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Greatz Jobs Board theme! Have a nice sales!

A+! Fantastic concept! Beautifully designed! Best of luck in sales! Bookmarked!

Nice work! Name is perfect as well, very creative :)

Neat idea! I would buy it if I had a use for it. Keep up the great work.

thanks for the great comments all. appreciated.

Great! I think I will buy it for my job board soon. :)

Awesome theme – would it be possible to see some other color styles or screenshots? I read 8 colors on fouth slide?

Hi Scandic. Ill get more screenshots online shortly so you can see all the color and layout variants.

is there a demo user?

ncoelho, We disabled the ability to signup and post content in the demo just now as there were some profanities posted and we’re unsure how to handle this.

We’d love to be able to demonstrate the simple and slick job posting template and paypal gateway somehow.

Hi all,

Please note we’ve reenabled signups and posting on the demo site at http://magnet.co/themes/ninetofive/demo/.

The listings and contributors will be reset periodically each day to keep the demo site fresh.

Very cool and creative theme.

This is by far the best theme I have seen for hosting a job board. Absolutely love the minimal and sleek design. Definitely going to be purchasing this one!

I have some questions before purchasing the theme:

1. Is it difficult to integrate a contact form/page and what plug-in(s) would you recommend for this? I would like to maintain the form look used on the job posting contact form.

2. I assume all job postings can be “moderated” before being posted live on the site?

3. Is it possible to add the ability to search by location (with the possibility of a drop-down combo box so the user can select the country specifically)?

4. Is it possible add “add this” to the job listings with relative ease? So the jobs can be emailed, shared on social network sites, etc?

5. When I go to “contract” some of the job listings are collapsed, is there a specific reason for this?

6. Is it possible to add CAPTCHA protection to the job application form?

7. What future features are planned?

8. Following on from the users above, is there a demo account?

Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the reply Magnetc! Really hope this theme sells well, it’s the best job board I’ve seen.

I have a few additional questions for you (hope you don’t mind!):

1. Will all updates to this theme be free or will additional (more advanced) themes be released separately in the future?

2. What is the expected release date of the first update to the theme (with the contact form)?

3. Is it possible to skin and customize the WordPress “dashboard” area of the site with relative ease?

4. How does the Paypal integration work? I signed up for an account and posted a job, but couldn’t see the ability to have “Paypal” listings. Is it possible to have “featured” and “sponsored” listings if the users pays a fee to post a job?

5. How will the Mobile Safari and Android version of the site function? Will this be an add-on to this current theme or will it be a separate product on theme forest? Will it be possible to-do browser detection and direct to the correct version of the site to use?

Really looking forward to using this theme! :-)


1. We offer lifetime updates for free. You can return and download your purchases again so once there’s an update you can grab it.

Crucially, we will not be changing the core structure of the content so you can buy anytime and updates wont break your site, but merely add on functionality.

2. We’ll hopefully have the first revision this week.

3. Thats a loaded question ) There are ways but its outside the scope of this theme im afraid. We even kept the custom theme settings looking native to wordpress as its important to the admin experience in our eyes.

4. At the moment paid listings are a globally enabled / disabled feature that affects all listings.

In this demo we’ve disabled Paypal as it requires a minimum to function and we’d like people to be able to test post a job without paying.

We may consider this division into paid and unpaid listings on a future release.

5. The mobile versions will use browser detection to redirect accordingly. This will be included in the core of Nine to Five and not as a separate product.

Thanks again,

Magnet Co.

Hi Magnetc,

I am going to wait for this theme to evolve a bit more before purchasing, but it’s definitely what I am looking for design wise.

Here are some features i believe are crucial for the theme:

1. A working contact form page for contacting the site admin/operator, The contact form should have a drop down subject list box which is skinned in the same way as the other form elements. The subject lines should be customizable, but default, settings should be “Website Support”, “Advertising”, etc. It’s also important that the contact form has CAPTCHA support to reduce spam.

2. There need’s to be some kind of CAPTCHA support for the job application process, again to reduce spam and abuse of the application system. Also are the Resume files filtered in anyway for file type? to prevent users uploading and sending large files and such like.

3. As mentioned by some of the other posters, I think comments would be good to have on blog posts but not on job posts (for obvious reasons). Though maybe it could be possible for job advertisers to enable or disable comments on there job posts to allow communication with applicants?

4. Social bookmarking is a must for the job adverts and blog posts, to help build a healthy amount of traffic to the site.

5. It would be better if Light box was used to handle the post images, if i click on an image within a job post it loads on a page of it’s own.

6. Featured (paid) listings would be great to have! :-)

What features will the first update have?


Very nice template Magnetc. Am bookmarking this one.

This is great, it’s so refreshing to get something like this on here because in a way Wordpress was designed for things like this.

I hope others follow and do similar listing type themes.

I think you guys forgot to add details about the blog section, not really sure why the category is still showing up as a job…

So how do I make it work? I have all my blog posts showing on the front page as jobs.


Are you using WordPress 3 and are you sure youre posting the blog post here?


Please contact us directly for further assistance if you still cannot get it working correctly.

Ahh totally missed that! Yes, it’s working perfectly, thanks.

Hmmm Permalinks are set to / postname / yet I see this /?post_type=blog&p=55 as my permalink under the blog post..?

Hi – this is actually a wordpress limitation. Only one post type can use the permalinks. We opted for Jobs over Blog Posts.

I’ve tried posting a job on both my site (i’ve purchased the theme) and the demo site http://magnet.co/themes/ninetofive/demo/ but neither seem to work. Help!

Great theme, but i’ve the same problem. I’ve tried to posting a job on my site but doesn’t seem to work. Greetings from cologne

We’ve just been made aware of a bug that when paypal payments arent enabled the form doesnt submit. We’re working on this immediately and will have a fix in place within hours.

Sincere apologies to all and we’ll have a corrected version up shortly.

We’ve established the cause of the bug as being when a job is posted without changing the expiry date. We’re fixing this now and it’ll be up shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

No problem, look forward to the update.