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I too opened a ticket (#201774) on Jan. 1 that the Layout Builder and short codes are not working. Waiting to get a response…any response will be good.

Visual shortcodes don’t work and the documentation does not provide the syntax for the shortcodes so that I can insert them manually. Can you please provide the syntax for all of the shortcodes? Thank you.

I’ve went through the support ticket system but no one has responded yet. The One by One Slider page is missing the Slideshow Animation Drop Down. Under Slideshow Options I see the Autoslide milliseconds, Top Offset, Height, radio options for Display Slideshow and radio options for Page Header style. Your manual says there should be another option for Animation but it’s missing.

Hello, guys!

I’m here for just a second to remind / let you know that it is New Year and [orthodox] Christmas holidays in our country. Therefore all support requests received in this period will be processed starting from January 9.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kindest regards, Miroslav (from Dream-Theme)

For those having trouble with visual shortcodes, I believe I found a bug in one of the files plugin loaders that mis-identifies where tinymce lives. The bug only manifest itself if your wordpress installation is not at your site root, i.e. www.mysite.com/mywordpressinstall/

You can try opening up wp-content/themes/dt-nimble/plugins/shortcodes/includes/window_scripts.php and change line 3 from:
$mce_url = '../../../../../../../../wp-includes/js/tinymce';
$mce_url = '../../../../../../../wp-includes/js/tinymce';

That’s one less ”../” in that path.

I hope that helps.

Love the theme, it’s incredible. Quickie: Where can I adjust the thumbnail images (50×50) that are coded into the “BLOG POSTS” functionality you built into Nimble? I have looked throughout the css and many different templace.php files and just can’t locate it – Firebug doesn’t seem to be picking it up either. THANKS and happy new year.

Thought I would share this tidbit so others out there don’t spend hours chasing a few characters down. If you are using Nimble with Gravity forms and your reCaptcha refresh isn’t working the problem can be fixed by removing: #container img from the items that have visibility: hidden;. I’m not yet sure of what other impact this will have, but it fixes reCaptcha refresh.

I purchased this theme back in October and posted numerous messages in support forums and sent numerous support ticket requests and no response. No matter what I do i can get the Nivo slider to work. The slide is uploaded and visible directly and the image caption shows but no image. I have read the docs and every single post here and every where else. This thing is driving me nuts and even more that no one can respond from support.

Thank you, Miroslav. Your response is appreciated. Looking forward to your return..

Itwazzntme, that may be my short code problem. I’ll give it a try.

Just purchased and it won’t upload into WP. Can someone please give me very detailed instructions on how to upload via ftp? I am very new to all of this. Any help is appreciated!!!

Hello, after updating to WordPress in 3.5 I get the error: Correct the error PHP Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb :: prepare () Can you tell me how this correiger erruer SVP – Thank you – Laurent


I purchased this theme a few months back. I absolutely love this theme but I have noticed that the loading times are very slow. I have tried to streamline the website as much as possible by uploading images with the smallest file size and I have installed w3 total cache. But it is still running fairly slow, is there anything you would recommend doing to help the issue. I have noticed that the demo version runs a lot quicker than my own website.


Many Thanks Adam

Is there a way to have one column set up thats centered? so i have 3/4 column and i want it in the middle of the page, but i dont want anything on either side. I could do 1/4, 1/2, 1/4. but the 1/2 page is too small. Is there a way to just center one of the columns?

itwazzntme, EXACTLY the fix I needed for short codes not working in Layout Builder. Good find, thanks for the tip!

-Jeff Mason Jeff Mason Photography

Great theme…BUT,

Has anyone else had problems editing the titles or captions in slideshows? When I do, they don’t save. So I’m stuck with either NEW slideshows with filenames for titles or the demo slideshows with default titles/captions.

Help! :)

ddrinkal, It sounds silly but I had the same problem – are you remembering to scroll down to the bottom of the slideshow images box and hit “save all changes” before hitting “update”? That fixed it for me.

So Kylemcburnie,

Time for humble pie. You were right :) Thanks so much for putting it out there!

I have been trying “everything” except the ‘save’ button!

Above the posts it’s visible how many comments were given. I would like to translate the ‘no comments’ and ’% comments’ to another language (Dutch). I already tried to change the .po and .mo files. There are a ‘No Comments’ and ’% Comments’ in there, but that’s not working, probably because of the capital letters… How can I change this or is there another way?

Thanks in advance :-)

There is an issue with OnebyOne slider and Firefox 18 – several transitions are being incorrectly rendered by FF new JS engine. I know that code for the slider was customized by Nimble devs, therefore, would be possible to obtain new files with updated Slider (the slider’s dev seems to have this already done)...

bought it. Love it! Very flexible. Can you give a list of short code, codes. The buttons are not inserting code after Wordpress 3.5 install. ex: [button text=”title” color=”blue”]