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what is the above? also tried to sumbit ticketbut ur site will not leave me change my login password to do so

my email is darvandam@gmail.com

Hi, Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

When can we expect to see an update for 3.8.1?

Theme works fine with it.

There are quite a few issues I have run across. When a member is logged in, the top bar dropdowns display nothing. Also, I updated my visual composer plugin to the latest version, and had a whole bunch of problems.

I understand that it is difficult to maintain a product that doesn’t sell as much anymore, but at one point this was a top selling theme on Themeforest and it is coming from an Elite Author. I think most of your customers would expect such a theme to receive regular updates (especially in response to an updated wordpress core).

I don’t mean any disrespect, but do you honestly feel that customers should even buy your most recent theme knowing that once it stops selling as many copies, you guys will likely drop support for it? Part of me wants to buy your The7 theme for another project, but I’m afraid that in a year from now it will not be up to date.

We intentionally not updating compatible WordPress version in theme description, so people can choose newer stuff. It’s fair.

> “but do you honestly feel that customers should even buy your most recent theme knowing that once it stops selling as many copies, you guys will likely drop support for it”.

Lets be honest to each other and do not be hypocritical. Absolutely everyone is doing this. When product stops selling it gets only really crucial updates (or no updates at all). I’ve been around here for quite a while and know that our older themes are much better mend than most others. The only difference is I have balls to tell you (or/and other users) truth and do not mask it with sweet promises that never become a reality.

Thanks for understanding.
Kind regards, Miroslav.


If you are not going to update this theme anymore you should be honest with your clients so we can choose to ditch the theme and move onto something that FULLY works and says it is up to date with wordpress.

You have sold over 3,500 of this theme and are charging 55 dollars for something that you say is buggy with the latest WP…not good really is it!

Theme is honestly showing it’s latest fully compatible WP version.

Sorry to post this,

This theme is not beginner-friendly. It would be really generous if you guys would give me a refund because this theme didn’t accurately present itself in the previews before I bought it. I’m sure it works fine for experienced WP users.

Thanks for “having the balls” to be honest, after just one year of purchasing this theme for a client, I just dumped it and got a different theme else where.

I have to admit that this is made right in time. Nimble’s visual shortcodes will not work in WP 3.9

Can you / Will you update the theme for WP3.8? You can see a lot of customer’s are having problems… a lot of new customers are wanting to buy it, but this is preventing them. I know it WORKS, but it has several display bugs. Also it seems the support system is backed up with these types of requests. A 3.8 update would not only help users, help sales (I would buys a second license for a client), but also help Dream Theme’s reputation (it’s not looking so good- and whoever is answering comments on in this website has a disrespectful attitude – it really looks bad).

I love the look of this theme and it’s a shame that so many users are having problems due to lack of support. You don’t even have a message board for people to work out their own problems. How many people are posting on here that they submitted a ticket days/weeks/ months ago and haven’t heard back? Update, and you will see sales and support improve. Get a message board up and you will see less people complaining and posting on this comments section (it’s basically all us users have to discuss the theme!)—and please, stop insulting people that post here. It’s not helping. You want to support customers and help them? Update the theme. You have over 3,500 purchases!! It’s inexcusable to not at least fix the display bugs publicly! People shouldn’t have to individually request 3.8 “patch” through your support system, which often takes weeks. And your FAQ on your website hasn’t been updated in a year! Come on, Dream-theme… have some respect.

With this many downloads, there really should be better/more support. There shouldn’t be this many people complaining! Come on! Give us an update! Otherwise people SHOULD NOT BUY THIS THEME or ANY Dream-Theme product. (coming from someone who purchased several theme licenses from Dream-Theme- a loyal customer ready to give up).

I’m a fan of your themes, having bought this one, and several other for my company’s website. I have had tickets go unanswered for months, performance issues I had to hire a consultant to fix, and I have gotten insulted for posting my questions on this comments website (and I’m sure I will get a disrespectful reply), but I want to stick with nimble for my beloved website, because it’s the only theme that fits my style. But without an update, with this terrible support, I’m fearful I have to abandon all of Dream-themes themes for all the websites I have set up. It’s a shame. And it can be fixed, by you just updating your products, or at least upping your support to a standard put forth my MOST other developers on this site ( set up a support a message board! -takes 10 minutes!)

So there’s my plea as a loyal customer. Let’s see if Dream-Theme steps up or continues to insult and abandon customers. Waiting for the 3.8 update (with FIXED shortcodes)

(First of all,) Hello,
3.8 is not an issue. At its present state, Nimble will not work with 3.9 – that is real problem (visual page builder will not work). At this moment we are studying ways to provide compatibility.

Please note that we encourage people to buy newer stuff (ours or other authors) over Nimble in theme description.

