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Nice & Clean Template chrisfay

That will be good if you can add sub menu’s? and lightbox for portfolio?

@nsaf: Adding both those items would be very simple – I’ll consider updating the theme if I have time. Thanks for your comments :)

Also, just to be clear – the code has been obfuscated in the live preview. Rest assured that the actual files contain full and valid html markup.


clean design. good job

I liked clean template. good job chris

Thank you both :)

Beautiful theme, where do you find the time.

How hard is it to make this a wordpress template??


I have already created this into a Wordpress theme, check it out here

sorry about my question, but Im trying to use this theme, actually I’ll buy it, but I would like to know if there is any way to adapt a blog without using wordpress….. is there any easy way to add a third-party blog system?



@active00: I am not familiar with coding for platforms other than wordpress, so I couldn’t really give you a good idea of how to do so. However, I’m sure you could find someone able to code it up for whatever platform you need by providing the theme files.

Thanks anyway chris, this is an awesome theme, highly recommended!

Hi, can I play embedded and non embedded video in this? And can portfolios be linked to custom pages with more info?