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Your theme is definitely one of the better ones here on themeforest. I will certainly buy it for our next project!

One or two things: The search bar has no clean borders. You make beautifully use of the flat design. The top bar though has a gradient. I personally would design the top bar as you designed the bar to select your themes.

Kaje, thanks for the kind words and for the great feedback! Will certainly take that into account for future versions :)

I like this and as Kaje mentioned, it’s one of the better ones. I HATE “flat design” BUT this one is nicely done. However, a few things that I wish were available. Many of the other admin themes have some of the bootstrap scripts built in. For someone like myself who can’t do frontend design, that is something I look for.

Regardless, great work and good luck with sales.

Thanks sdotsen, and thanks for recommendations :)

Something I noticed, when scrolling on an ipad or phone (I have a Nexus 4), the page doesn’t scroll as smoothly as a “normal” site. I would “flick” it with my finger but it would move a couple of inches and then stop. I would like to purchase BUT I don’t want to have to make too many hacks to get it working.

Amazing :) Good Luck

For those of us not so musically inclined, can we get a “sign in” rather than “sing in” ?

LOL – thanks for catching that. That will be fixed in the next release :)

Can this admin have multiple accounts/logins and have these accounts be presented with different widgets/information? I am looking for a starting point for a client login admin where each client can see analytics for their website which has been created by my company. Or will this only allow for one account?

Yeah, this is definitely a great starting point for what you have in mind. This theme is just html/css/js so you just need have your application support multiple accounts.

Hi, I am just curious…are you also selling this on wrapbootstrap market place? ( because the price there is higher and was wondering if there was a difference between the two products..?

Yes – the one on Wrapbootstrap is the exact same, even though they’re charging $2 extra.

By they you mean you, right? since on wrapbootstrap you set you own price, is it not? Anyway …just was curious of the difference. Thanks for the info.

Oh – you’re right. Got it confused with here! That would definitely explain it! hah

Hello I have purchased this theme and did so as I need an admin interface on mobile devices,

I have been developing my admin site over the past few weeks and will be used quite heavily, unfortunatly your template runs horribly on iPads both in Safari and Chrome. Can you please have a look in to this as it would be a shame if I could not use the design for this reason.

hi, sorry for the delay – have been in and out of town. Have you tried it on Safari mobile with less elements on the page? For example, the demo dashboard includes every possible option, which might cause some slowness.

Hello Getelment, I was using very few elements on the page. Due to the slow response I have received a refund and am now using another admin theme. Thank You.

Can you please get back to me that would be awesome.

Definitely missing a calendar in this theme and a invoice page.

Any plans for a calendar at least?

Hi, I have also noticed that scrolling is not very fluent on iPad and iPhone. Are you able to have a look at this? Would love to buy your theme if this issue can be solved.

Are you (Get Elements) available for freelance designer work? I came across your admin design and I really like your skills.

I manage a startup based on San Francisco. If you’re interested in learning more please contact me at Robert (at)

Cheers! – Robert

Hi, Great template. Are you adding a profile page anytime soon?



any plans of porting this to Bootstrap 3?

Demo is not working.

Hi there, demo is not working.

Simple & nice!;

Hello. There is something wrong with the menu. I hope you have a quick fix for it. Thank you.

hello, when’s your next release?

Does the mobile menu work? It doesn’t on your demo…