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Stunning theme! So many features and easy to use, bravo! Two questions though: - In the main menu, is it possible to replace the name of the homepage ‘Home” with a home-icon? I think i’ve read about plug-ins doing that but i want to make sure the theme allows for it first. If so, any plug-in you would recommend?

- I’m using One-by-One sliders on some of the pages and now that my slides were created i can’t figure out how to change in which order they appear (on a page) without having to recreate them from scratch. There must be simple way to do this no?

Looking forward for your answers. Thank you very much.

Thierry. info@zite.be

I must be missing something fundamental – I installed a fresh WP, installed the theme, made sure the uploads and child was 777, imported the dummy xml – uploaded a logo but no matter what i do the site just looks messed up: bgpictures. com / tammy

Nevermind, I got it – I had to assign a menu – might put that in the install instructions :)

So I just downloaded your theme and tried to upload it through Wordpress – but when I try to it simply says “are you sure you want to do this? Try again.” I think I’m using the correct file, I unzipped the download file and am uploading dt-nimble_v.1.1.2 Would love some help! thanks

It didn’t work direct for me either, just do it via FTP

Hello Great brilliant theme .. i bought it but take a look at my website ..


I cant see the images although i followed your steps please help me !

In a photo, when you click Like and get the popup new window with the FB, Tw and G+ options, how can we add in pinterest to pin the image?


I have just updated the new theme but it appears that shortcodes doesn’t work at all.


Hey so I tried to upload the theme directly to wordpress using FileZilla but when I transfer over the dt-nimble folder to my wp-content/themes, nothing shows up on my dashboard! Any help? Bought the theme a couple days ago would really like to activate it!

*i set my CHMOD settings to 755 and 777 as directed on your site and it still won’t show up

Hi sorry how i can change the contact form words or botoms leters to spanish? i dont know if there is a language way or how i may do it manual?

thank you very much

nevermind i just found it heeh..

hugs and thanks


how its possible to activate the Social Links on a normal page. In the theme options (Social like button …) the page option is missing.

Thank you very much

Hello, the shortcodes don’t work.

Thanks in advance!

Would I be able to use a video player (affiliate Traffic Player Pro) and a video site map plugin with this theme? (On the Home page, regular pages, and portfolio pages)?

And I noticed in your violet theme, that the Clients (Other WP Themes) slider gets colored way too deeply in some of your skins, so much so that you can’t see them: http://nimble.dream-demo.com/new/homepages-2/onebyone-sidebar/

Is this something that would be easy to fix?

I had another question, but it eludes me right now lol.


My pages that were set to the “Photos with Sidebar” template applied used to display text and photos. I just upgraded my version of Nimble but now the text is no longer displaying in any of these pages, yet the text still shows in the editor. How do I get the text to display again?

Well, since no one will respond to several of my questions on the help foum, I thought I’d try here. I wanted to add a few social icons not in the default icons in the admin. I created my own icons, put them in the images/soc-ico folder.

I then went to the styles.css file and added

.soc-ico li a.theknot { background-image: url(../images/soc-ico/theknot.png); } .soc-ico li a.metbride { background-image: url(../images/soc-ico/metbride.png); }

They’re both showing up in the admin, but only one of them is visible once I set it’s URL. There’s a blank spot where one of them should show up, but the blank spot is clickable and it opens up the correct URL I’ve set in the admin, it’s just that the image itself isn’t loading. Any help on adding additional social icons would be helpful?

Hello: I opened a ticket (#700808) two days ago. I need help with the shortcodes, because they don’t work. Would you please fix it? Or at least I need an answer.

Thank you.

With the last update the shortcodes doesn’t work

I’ve buy and installed one template that used the “get_template_part”.

In my LISTING PAGE for the category, in the archive.php file i’ve :

while( have_posts() ) { the_post(); get_template_part(‘content’, get_post_format() ); } I’t work, but the output is without the html code. I see the page without: bold, br, and the other tag..


THIS IS THE POST PAGE http://www.cinepiucorreggio.it/2013/01/cloud-atlas-3_67

But in the listing page, with the “get_template_part”, i don’t see the BR and the BOLD tag. LISTING PAGE http://www.cinepiucorreggio.it/film/programmazione

Is there anyone who can help me?