Thank you. Please keep us updated. Meanwhile… I can’t stress enough how much a message board would help you and your users! I have several modifications and fixes for various things on your themes. I would LOVER to share those with the 3,000+ other users and I’m sure it would greatly lesson your support requests! It takes 10 minutes to set up. I even volunteer to help moderate! Look at all the people complaining about how long support takes to respond just for questions that have been answered hundreds of times before. A message board would ELIMINATE those! Help us out here.

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what is the above? also tried to submit tickets and will not work, please help

my email is darvandam@gmail.com

Can I please have your ticket ID? Thanks!

when is a fix going to be ready for WP 3.8? I have a launch in less than a week and the theme has fallen apart.

Cheers! Arlen

One of the biggies is the short codes are not working (menu bar that allows you to add functionality to the page)

This theme will not work with WP 3.9.

Will this theme see an update for 3.9? And will it continue to get updates in the future so that it can keep performing on newer versions of WP? I don’t care about new features, I just want the site we’ve been building for over a year and just launched to not fall apart because the devs decided to stop supporting the theme after a measly year and a half.

You also should really work on your support language. Miroslav’s a bit of a jerk. It’s legitimate that we’re upset about the theme having issues 1.5 years after its introduction, and AsadIC was completely polite in his/her concerns. I fell in love with this theme a year ago and The7 recently, but now our relationship is soured by the responses on this board. I have themes that I paid a lot less for that have lasted a lot longer and have seen better updates. I can’t say I recommend you guys anymore.

Please keep updating the theme so it doesn’t break. I have a couple themes by you guys I’m using in multiple projects, and I just want to know that once I buy a theme, it’ll at least keep getting support to function. I don’t need new features, I just need the ones it has to stay put and work. If you’re not gonna update them after such a short amount of time, I’ll scrap the other project and get a theme by a developer who will. And whatever you decide, tell your buyers so we know we need to take action. I’m already replacing all theme functions with plugins because I’m losing faith in this theme fast.

please reconsidere update this theme. It has only one year and a half and all the buyers needs an update to WP3.9.

Hi, I’m reading there are a lot of issues with WP 3.8, and WP 3.9, I’m using the theme with WP 3.8.3 and I don’t see any issues…

Can you explain which are the issues with 3.8 and what will happen if I upgrade to 3.9…?

There will be absolutely no update for WP 3.9?

Thank you.

The7 v.4.0.2 works fine with WordPress 3.8.x.

If you want to update to WP 3.9, you’ll need a v.4.1.1 of The7 and you may notice some glitches in Visual Composer and highlighting of active item in main menu. However these issues will be solved in couple of hours ;)

Hi Why are you responding with The7, if my questions are about Nimble?


What are the issues with NIMBLE and WP 3.8? what will happen with NIMBLE if I upgrade to WP 3.9?

Are there going to be an update ever of NIMBLE to work with WP 3.9?

Thank you.

Sorry comments to different themes are mixed in author dashboard.

If you upgrade you WP to 3.9 all shortcodes in text editor will stop working. At this moment there’s no simple way to fix this issue. Sorry.

Numa, I updated our site to 3.9 and all of the visual shortcodes completely broke. Ones already on pages work, but you cannot add any new ones (columns, posts lists, any of those blue buttons added to the WYSIWYG editor by the theme) without going into the text editing portion and copy/pasting the code. The other theme functions (custom backgrounds, widgets, etc.) all seem to be working, from what I can tell.

Hello, great theme!

Is there a way to move the logo so it is not in line with the menu and is at the top next to the contact info instead?



No, I’m afraid – there’s no build in tool for that :(

I have contacted Envato to remove this theme and the possibility to credit for another theme.

It’s not acceptable to drop support so quickly.

Not acceptable by decency to your customers!

This Theme was created SEP 2012 But the last update was APR 2013

Then Support was dropped? after just 8 months??

Are you shocked so many customers are complaining? Really?

- Looking deeper, your other theme Chocolate – created JUN 2011, is still being supported and is 3.9 compatible?

Try to see this from a customers view.

According to TF user agreement you are purchasing product “as is”. In other words without guarantee of support, updates, and so on.

Cardamon- and Nimble-like themes are about 2 years old. Their framework is outdated. Therefore they are discontinued. And we’re explicitly stating this in theme details.

Sure Dream-Theme, I’m sure everyone that purchased Nimble will see it your way and give you a round of applause for hiding behind the user agreement.

Updating the theme would have been the decent thing to do.

I’m sure 3600 Nimble owners will be thrilled they will now have to buy another theme and spend countless days remaking their sites with a company who does care.

You could have kept ‘Nimble’ customers at least slightly happy by offering them one of your supported themes.

That obviously isn’t going to happen here.

