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Hello I have all pages working except the blog page; when using the blog template I get the error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /homepages/37/d302035761/htdocs/dcdesigntech/job-board/wordpress/wp-content/themes/ninetofive/blog.php on line 38

I looked at the file but couldn’t see an unescaped {

Can you help please?


Love the theme by the way very neat and clean



Hi Jacqueline. Sorry about the troubles you are having. We’ve identified the problem and will be releasing a fix for this along with our next update this week. Please stand by and thanks for bring it to our attention.

I try to create a new page for blog, selected the blog template from the drop down and created my first blog post and all i get from the menu is a blank screen when i click on the blog page?

I can view the actual blog entry by clicking on the view page but i cant access the actual blog page that contains all the blog entries?

Hi Darren. We did just discover a bug on this. We’re all over it. Should be fixed soon and issued as part of a free update. Thanks for your patience.

Cool, i’m very impressed with your support/comments service.. this is something i take quite seriously and have been let down by a lot of theme providers… i believe a lot of other people feel the same… Keep it up and i’m sure people will flock back to buy your other themes, i certainly will..

great to hear that darren. we’re trying hard to offer reasonably swift response. its great to have the feedback from users as well because each support request can ultimately lead to improvements in future releases.


I purchased the theme, great work this thing is amazing

I followed the procedure for translation :

- I created a es_ES file for my translation (based on the english.po model in ninetofive/languages)

- WPLANG in /wp-config is set as es_ES

BUT : The theme is still displayed in English instead of Spanish

Any tips to fix this issue ?

thanks for checking out the theme ubicatempleo. glad you like it.

as for the translation, that’s a bit odd. the best guess is that the .mo file is not being named correctly. can you verify that?

if all is ok there, we might have to take a look for you. you can open a support ticket at http://help.pixelpress.co.

feed does not work I try entering my site in feedburner and this message appears : ‘The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file. We encountered the following problem: Error on line 52: The reference to entity “val” must end with the ’;’ delimiter.’.

its definetly the theme because I tried with other themes and it worked, any idea how i can resolve this

okay i entered /feed/ at the end but I get this from feedburner: Identify Feed Source Back to My Feeds

The feed URL you entered is:


We could not find a valid feed at that address. Here are some possible reasons this might have happened

1.Is the feed valid? Confirm its validity now.
2.Are you using the URL of the web page or the URL of the feed?
3.Is the URL is misspelled or a copy+paste action didn’t work?


with /feed/ or without similar result

any ideas how i can resolve this

hmm. the feed is valid. that is a bit strange. can you open a support ticket at help.pixelpress.co and we’ll see if we can offer you any further help.

your site appears empty, you have no content…thus there is no actual feed. nothing to feed. we suspect this is your problem. try adding some content and trying again.

Hi, I’m installing the theme here : http://jobs.over-resourcing.co.uk/

The days letters in Calendar widget are not centered in Chrome (25.0.1364.172 m). Anyway to fix this ?

Many thanks, Antoine

let me look into this and come back to you shortly. thanks antoine.

that’s quite odd because its not happening on our demo. we were able to recreate it though. the fix is a CSS edit: #wp-calendar thead th{ text-align: center; }. We’ll be rolling this out in the next release as a small tweak as well. So you can fix it now yourself or wait for the next update. Thanks Antoine.

Thanks, fixed.

Hey there! Do you have any plans to make this responsive? I like it from the looks of it, but client wants a responsive design.

Thanks! Chris

thanks for the question chris. we do have plans for that. in fact…we working on it already. its about half-way to ready and we’ll be releasing it as a free upgrade in an upcoming release.

Hi Chris. Just a quick note to let you know what we’ve released a responsive version of 9to5. Hope you’ll give it a try and we appreciate your feedback.

I just found out that a job poster can only edit his posted jobs by going to the Wordpress admin back-end, which is something we cannot allow/use. So we are a bit disappointed because the front-end is simple and clean. Just like how we wanted.

Are there any plans to make a front-end admin menu for job posters, so that they can edit or delete their posted jobs? Thanks.

thanks for your feedback cabbzor. in fact, users do access the wordpress admin to edit their job but with our latest version, we’ve addressed this concern mostly by drastically limiting which options the user has access to. this is all they will see: http://d.pr/i/ikDl/dADeqbqR. the ability to edit their profile and the ability to edit their jobs. no other options are visible.

a fully customized front-end editor is also something we have planned and will be available to you as a free upgrade later.

hope that helps with your concerns. we’re continually working to improve the theme.

p.s. look for a update on themeforest in next 24-48 hours with some other small improvements. we just submitted that today.

your theme has serious security issues! hackers can inject anything via job posting or applying jobs. I have too bad problems!!!

which version are you running?

can you open a support ticket at http://help.pixelpress.co so that we can take a look at your particular installation? we use script escaping on newer versions of the theme so there should not be any issues if you have a recent version.

Hello Pixel_Press,

Thanks for a nice theme ! When i post a job from backend, what i want the option “Application Form: Allow users to apply for this job on the listing page.” to be checked by default or can you make this option in theme settings itself .

