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Finally something frest and different from such class of themes. Very well done guys!

PixelForces you are right finally a fresh and clean theme. GLWS my friend :)

Thank you Themeple. Its very nice to hear from such an great author!

PixrlForces is R8 ,Pure fresh design :) GLWS

Thank you very much :)

it’s look awesome. thanks

Thank you! Please, let us know if you will need anything :)

Brilliant. Is there no pricing table or did I simply miss it?

Super, thanks. This would probably make be a buyer I guess ;)

Here are the pricing tables. Its not yet in the current file, but we are waiting to approve the update. So, if you still interested… ;)

Awesome! I’m sold :)

Good Luck with sales.

Thank you!

Bookmarked! Perfect for corporate! Nice work mouththeme!

Thank you, we work for you!

Just bought! A lot of options and features and they really works. You did an excellent job in documentation and theme options. Thumbs UP!

Thank you, we are very happy with your feedback! Let us know you need anything.

Nice work! Conrats :)

Thank you ;)


I installed this theme to wordpress and there is nothing.

I get this message..

This site is under development

This page indicates the webmaster has not uploaded a website to the server.

For information on how to build or upload a site, please visit your web hosting company’s site.

Please help thanks.


I don’t think its related to the theme. If you don’t see WordPress then you just can’t see the theme of course.

Thank you!

Not the best start…trying to upload custom logo and nothing happens?? Default menu is still shown.


Yes it is showing in the options panel. I’ve manually overwritten the logo via ftp that was showing so not a major issue, however this may need a fix I’d say.

I didn’t mean to write menu…I meant logo, but thanks anyway, the menu is working fine ;)

Love this theme by the way!


Ok, thank you. I will double check this now to make sure it work fine. Let us know if you need anything else :)

I see now you’re right, it because of small change we made before upload. Will update theme now. Thank you.


I fixed the previous issue that i asked help for.

Now the site is just showing – This is an example page etc etc with the header menue with no pages..

Do you have a set of instructions to set this up properly? I thought i was getting a theme that when installed would show what your example shows etc.

Thanks and PLEASE help.

Ok, good. Did you export the demo XML file? Please see the “Import Demo Data” section in the help file. After you export the sample pages from the demo – set the correct menus in the Appearance -> Menus. After this you will have 90% same website as in the demo, except the widgets and Revolution slider content.

Thank you!

I got it.. I found that file and almost done! I just wanted to ask one more thing..

In the projects.. i says PROJECT INFORMATION – Can i change that to PRODUCT INFORMATION and where would i find the code or function to change that?


You can change it to any phrase you want. And you don’t need to edit any code because its just the content from the the visual editor. Just go to Edit Post and you will see it there in visual editor :)

Your default drop down menu choice is a terrible example of readability

Each person have its own taste. We like our dropdown and think its good.

obviously, though no market test would conclude same

Nice one! Bookmarked

Thank you :)

Has this logo issue been fixed. I am having the same issue.

Also the images i am putting on the pages are by default on the left side of the screen. Even if I am center or right aligning the image I can’t seem to get them to move. Any help here would be great.


sorry. Yes we have the fix for the logo problem. Unfortunately theme update review process is very slow and its not updated yet. So for now I can only offer you a manual file replacement. This is the archive with the fixed files:

There are 5 files in it. Extract them and replace the same files in the theme in:


After that the issue will be solved. We apologize for this bug.

Thank you!


please update the style.css (or the whole theme) file from the current theme version. It will solve the issue with the alignment.

Thank you!

Theme updated. The issue with the logo upload fixed. Please everyone who have problems with logo upload – update to the new version.

Thank you.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /www/users/ on line 1 thanks


sorry, but as I see by your URL you don’t have WordPress installed, and it is WP theme… Am I right, do you need help with it?

Thank you!

Is not to attach the server to run WordPress site

Your server can’t run WordPress? There is now way to run this theme without WordPress, because its fully built on it. You can’t use it as a HTML template. Let me know if you need help with WP installation and I may help, but first you need a server that support PHP and MySQL.


Full Width Template is not included in the Theme …


sorry, but when you create the page its the default template.

Thank you!