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I’m trying to load the theme, and it’s not working :-/ I keep getting this error “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.”

Have worked with lots of themes and never had this problem. Thanks!


sounds strange. Do you upload only the theme file and not whole archive which include also PSD and other files?

I think if the message says that file is too large – you need to make sure it is less than a limit set in the php.ini ? After that we will know that problem is different.

From my side I never heard about such trouble yet with this theme.


How do I “make sure it is less than a limit set in the php.ini”? I’m sorry- but I’ve no idea how to do that.

I uploaded the zip file with all the items needed.


you can contact your hosting provider and ask. Or you usually can check this information in your hosting control panel – there is always a page with PHP settings information.

Thank you!

Hey! Can you tell me how I would change the sidebar background color? There’s too much white space, so I thought changing that color would help.



it may cause many small issues, but we can try. On what side your sidebar is?


The sidebar is on the right. Thanks!

Hi, when using the Nine theme I can use its shortcodes, but not the shortcodes from other plugins. Do you have any idea why? (It’s not the plugins, because their shortcodes work with other themes. It’s not other plugin-interactions, because I tried deactivating all other plugins.)


why you can’t use them, what is happening? I didn’t hear about such problem before.


The shortcodes of the theme work fine, but the shortcodes of two other plugins I have tried simply get displayed (instead of the result). For example: when I use the plugin’s shortcode [schedule]some text[/schedule], that’s exactly what gets displayed (instead of the result).

Maybe you can send me an access to your dashboard to so I can take look. I don’t know what to say right now.

Hey There

I’m not sure how to set up the blog page. I wrote on your Forum but haven’t got any response yet. Let me know!


sorry, I didn’t get a notification about new thread. You can setup a blog page in the Settings > Reading in the wordpress dashboard.

Thank you!

Hi,, I plan to buy your theme, but I have a queston :

Is it 100% translation ready and fully complatible with WPML ?

By the way, Great theme. Thansk


it is fully translation ready, but we didn’t tested it with WPML.



I plan to buy this theme but I have a question:

IS it 100% translation ready and fully compatible with WPML ?

By the way, great work.


Answered in previous comment.

Hello, can I have a sidebar on the homepage..Looking to purchase



yes, as a homepage is a usual page you can have a sidebar.



One question I had. For some reason on one of my pages the footer has disappeared and I cannot seem to get it back. There is nothing different in the pages that have a footer and the one that is missing it. The site URL is

Thanks for your help. Great theme overall.


yes I see. That is strange. I see this JS code in the page:

$("#footer").html("<div id="cftext" style="position: relative;">HTML Content Goes Here...");

What is this? The footer code is on its place, but it is lost because of this JS line.

Thank you!</div>

Im not sure why that is there. I never altered the JS. Which file would I find that in to take it out?

Thanks for your help.

I think this may be one of the plugins – can you try to disable them in some order to detect this? I can not know how this code get there too.

Great theme. Is there anyway on the widget titles I can get some style to it. I am looking for a color box around the title so that it pops. THanks



thank you :) If there are not enough styling flexibility in theme options you need to do this with custom CSS. For example to change footer widget titles colors you can add this code to the “Custom CSS” box:

#footer .widget > h3 { color: #000; }

Replace #000 with your color code.


Thanks, I actually had already did that. What I was looking for was a box around the title, separate from the text color itself. Thanks

Where do I edit the client carousel at the bottom of the home page?


it is a shortcode. So you need to edit the content and parameters of it.


Thank you for your prompt response and help!

Hi Moutheme,

I know you’re very busy and appreciate your help with my enquiry. I emailed you at the email in the documentation that came with the theme. Is this the best email to reach you at or should I just contact you via this message board?

Thanks in advance,



I will answer your emails right now. Thanks :)

hi moutheme – wordpress 3.8 is out now, is 9 2.01 compatible with it? let me know so we can decide to download wp3.8 or not.


sure – go update. Thanks.

done and so far working well. can you please answer my mobile menu problem report at:

Hi i’m trying to insert an image in tha “gallery image” of one post. But after i select the image the loader image appear and there is no way to charge another image. Aslo if logout and login. The loader doesn’t disappear.

i’ve tryed with 3.7.1 version not italian bur i had the same problem. Can i give you the possibility to login?

Any news about my problem?

Hello Im planing to buy this theme but i wanna know if its 100% compatible with this plugin

Yes its working 100%


I am trying to use the boxed style for my website ( but it appears to be a bit thinner than the template site boxed theme ( – is there some adjustment I need to do to get mine to be wider (but still not full width)?


Solved the issue myself – Thanks

I have version 1.0.0 what is the best way to upgrade to version 2.0.1 ?

Hello. I’m experiencing the same issue as Rajaman- None of my plugin shortcodes are working when used in-between “Nine’s” shortcodes. However, the built-in shortcodes do work fine. Were you able to find a solution for this issue?

Hi…I am going to purchase this great theme, but I need some help with the top nav.

I like how the nav is fixed once you start to scroll down a page on a PC.

What I want is the nav to be fixed on mobiles devices too, and display a dropdown menu option on the fixed nav on mobile devices.

Is this possible? I can email you a website that does this, but it was built with the 2012 theme.


thank you for your interest.

Yes this is possible. But note that in case of long menu there might be the problem to see all items in case of sticky to top menu.


Thank you for the quick reply!!

There will just be 5 page options on the Nav.

Would you be able to give directions how to do this (make nav fixed on mobile devices and make the dropdown option for the fixed nav on mobile device)?

Of course :)

Hi, I’m cannot install it, this is the Wordpress 3.8 message:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-4784524-nine-responsive-multipurpose-theme.ZIP

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Ok, we need to unzip the zip from themeforest and Install only the file…. Works!!

Yes, and don’t forgot to use also and active this, it is a child theme.

Oh, I had not done it yet. Thank you.