the footer? I can only see how to edit the “information” bit. 3. How do I remove the “search” field from the sidebar? 4. My slider-text is left-aligned, how can I align it to the center as in the demo? 5. The categories on the left seem to be duplicated (once the menu in bold font, then a list with number of items in the category like (3) further down 6. How do I change add a currency to the selection on the left?

I am very grateful for any/every question you can answer to get me started! Best, S

I added the line. Now the message doesn’t show on the fist page, but appears and then goes away for good when clicking ‘close’ on sub-pages.

I just tested on your store and it works as expected, the message is shown on every page also on homepage and it hides when the close button is clicked.

Try clearing the browser cache maybe the cookie is still present or the old css is loaded.

I tested it in incognito windows before. I tried again and it seems to work now. Maybe the css was cached on the server somehow (?). Anyways, thanks for your time. I’m looking forward to the patch :)

Hi Nicoleta, Thanks so much for this awesome theme, I really love it. I also want to thank you for your true follow-through care, I had an issue which you solved immediately – Lots of respect for this level of commitment and professionality – Wish you all the best! S

Thank you :)

hi !

I have this notice : Undefined index: recurring in /var/www/ on line 58 any idea how i should do to disappear


This is only a notice, is usually recommended to disable notices on live servers.

To remove the notice replace

<?php if($product['recurring']): ?>


<?php if(isset($product['recurring']) && $product['recurring']): ?>

in /template/checkout/cart.tpl line 58

Thanks !

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing this very nice theme for my developing website but I have some questions holding me back. My question is if it is possible to replace the small preview of the current slides on the home page’s bottom right and just leave the arrows. even get rid of the Responsive design… and Full screen…. banners? Thank you in advance.


Both small thumbnail and banner text can be hidden, the thumbnail can be turned off from Theme panel > Sliders & Gallery > Thumbflip > Show thumb image = no the arrows will still be visible and they can also be hidden if needed from Show arrows.

The slider text can be removed from Theme panel > Slider text > Remove last slide text

I have recently updated my nico theme bought a while ago. Since the update i am now getting the following error on my cart, underneath the products!

Notice: Undefined index: recurring in var://catalog_view_theme_nico_template_checkout_cart_tpl on line 58

Any help? Thanks in advance


This is only a notice, is usually recommended to disable notices on live servers.

To remove the notice replace

<?php if($product['recurring']): ?>
<?php if(isset($product['recurring']) && $product['recurring']): ?>

in /template/checkout/cart.tpl line 58

The notice will also be removed in the next release.

Thanks, that worked :)

Hi Nico,

For some reason the slider text is not working for me. Under home slider text, I have entered multiple slides of text but none is showing up on the slider images. Can you help me fix the setting?


If you only need to update camera slider text display then you only need to replace stylesheet/stylesheet.css

If you want to update the whole theme then replace all files and keep only nico_theme_editor/ and nico_theme_editor/editor_settings.css as they contain saved panel settings.

If you made customization to the theme then you will need to compare your theme folder with the new theme folder and merge the changes.

Thanks Nico.

One more question. The facebook and twitter links in the footer dont seem to work. For some reason the link first puts my website address before the twitter and facebook url. How do I fix that?

Try adding http:// to urls so that the browser knows that they are absolute urls, for example

instead of

Hi there,

i thinks there is conflicting information about the opencart versions supported. On the left sidebar I see OpenCart 1.5.x, OpenCart 1.5.6.x, OpenCart 1.5.5.x, OpenCart 1.5.5, OpenCart 1.5.4, but in this comment you said ” 1.5.3, 1.5.4.x, and 1.5.6”. So, here is my question: is the template compatible with version


The difference is because the theme was developed to work with 1.5.3 but after the latest code update for 1.5.6 I didn’t test for backward compatibility with 1.5.3 and I removed the version from list for safety.

The theme should work with 1.5.3 but I need to test it first to confirm that there is no new bug with the updated code, I will try to test it this week and update the list.

Sorry, I meant version (1.5.5.x)

The theme is compatible with OpenCart 1.5.5.x


in which file can I edit menu colour of the “on hover” state in Homepage, and in product page menu separately as it would be in different colours ?


Depending on the slider used colors for homepage menu are located either in stylesheet/thumbflip.css or stylesheet/camera.css

For other pages menu colors are located in stylesheet/stylesheet.css

Hover color is located in

stylesheet/stylesheet.css line 506 stylesheet/thumbflip.css line 263 stylesheet/camera.css line 1183

The css rule is

#header > #menu > div > ul > li:hover 

Hi We experiencing a troubles when we use a SEO friendly links, turned on from the admin panel. The problem is with logo. As for the front the logo is for example white and for the store inside categories is black. That worked fine when “Use SEO URL’s” are turned off. In header theme file we noticed that the logo is changing according to “?route=common/home”. How can we solve this issue or what should we change in code that we will be able to use SEO URL’s and the logos will be functional as well?

