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Hi, It seems that only pdf files pass the upload process. When it sends an application with .doc or .txt files I get the only the message but without the document itself. If I send .pdf file it works good. i checked to see if it something on the theme setting but it’s the default settings Allowed resume file types: txt,pdf,doc,zip,rar,7z,tar,tar.gz and the maximum file size is 2 MB. I don’t know what is the problem, please help. Thanks,Ron

That’s odd indeed. Can we take a look at your install / server and maybe we can help? Please open a ticket here: http://help.pixelpress.co with your wp-admin user/pass and we’ll see what’s up.

You can grab 1.8.2 now from your themeforest downloads folder. it contains a bug fix which should solve this issue for you.

lots of bugs, i hate this theme!

sorry to hear that. can you be more specific about the bugs you feel are there? perhaps we can help? have you just installed the theme and having troubles getting it running or?

p.s. you can open a support ticket at http://help.pixelpress.co and we’ll try to assist you there. have you read the quick install guide?

just trying one more time to understand your issues. you posted that you hate it but have not explained the issues you having. we’d like to help if you can provide some information. here’s our support site: http://help.pixelpress.co

I am not felling comfortable with the theme. I added a new blog post , neither the blog section or the blog post is coming. Its showing error. say; www.example.com/blog or www.example/blog/how-to-get-job….Nothing is appear on the page but showing error. Can anyone help me. and one question the post a job button , which was showing on the demo…How I can use that page?

which version are you running? or…have you read the quick start guide and set your permalinks in the WP-Settings? If you want to open a support ticket at http://help.pixelpress.co with your wp-admin credentials we can try and help with your particular install.

as for the post a job button…there is a widget called “Post a Job Widget” http://d.pr/i/1DZr. If you new to Wordpress, widgets are in the Appearance > Widgets section of the editor.

How I can get the theme as same as which was shown on live on theme forest after installation the theme on my website?

mfork. the main zip file contains all the sample data. you can upload that sample data (same as the demo) to help you. The folder is callled dummy content: http://d.pr/i/RTU/42rHCc94 and you’ll find the the xml file you can import. If you not familiar with how to import content to WP, here is a link to their doc: http://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content#WordPress


Just wondering but I am considering buying this theme but would need more than 3 types of job. Is it possible to add more than just 3?

Thanks :)

hey. thanks for your interest. do you mean more than “contract” “fulltime” and “freelance”? You can rename those in the admin: http://d.pr/i/nEj5/1MuiWN1k but there is a max of 3. If you wanted to add more, that could certainly be done via a small customization with the help of a Wordpress developer.

I was looking at buying the 9 to 5 job portal based theme, I have the following requirements, please let me know if they are met by your product 1. I have students all of whom can have a candidate login. Also, there would be potential employers for these students who will also have a login. Is there a restriction on the number of logins? 2. Is there a restriction on the number of Job Postings that can be done? 3. What is the licensing criteria in the case where in there would be multiple logins? 4. Need to integrate to my existing website thats on Wordpress, would there be support to help me with the installation of a second theme?


thanks for your interest in the theme pgulatee. currently..9to5 is setup primarily for employers. its a simple, clean job board to post jobs and not really a full application that stores profiles of users or lets employers search candidates. there is no candidate / employee login, only an employer / job poster login.

2. there would be no restriction on the number of logins per se. That is the native wordpress login system and can scale as big as you can scale your database in wordpress.

3. you mean for the theme itself? the license is for a single domain installation.

4. if you are already running a wordpress site with its own theme, you would have to run nine to five in a sub-directory and with a completely separate wordpress installation. so..you could for example install 9to5 and a new WP at /jobs/ and manage it separately from there.

I need to change category page…..say; http://www.domainsbuysale.com/category/business-domain-website/

On the very last there is a word “No jobs found” I need to show “No domains/ website” found and also for the search result too…can you please let me know where to change?

for any customization requests, please open a support ticket at http://help.pixelpress.co.

Post created on your given support website…Thanks

Im struggling with one thing, Jobs are not showing in the “All Jobs” filter, what am i doing wrong? www.jobsjust4me.com

Hi there. It seems you got this all working? We’re seeing all the jobs http://www.jobsjust4me.com/. Did you have the slug set incorrectly?


I really like this theme. If I was to purchase would I be able to adapt it so it can be used to search for business’s instead of jobs?...Thanks

It can be customized, we have seen great custom work, however this has to be achieved with the help of a WordPress developer since this wasn’t part of our original draft when we created the theme. If you want to reach out to us via our website http://pixelpress.co we’d be happy to arrange a phone call and discuss your specific requirements. maybe its something we can assist with.

‘Ello… Just a quick one – Looking to put together a recruitment site for a client and was wondering whether the Job board feature you’ve developed is available as a plugin?

Nice work!

thanks for your positive feedback. unfortunately no plugin option for the moment but lots of demand so its something we’re considering. no timeline on that however i’m afraid.

Hi, For the two search fields. They give the same results (duplicate), isn’t it? + are they based only on the job title and the content (not the location or other criteria)? thanks

This search is based on the WordPress native search box. We might suggest you look at the Search Everything plugin for enhanced capabilities: http://wordpress.org/plugins/search-everything/

Are all the bugs fixed? I’m reading the comment and most of the negative ones affect my decision of buying it. I really need this theme – it looks beautiful and promising. I hope to hear what others say on the current version.

Glad you like the look. Thx! As for bugs…there are not that many to speak of right now. We’ll admit to some earlier problems but those are mostly ironed out and we’re actively developing the theme and releasing updates if new commonly cited bugs appear. Hope you’ll give it a try.

i want to file a support ticket for blog section of the template as it is not working – Simeon

Its working quite alright in our demo. Better open a ticket and let us know your URL. We’ll see if we can help with your particular issue.

its good now i did not add /blog at the end of my domain fault

thanks for letting us know. good luck with your site.

already 13 days ago without support…......great!

We missed your question above but have replied just now with a recommended plugin. Is there another question we can try to help with? If something specific, feel free to open a support ticket on our help site. http://help.pixelpress.co

Have to say all in all I am very happy with the support given by the Pixl team!

Thanks for that feedback Sean.

Hello, I bougth this theme a few days ago and I installed it on a fresh Wordpress site. My problem is that when I try to post a new job, it gets published but if I refresh the page the job is no longer published but in trash. I try to restore that job from trash but it keeps going to trash automatically. Can you help me on this? Thanks

Thanks for the purchase. I’m guessing there was no expiry date set for that job. Try adding an expiry and it should work. Either way…we’ll release a small update that will solve this problem (when no expiry set) with a sort of fallback to prevent that. Look for the release in next couple days and thanks for getting in touch. Good luck with your site.

I am interested in building an add-on to this job theme to incorporate WorkedWith’s services. The service enables job boards to collect and deliver a candidate’s verified references, education and employment history to employers when someone applies for a job. What are the APIs I would need to work with, to collect when an employer signs-up and a job is created?

I’m afraid we’re not familiar with WorkedWith and what APIs they offer for access to their data. You’d need to contact those guys directly. Best of luck and hope you’ll give 9to5 a try as your base theme.

Thank you. But I am looking to integrate with your service. I own WorkedWith and can make it work as necessary. Do you all have APIs or some method for integration?


What has been changed in the latest update ? v1.8.3

Also , when will the theme be updated to become responsive ?

we’ll update our changelog for you. here is the link: http://help.pixelpress.co/help/kb/themes-nine-to-five/version-history check back in the next 24-48 hours

Hi Stephen. Just a quick note to let you know what we’ve released a responsive version of 9to5. We’d appreciate your feedback if you opt to update the theme to 1.8.5. You can report any bugs on our support site: http://help.pixelpress.co. Thanks!

I am thinking of purchasing the Nine to Five theme and had a Question. Once someone enters a job and the city state and zip associated with the job, can the viewer search for the job’s by city state or zip?

Hey there. As long as you add the location also as a tag it can work.


I’ve just sent a support request. Can you please give me some support?


Just confirming here that we replied to you on our support site. Thanks for getting in touch.