These developers are TERRIBLE. The last update was seen a pathetic 7 months after its release, and after putting in a ticket for support I got this response:


I am afraid we won’t update Nimble for WP 3.9, since our team is extremely busy with another projects. You can find tutorials on how to downgrade WP here: https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+downgrade+wp

Sorry for the inconveniences Yana”

Awful. Spread the word, guys. Dream-Themes are a bunch of cons. One star, and I’ll also be asking them to remove the theme. The fact that they’re still selling it is DISGUSTING.

Slander would mean what I am saying is untrue. It’s factually correct, you said it yourself in a comment below – once a theme stops providing enough profit, you stop supporting it. This theme last saw its update 7 months after it was released. Nothing I said was untrue in any way. If you try to ban my account due to true statements I’ve made in an attempt to warn your other theme purchasers, I think you’ll find Envato on my side. You won’t see me sending in any more tickets for support, anyway, seeing as you just shut us down. I commented on The7 because as someone who works for a company that is now having to come up with the funds for another theme and fix YOUR mess, in an attempt to warn others they might potentially have the same issue. I sincerely hope you’ll continue to support The7 because I’ve purchased it already for another project, which also doesn’t have the funds for another theme purchase. But it’s flatout not slander when it’s true.

(Note that that paragraph in support policy is talking about account in our help-desk. It has nothing to do to your Envato account!)

Feel free to delete my account through your support. It’s pointless now, yes? I went in and tried to delete it but it seems I cannot.

Wow, that is really crappy customer support.

Going for the next big thing instead of supporting your current customers is a terrible business strategy.

Thanks for letting us know HuntPubLib.

First of all Hello (it’s polite to start a conversation with greetings :) ),

Cardamon- and Nimble-like themes are about 2 years old. Their framework is outdated. Therefore they are discontinued. And we’re explicitly stating this in theme details.

Regarding terrible business strategy. Sorry, but your words are completely irrelevant. If you doubt it – try to ask e.g. an Android phone manufacturer for a software update for 6-month old phone ;) (And phone costs 10 times more than theme).

Obviously Dream-Theme has no concept of a good business strategy, judging by the comments here. To use your own business model example, ask ANY Android user or cellular provider if they think it’s a good idea, having phones with a shelf-life of 6 months. It’s a major reason why a lot of people refuse to use Android. It’s called terrible customer service.

Let me give you a simple example (because it’s not a hard concept). A small business has an in-house designer who has to redo their website. they decide on WordPress because it’s easy to use and fairly affordable. They set up hosting, install WordPress, and go looking for a theme. Say they found Nimble right after it was released, in September of 2012. They buy it, install it, and get to work. Six months later (pretty reasonable time period to work on a website when most people in small business jobs have multiple responsibilities), they launch the site. Hurrah! One month later, they get what will be their last support update.

Yeah, that’s really, really crappy. And the fact that you won’t even remove it is DISGUSTING. Yeah, list it in the description, sure, but who the hell is gonna buy a theme for WordPress three versions ago? It blatantly looks like you’re trying to con people into accidentally buying your theme.

Security reasons mean it’s stupid to stick with old versions of WordPress on your site. Everyone knows this. The fact that 7 months after you released this theme, all 3600 of us buyers are stuck doing this is revolting. Time to spread the word that your Power Elite status has come at the expense of shafting your existing customers.

Let me give you some (much-needed) perspective through your fellow theme developers. Almost every single theme I’ve purchased since I signed up for my personal TF account years and years ago have seen a 3.9 update.
  • The Cotton by Pixeto – First uploaded to TF in May 2011, updated 28 Mar 2014 for WP 3.9
  • Salutation by Parallelus – they celebrated 2 years of their theme by releasing a whole new version! Not required, to be sure, but a good example of the general customer support everyone but apparently you guys provide.
  • Office by WPExplorer – released March of 2012, last updated 11 Mar 2014 for WP 3.9.
  • Website by KubaSto – released March 2012, last updated 19 Apr 2014 for WP 3.9.
As you can see, all of these themes are older than Nimble yet are still being supported so they function on later versions of WP. I’m so unbelievably disgusted by your crappy customer support. Seven months! Seven! Pathetic! Get your act together, guys. I’m spreading the word that you don’t support your themes, and hope others do, too. Your themes are ripoffs.

The key word is “business”.

No, the keyword is “terrible”.

hi. I am thinking of purchasing this theme. I need to make our website resemble as closely as possible the website : http://www.bisk.com/. Is it possible to reduce the height of the nimble slider ( to the same height as bisk.com ) .. and is it possible to make the menu bars transparent.

Is it also possible to have the menu bars behind an image ( like : http://www.bisk.com/executive-education-training/ )

Thank you

Unfortunately this theme is discontinued. Please take a look at out newer The7 theme: http://themeforest.net/item/the7-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5556590

hi. how do we go about changing the height of the menu ? We would like to reduce the height. Thanks