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Is there any time frame when this theme will be responsive? I’ll be the first to purchase once it is – thanks

thanks alan. its already in the works. it will be in the next release. you’ll get it as a free update.

Hi Alan. Just a quick note to let you know what we’ve released a responsive version of 9to5. We’d appreciate your feedback if you opt to update the theme to 1.8.5. You can report any bugs on our support site: http://help.pixelpress.co. Thanks!

and me the second! ;)

thanks for your feedback. its on its way.

Also, is there a way of making the “log in” go directly to the site for certain users and not the WP back-end please?

Pleas ignore my last question. , again found a handy plug-in that does exactly what I asked for called “Peter’s Login Redirect”.

ok. good. thanks jah.

OK, back again (sorry).

I think I’ve only 2 changes that I need to make now. In the header/menu I want to remove “To post a job” text and “or create an account”

Once logged in I want to remove “edit listings”

Can you direct me to the files/lines that I need to commet out please?

Again, found the code, please disregard the above request

you on fire jah. do you ever sleep? working hard on your site i see. nice! )

Is it possible for a user to mark a job posting as urgent/sticky only using the front end menu, not having to go via the normal WP interface?

Also, is there no facility for users to delete their own job posts without having the log into WP proper?

1. no way to do that on the front-end no. its an editor control.

2. not at this time. but as you can see in previous threads, all the user sees when logging in now is his/her jobs. they need to login to delete jobs though.

hi there, is it possible to add these features for the next updates?

- to set an fix duration (ex:30days) for a post, not a specific expire date like 30 april 2013

- to choose “drop-down menu” as an option for “job location” and “salary” (like position and category) in post a job page > (dropdown menu = less control for the draft posts )

- to set 2 parts for “job location” like city and district

- to list “job location” in sidebar menu > I’m using tags to do that but it’s really not practical :(

Nice work, good theme, thanks for the updates.

thanks a lot.

some good suggestions. can’t promise them all but i’ve added some of these to our roadmap for consideration.

hi under theme settings I have no sidebar option???

please advise

Hi I downloaded the latest version last week.

When I go to theme-setting (unlike in your screenshots) below userlinks there is no sidebar tab at all????

I therefore cant set up the post a job page as there is no theme setting..sidebar..cta button to go to

please help


hi any feedback?

the sidebar is managed via the native wordpress widgets. navigate to Appearance > Widgets and manage the sidebar widget zone from there.

Is there a way to make it so Job Applicants must pay a monthly or annual fee to use the service? I want to make it free for Job Posters to post, but charge job seekers.

unfortunately we don’t offer those payment options. 9to5 works well for those looking to run a fully free or pay per post job board. thanks for your interest. perhaps the theme would work well for you as a starter that you could customize for your specific requirements.

can the theme enable the creation of a childtheme yet?



sorry sean. this is a standalone theme for the time being.

hi, in page “post a job” i need the checkbox “Enable on-page application” Default false,

there’s no feature for that by default. if you want to customize for your specific requirements you can do so with the help of a developer. if it helps, you can go to the postajob.php file and look on line 362 for the string ’ checked=”checked” ’ and remove it. good luck with your site and thanks for staring with 9to5

the “filter bar” in not work it show to my http://j.ashqelon.net/#filter_2 or http://j.ashqelon.net/#filter_1 Instead of sorting, I installed and removed the theme problem still persists

the filters seem to work ok. note that 9to5 greys out the non-active options rather than making them disappear.

Hi I have just uploaded the latest version of gravity forms. It wont operate and i ran a conflict check. There appears to be some conflicts with the theme

please advise

as that’s a third-party plugin, i can’t really say what the problm might be sean. if you’d like, you can submit a private support ticket to http://help.pixelpress.co along with your user/pass for the wp-admin account. we’ll take a look and see if we can offer any help.

Where I translate the strings in the search results.

Example “3 results are available, use up and down arrow keys to navigate”

that string is in the .po file. here’s a support document on our site on translation that might help you: http://help.pixelpress.co/help/kb/wordpress-training/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-theme-po-file-using-poedit

If you want to add new strings like the example you showed, you’ll need to make customizations to the theme and add a new string completely. here’s a resource from wordpress that might help you: http://codex.wordpress.org/I18n_for_WordPress_Developers. you can always enlist a wordpress developer for assistance but i hope that steers you in the right direction. best of luck and thanks for trying 9to5.

in “post a job” the “Expiry Date job” Calendar not working Additionally When I mark v in “no Expiration Date” Form does not allow me to publish the job because the field is still mandatory choice


Hey there. That’s odd. Can you open a support ticket here: http://help.pixelpress.co along with your wp-admin user/pass and we’ll take a look. We tried to see what’s happening on your site but there is a coming soon page for now.

Hi, 1/When I’m looking the demo website, I note that when I click on one of the “popular categories” (in the right sidebar), the same category in the horizontal main menu is not selected (mouse_over). 2/Is it possible to add easily a field in the form “How to apply”? I want to add a link “url:”, to ask candidates to give me their website address. 3/Is there a plugin to make this website responsive? thanks, Charles

papyjam. 1. thanks for bringing that to our attention. we fixed that now. 2. you can add other fields with a bit of theme customization but there is no form builder as a feature of the theme itself. you’d have to get some help from a wp developer. but what you describe should not be a difficult addition for he/she. 3. we are working on a responsive version for the next release. it will be a free update for all users.


Hi PapyJam. Just a quick note to let you know what we’ve released a responsive version of 9to5. We’d appreciate your feedback if you opt to update the theme to 1.8.5. You can report any bugs on our support site: http://help.pixelpress.co. Thanks!

Can 9 to 5 be used just as a plugin to an existing wor[pdress theme?

thanks for your question raynbow. unfortunately 9to5 is a standalone theme only. we are not offering a plugin version at this time.

I want to purchase the theme, But let me know two things, if someone post a job. He / she need to be register,

Question 1: Do user need to activate their email account while registering?

Question 2: Register User may post job. Is there any option that the posted job will be visible after moderator/admin approve the job post?


Please forget about the previous question that i had made. Please let me know that, When some one post a job then some field will be appear. Say; Salary, Company name etc. May I able to change those name ? Say; Instead of “Salary” I want to show “Pay per month”...Is it possible?


mfork. You can change the name but you’d have to modify the templates. if you not a wordpress developer yourself, any dev can help you with that. to customize the theme for your requirements and for the items you mentioned, you’d want to look on the postajob.php and single.php templates.