Thanks, Amit Garg

hi amit. you should create all new jobs via the front-end, not in the backend since the theme creates an ID from the front end posting.


Very interested in this theme – looks great.

Does it come with email alerts of new jobs for subscribers?


Thanks Alan. Glad you considering giving it a try.

Do you mean to ask if the moderator gets notifications of new jobs posted? Or if someone can follow new postings? In fact, there is a RSS feed for all new jobs and you could easily create a new email newsletter from this feed using any of the major mail providers like MailChimp or Feedburner. Is that what you might be after?

Hi PixelPress,

“thanks for your feedback cabbzor. in fact, users do access the wordpress admin to edit their job but with our latest version, we’ve addressed this concern mostly by drastically limiting which options the user has access to. this is all they will see: http://d.pr/i/ikDl/dADeqbqR. the ability to edit their profile and the ability to edit their jobs. no other options are visible.”

Is this version already uploaded? If not, what is the estimated time? Thanks.

Thanks for your question Cabbzor. There is a new version waiting for approval now at ThemeForest. We hope they’ll approve it and it will be available for download in the next 1-2 days. Please keep an eye on your account for the new download link and thanks for your patience.

The latest version, 1.8.1 is now approved and available for download.

Hello Pixel_Press,

Why are you taking time in responding?? You don’t even reply on my previous question. Now the Major problem is, when ever we post a job it goes trash and even i restore it, it again goes to trash. Please HELP! am using wordpress 3.5.1

We will need some more information from you Amit in order to try and assist. Please open a private support ticket at http://help.pixelpress.co along with your wp-admin user/pass and we’ll see what we can do to assist you.

Hi, I’m translating 9to5 into french for our company usage.

I’m having a problem translating the “Attach File(s)” text button in the application form.

The code seems to be in single.php, but I can’t find how to change this button text.

Could you help me please ?



Salut Partialis. In order to customize the button text, you need to change a file named fileuploader.js, which in inside the scripts folder, on line 504.

Hope that helps. Thanks for trying out Nine To Five.

Hi, many thanks. Now it’s ok :)

Awesome. Good luck with your site.

Hi, I see there is an update for this theme today?? What has been updated as there doesn’t appear to be any information about it



Hi Stephen. We’ll update the version history for you later today: http://help.pixelpress.co/help/kb/themes-nine-to-five/version-history. Sorry we didn’t do that sooner. We understand that’s vital information for those who’ve modified their theme. We’ll do that next time on release.

Hi, For the payments to post jobs, is it also possible to give the option to pay by a classic bank transfer ? tx

Thanks for your question. That’s not a native feature of the theme but if you wanted to do that, you could work with a Wordpress developer to assist you with such a customization. Being Wordpress, it’s flexible for your own modifications.

Hi, like the theme but have real reservations about users seeing Wordpress admin back-end when editing jobs/profiles. So my questions are:

1. Could a plugin such as Adminimize be used to further hide Dashboard components?

2. Is it possible to crate a fully customised dashboard from which to edit jobs/profile?

Ok, just seen a previous post (Cabbzor) asking a similar question. Any time frame for this?

thanks for your interest gingerblue. in the most recent release, 1.8.1, we really tightened up the security of this and limited completely what users have access to in the admin area. now…they can only see their job posts.

creating a fully custom front-end screen for this is something we are working on but i’m hesitant to give you a time frame. we’re paying attention that people would like this however. stay tuned or enjoy a free upgrade when its ready. thanks!

Is it possible to make this act as a child theme to an already existing theme? Better still have you got a working plug-in version of this site?

thanks for your question. for now, 9to5 is a full, stand-alone wordpress theme only. you could install it in a sub-folder of your site (ie. /jobs/) as a separate installation.

we have some more enhancements we’d like to make to this theme first, but a plugin might be something we’ll entertain in the future. i’ll chalk this message from you as a vote in that column. we appreciate your interest.

Does this theme have widgets for latest jobs, highlighted jobs, and other such items that one expects to find on a job board?

those specific widgets are not there but the sidebar is fully widgetized and includes other widgets such as calendar, adzone (which you can use for highlighted job), text widgets (you can highlight jobs in that also)

Can you explain how to use adzone or text widget to list highlighted jobs please?

Is it possible to have the post job widget only visible to logged in users?

Err, this is beyond my capabilities. Any chance of you posting the sample code here please?

I’ve found a blog post that suggests using this line of code should work “is_user_logged_in() .” However it appears not to. Could you suggest what I might be doing wrong.

It’s ok, I found a solution, there’s another plug-in called Dynamic Widgets that makes setting the visibility straight forward without the need to insert any code. Ideal for a none-coder such as myself.

Will you be adding facebook, twitter and linkedin connectivity at the posting stage?

you mean in terms of registration? instead of creating an account with your email in order to post a job, you wonder if you could login with fb, twitter or linkedin?

No, I mean the option to automatically post jobs to the company twitter/Linkedin/Facebook pages.

no. that would be a customization you’d need to make to the theme to suit your specific need there.