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Hi, how can i insert ads inside post? it looks like is not possible to put adds even on sidebar, ads appear half and not full ads

Adsense is very important please help to put ads spaces in the theme, many authors depend on ads revenue, for the case of this theme is so hard to implement ads, you need to dig into codes inorder to put ads, for example widgets only suports ads of 300 – 300 , if you put 300 – 600 will not appear fully, Putting ads inside post is also not possible. Though nine to five is a very useful theme i like it please enable this

thanks for this feedback. I just replied to your support request as well. lets see what we can do to enable this for you. thanks.

Hello nice theme. Can I add resumes as administrator from the back end? I would like to build resume database for clients to search.Besides the candidates uploading their resumes?

Hellow.. I have Looked for your templete and discover the following new errors..

1) In Theme Settings when i change Filter Types to my Preferred names eg. Part Time or Internship It does not seen to the users. 2) The sign In and Register links not work, (You can not able to sign in by using Sign in and register links) until you use www.sitename.com/wp-admin 3) I want to show up to 20 post in front page but your theme is limited to only 10 posts 4) In Case I don’t want to show Filter Types How can i do that??\

Regards, Charles

Hi, How do you search by location? As it is very important that people can search for jobs in their location. Do you recommend using tags as locations?

Is it also possible or hard to add business logo for each job post? So when the user adds a new job they can add a logo for their business?

I can’t pay for paypal for token post a job??? What happen in demo?

I am interested in purchasing this theme but I would like to know if a bug has been fixed in the new updates, since it was not possible to insert ad units within the posts, it does not appear on the phones, there were white spaces, some ads appear cut to the side, incomplete . I would also like to know if it is possible to insert candidate resumes.

I’m looking forward to this topic.

Thank you, thank you in advance if you can help me.

Hi, I am looking to buy a job listing theme for my company, but can we disable to login register functionality? I just want to list the jobs at my company.

Hi I am interested in buying the theme but want it to be w3c compliant. Will it be possible?

hi, i bought this through my friend’s Account, how do i change it to my account?

hellooooooooooo, is this author still available?

Hello , Is it possible to add in the search results the offers of indeed and others?

My client is looking for job site whereby he can post jobs and let candidates apply for the jobs. This is first time I am going to make job site for anyone. Before I purchase theme for my client, I have following queries. Would you please clarify following points?

Does this theme fulfill above mentioned requirements and all the features required in job site?

Will job features plugins require additional cost apart from the cost of theme to make it fully functional?

What are the other paid plugins which might require update in future to make all the features of job site fully functional?

Apart from this does this theme also fulfill following requirements?

does this theme has visual composer included? does this theme has revolution slider or layer slider included? can I also use this for non-job posting site as well?

Thanks Vineet