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Wow lots of features…

Good luck with sales ;)

Looks great! I noticed the Pintrest icon and was wondering if you also had the “pin it” feature included? If not, how hard would it be for me to add it?



you can add a link to your profile. But “pin it” button is not available at this moment. Technically it’s not that hard to add it; and there are plugins for “like” buttons… Moreover, we are going to implement the possibility of adding new “like” buttons in the nearest future.

hi, looks good, but i just purchased meccano, they look almost the same, should i buy this now instead and upgrade? what does this have that mecanno doesnt and will meccano still be updated? many thanks


these themes shares the similar (yet not identical) backend codebase. but fronend design and code are different. so this theme cannot be called an update to meccano in any way. please, submit a ticket via our help desk: http://support.dream-theme.com/open.php (don’t forget to mention your ThemeForest username and purchase code) – we’ll think of something. thanks!

Sub Menus allow bleed of page below – bad

Hi, well you can use the scroll wheel to get to the bottom of it :D In fact we’re going to replace this monstrous long menu with something more convenient today

Fantastic theme. I have 1 request. I love the full screen for photographers and i love the full screen with content area option. How can it made to have full screen for photographer with content area!???

I want the slider to be full screen and still have the content below when when scrolling! Please respond.

Hi, actually you CAN do it. We’ll create demo page showing this type of layout within couple of hours.

Hi, great theme would you be albe to give me some tips on integrating with woothemes if i was to buy this? would it be easy enough do you think?

Fantastic features , wonderful ! :)

^^ opps i ment WooCommerce


this theme is technically compatible with WooCommerce after couple of minor tweaks. Our support staff ( http://support.dream-theme.com ) can assist with it for free ;)

Thank you for this theme. It looks awesome. I just bought it. Downloaded it.

Now, I’m running into an error when I attempt to install it via WordPress.

I noticed that my WP version just upgraded to 3.4.2 a few days ago. The Nimble theme’s version currently is 3.4.

Do you have a fix for this?

Please advise.


Hey, thanks for purchase!

It’s not the issue of version. Most probably your server has a restriction on upload file size or you are trying to install whole theme package (instead of the installation file).

First of all make sure that you are installing theme itself and not the whole theme package. Installation file name should be “dt-nimble_v.1.0.zip”. If the file that you are trying to install has another name – simply unzip it; find file called “dt-nimble_v.1.0.zip” and install it.

If you still cannot upload the theme via WP theme installation interface, you can try to upload it manually (detailed instructions can be found in the user manual) or shoot a ticket to our support – http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and assist with it.


congats for powerfull features & design! it is the best theme out there!

also thx for offering blog featured images on top of posts content plus improving portfolio popup window size/position (improvements over meccano)

now some kind requests :

1. i believe all kind of scrollers should scroll the same way, i mean pressing right arrow scrolls content to the left, left arrow to the right… but only sliders scroll this way… page elements & widgets do the opposite way, which is frustrating IMHO

2. @fontface support for any .ttf/.otf file is so important for international customers (because of limited fonts supporting our charsets eg. greek, cyrillic etc.)

3. blog templates/shortcodes seem limited… am i wrong? could use portfolio functionality for posts as well

4. a support forum IMHO is a must – it builds a community & knowledge

5. can we zero buttons radius with custom css ? (i think they would look better)

6. sliders getting content from featured posts is important for us & easy for you, i believe

7. any way for theme auto update ? (important when having too many websites to update with new theme versions)

thx again and sorry for asking too much ;-)

tasos from greece


thanks for feedback. we’ll consider it. actually some of your requests are already in work :D

thx for your detailed answer

Hi. Cyrillic fonts supports in the theme?


All google fonts (including fonts with cyr letters) are supported

Wow… Nice Theme! Does it come with any sample data?

thanks! yes

Thanks for quick reply! we shall be purchasing it later today!

Impresive Design; :ohrly:

Can I use WPML with this theme?

Thank you!


Amazing theme now I got why you guys are Elite. You deserve to be :)

thanks, bro! :)

Great theme! love it!.. but i hate TimThumb (even as much as my Windows Sever!).. i know you mentioned in the docs you dont support timthumb issues, but i just wondered if any one had any tips how to get this working on Windows 2008 server thanks!..

Hi. This can be solved. Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and assist with it.

Amazing super fast support thanks guys every thing is sorted, your support team are the best!!.. 10 stars!!

any update on the photographer full screen+content area demo?

YOU JUST EARNED A BUYER !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you’re welcome. and thank you :)

Hi – does the portfolio section allow for multiple portfolios? ie. A photography portfolio, a painting portfolio, and an architecture portfolio, each with their own filtering?

How do i get the OneByOne slider to have a transparent background like shown in the demo homepage?


OBO slider has transparent background… If, there’s a problem please, don’t hesitate to submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong.