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I have added the category field when the user is registering. Plz tell me what is the code i have place to save that to the database. Link – http://jobzone.lk/register/

Thanks, Prashan

unfortunately that would be a customization that would require the help of a wordpress developer prashan since you’ll need to create a custom field for the user profile and save the industry as a custom field.

Love this theme. A few key questions:

1. Can you set the posts to be up for a certain number of days? 2. What does the dashboard looks like for the hiring company? 3. Do you allow for customization when installed?

Thanks /tmlee

Yes, when the user posts a job it can define the expiring date: http://d.pr/i/vNtM. There is no customization of the dashboard as a theme option but you could modify that yourself or with the help of a Wordpress developer. We would not be able to support those modifications unfortunately.

Hey, I have a little problem with your theme. I have lot of job category and the theme didn’t not support drop down menu. Have you a solution for that ? Something I can do in the source code maybe ?

One thing you could do Takemikasushi is use the categories widget and make set it up to show as a dropdown: http://d.pr/i/NQr5

Yep, but I need to show the category on the menu, not on the sidebar ><.

hi there, nice theme-thanks for updates :)

i’ve expericed 2 problems – time format and pagination:

when i changed time format to 18/07/2013(d-m-y) posts did not appear in homepage but listed in category pages

“settings>reading>blog pages show at most” feature is not working properly – when i set it to 20, it lists 11 jobs on a listing page and at page/3 it shows something like 5jobs – i could not figure out what’s going on :) any suggestions?

Can you please open a support ticket at our help site, http://help.pixelpress.co and we’ll see if we can assist with this particular issue you having. thanks.

Is there anyway to require users to log in before they see a job post?

For example, users at ‘job A’ click on the job link. They are taken to the login page. Then, after successfully logging in, I want them redirected back to ‘job A again’.

I know about the redirect plugin, but that only takes you to specific, pre-determined pages.

Can anyone help me on this?

You could setup the posts as private, but you’d need need to modify the theme itself. There is no setting for this.

2 things: 1/I want to keep only 2 job postions (<>3), in which file, need I to remove one of the 3 fields? 2/My positions are in 2 words and the system add automatically an ”-” (hyphen) between the words (like “sales-representative”). How can I remove the hyphen? tx.

also: How can I remove fields and change the text in the “post a job” page? thanks.

1. Not sure if i quite understand what you want papyjam, but you can change the reading settings: Settings -> Reading -> http://d.pr/i/D3uO to display only 2 posts per page. Does that help?

2. You would need to customize the theme, in this case by modifying the functions.php file.

ok. for my first question : In your job position, you have 3 filters : contact, fulltime and freelance. If I want to keep only fulltime and freelance, what can i do? I also need to change in functions.php? + for my problem with the hyphen (ex : if i want to write full time, it appears full-time)? tx

Hi there,

I hope I’m not the 1000th with this question.

Are you planing to implement a profile page for companies and for jobseekers (where they can post their resume)?

Best regards,


Thanks for your question Dennis. We are planning that now yes. That didn’t happen as soon as we hoped but its something we start to plan for again right now. No date per se but its planned and will be part of a upcoming release.

Hi. I see that it is possible to make payments by paypal. My question is: who pays? the candidates? the publisher (companies)? or how this works? thanks.

Hi dmendez. The payments are for the job posters. It works with paypal checkout. You setup the price of the job and other variables on the theme options page: http://d.pr/i/Q2bO.

Hi Just wondering if there’s a back end panel where we can view applicants and resume submission? Does it store these?

Hi there. Thanks for your question. Resumes are not stored, they are sent to the job poster only.

Hm, I do not see any custom pagination feature. Let’s say that I have 20 000 job listings, all pages will be displayed at the bottom?

Yes, I see. But how about 2000 pages? It would be like 1 2 3 … 2000 > ? Or 1 2 3 4 5 6 … > ?

Questions still not answered….

Unfortunately 9to5 doesn’t support this level of pagination. You’d be best to customize the theme to work with something like this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-pagenavi/.

As a side note, we’ll add support for that plugin in an upcoming release. No time frame now but we’ll add it to the list of todos. Thanks.

Hi there, just getting used to the theme and it’s top notch, but I do have a question about the job application process – can the application form under ‘How to Apply’ be replaced by Contact Form 7? My client has specific requirements which go beyond the inbuilt application form – with a bit of work I could add fields to this but the other requirement they have is collation of information using Contact Form DB, which is perfectly integrated into Contact Form 7 so i’m more or less forced to use it.

I don’t want to start messing with the single.php file until I at least hear your opinion so please let me know what you think or point me in the direction of a previous post on this subject.

Thanks guys, Ray.

Hi Ray. That could be done but only with some customization inside the single.php file. Best of luck and thanks for using 9to5.

OK I seem to be getting somewhere with that, another question though – on the listings page can I display the expiry date of the job rather than the post date?

You could do this with a bit of customization. if you are comfortable editing your core theme files, go to index.php on line 47 and replace this bit of code:

<?php ($post_time == $date ? _e('Today', '9to5') : the_time( get_option('date_format') ) ) ?>

with this:

<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, "exp_value", true); ?>

Note: if the job is set to not expiring the string that you will get in return is “noexpire”.

Hope that helps. If not, you could enlist the services of a Wordpress developer to make that small customization for you. Good luck with your site.

Can you please update this version so that I do not have to manually accept each and every jobs post?

You can accomplish this by setting your user’s roles to become authors. This way you will be able to let the users post without your approval http://d.pr/i/yDCK

I need to discuss couple of things regarding this theme. Don’t want to make it public. If developer’s got time please PM or reply here.


you can open a private support ticket via http://help.pixelpress.co

ok for 3.6?

Yes. Good with 3.6.

great! are you doing theme customisation if I need it?? tx

on request we might be able to help. yes. please submit a ticket over on our website http://pixelpress.co along with the specifics

Hi, I have had to move my Jobs Board for my Customer because he has changed Domain names. I have downloaded and installed the latest version at www.soshealthcare.co.uk/vacancies The pagination does not work, it is showing the job count for that page only both on Index and Category pages. As far as I can see in the code has this job count and not the ‘Showing n of n jobs like it should be on your working Demo. Please can you help. Thanks, Mike.

Hi, Can you tell me when the update will be ready please, I need to complete my Jobs Site, thanks.

Hi Mike. We have not forgot about this. However, we’ve decided to include some other features with it including responsive design patterns for mobile phones and tablets. We’re very close.

Hi Mike. We’ve just released a major update to 9to5. It includes the fix you are after plus support for responsive design. You can see all the changes here: http://help.pixelpress.co/help/kb/themes-nine-to-five/version-history. The theme is under review by ThemeForest and we hope it will be available soon. Thanks for you patience.

You have worse support, every time we create a support, your team replies in 2 to 3 weeks…. very low quality support.

We’ve not responded quickly enough to you Marloo. I agree. Our apologies.

Your questions can be answered via the documentation included with the theme and by using the theme options panel.

Just to recap our two separate responses to your support ticket:

- resume is optional, you just need to adjust the settings: http://d.pr/i/7uJk

- name and email are not optional fields. customization of the theme to suit your specific needs would be required. if it helps, you’ll need to edit single.php and remove the js code that makes those validations.

Hi! I am looking to purchase this theme for my own website ideas. However before I go ahead and make make the purchase I need to know whether this theme supports video content, or if there are plugins available that are compatiable with this theme that will enable it to do so.

Thanks in advance

Hi MIraj. thanks for your interest. Where in the theme were you thinking to embed video? You are talking about embedding video or the ability to upload video. Like a video resume? Video uploads are not supported but you could embed a job in the employee bio area. Anyway…hope that helps. Please tell me a bit more about your specific needs if not and we’ll consider your feedback for future releases.

Hi, I was thinking of the ability to upload videos like a video resume, for each profile we have registered. Is this something that can be achieved using this theme?

That’s not something native to the theme I’m afraid. You could certainly use 9to5 as your starting point and work with a Wordpress developer to build this functionality for your specific needs however.

Hi, responsivity works, exepted for the menu in the footer which doesn’t appear. other : does I need to activate something to see the categories menu in the responsive design? when I clic on the button in the right top corner, my categories doesn’t appear. it’s empty. tx

Thanks for your questions. The footer is hidden in mobile view as are the filters for job type. We’ve ultimately chosen what we think are the most important elements to include on a small screen.

If you’d like to maintain everything you have in the desktop view, we’d advise to leave responsive disabled or optionally you can customize the theme yourself to deliver up what it is you want your mobile visitors to see.

p.s. this is our first release of a responsive version so we’ll be listening to the feedback. thanks.

papyjam. 1.8.6 with a couple small fixes is now live if you’re interested.

Hi, thanks for your response about the update, I see from the panel on the right that it says 8th October, can I take it that the new version has been approved and it will be the new one if I download it again now, thanks, Mike.

It was already approved so should be available for download Mike. Thanks.

hey mike. just a quick heads up that we’ve issued an update that fixes a couple small bugs and adds some improvements to the admin panel. 1.8.6 is now live and available for download.

Hi In site i purchased 9to5 theme but post a job section is not working. how to solve it here is the site http://www.itjobseuro.com/

Hi There. Thanks for your purchase. It seems that you have the jobs appearing now. I’ve also clicked through to a test job. You solved the issue? If not, could you be more specific on how we can help.

Also, please note the the theme files includes a set of demo content. You can import that content to kick-start things and see how everything works.

Best of luck and thanks for purchasing.