Thank you. In this case it does not matter if the link path is absolute or relative. It is the function which changing the logo in header.tpl on line 92-93 I think. When we can expect the new release ?

we solved the problem, some files were not updated

I’m glad it works. The update will probably be approved in a few hours, you can check Last Update section on theme page in a few hours.

Hi, 1. I need to add category list in the first page when view it in mobile, but the drop-down box display blank as default. How can I add the text ’ Select Category’ into the drop-down box for mobile?

2. How can i move the FB icon to top of the page?


Please use the account used to make the purchase to ask support questions.


Hi! I’ve been trying to figure out where I would be able to edit the currency list that is on the left side? Where is it located? I just want to change the images because whatever is there isn’t loading.

Thank you so much! :)


The currency dropdown shows all configured currencies in your store, you can edit them from opencart admin > system > localisation > currencies.

You can also hide the currency dropdown from theme panel > options > header > show currency.

The dropdown currency does not display images only currency symbol as text, only country flag images are displayed in the language dropdown, if the currency dropdown has broken images then it might be an old bug and you need to update to the latest release.

Hi The product filter on my category page is adding an undefined image… Could you tell me how to remove these? Many thanks.


Please update your theme, to fix only this bug you need to update js/jquery.dropkick-1.0.0.js but I recommend a full update.

Also the cart image /catalog/view/theme/nico/image/cart.png image is missing from your server, you need to upload it.

Thanks for the quick reply, the update worked.

We purchased this theme and we love it! Thank you very much Nicoleta for the awesome support. You are very professional and your help has been quick and precise. Best of luck! :)

Thank you :)

Hey Nicole,

I can’t see anywhere on here or in the documentation where it states this theme doesn’t modify any of the core files. So does it modify any?

Also is the installation VQMod a requirement?



The theme does not require any core modifications or vqmod.

Only the optional 3rd party free blog extension found in demo store that is powered by requires vqmod.

Thanks for your quick reply!

Hi I purchased this theme however the menu does not display. I have set it up using the customize theme panel but it still doesn’t show. This is on a clean Opencart install. I have followed the instructions at!/installation Everything else works fine.

what’s your email?

Use the contact form on my profile page

Nicole resolved this very quickly for me thank you.

Welcome Nicola. Can you do that when you open a site, it always opens with the same page. Page contains details. What would one slide was always the first at the open. Sincerely Ludmila


I don’t really understand what you mean, from some keywords in your message I assume that the slider is shown on all pages?

This is a common slider misconfiguration and is caused by adding banner module with the slider banner configured on all pages, because of this the slider images cover the whole page, you need to remove the banner module and add only slider module on homepage.

If you still have trouble send me a message with your site url and temporary admin access using the contact form on my profile page.


if you click on the toggle (language, currency etc.) it won’t close if you click on another area of the page (in Google Chrome). If you use Firefox then it works fine.

Any suggestions?



The dropdown used in the theme is dropkick I will update the library in the next release and see if this issue was solved by the developer.

just wanted to let you know that the “tabindex”-solution works:

Thanks for the info, I will add this patch in the next release this week.

Hi When i add images to a product it automatically adds the thumbnail image i added on the data tab on the end - Is there any way to stop this? Thanks

Hi, sorry maybe i didn’t explain clearly enough. I want to show the thumbnails i set in products-> image, but the image i set in products->data is automatically being added as well…

This was added so that the customer can change back to the initial image if he wants, you can remove the thumbnail for the main image from /template/product/product.tpl line 126 code to remove

            <a href="<?php echo $popup; ?>" class="cloud-zoom-gallery" rel="useZoom: 'zoom1', smallImage: '<?php echo $popup; ?>'" title="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>"><img src="<?php echo $popup; ?>" title="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" alt="<?php echo $heading_title; ?>" /></a>

Works perfect. Thank you for the quick replies.

Hi Nicole! :) Hope everything good over there! I have a silly question! There is any way to put a little sentence in the thumbnail image in product page? Like “ZOOM” so people will know that whit passing the mouse over will see a zoom on the image (see.. some people is really not smart on this). :) thanks baby

You’re the best :)

One more thing! Again, dont hate me! To modify the Review part on the site (like add “insert the captcha code you’ll find down here – for example) there is any .php page i can edit to add this stuffs to the review Option?

The review section on product page can be edited from /template/product/product.tpl line 498

  <?php if ($review_status) { ?><br />  <div id="tab-review" class="tab-content">

captcha section is a few line below

<img src="index.php?route=product/product/captcha" alt="" id="captcha" />