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I need help with this.

Category & tags not working in both jobs and blog.

Job category does not display specific jobs under that category.

Blog category does not display specific blog post under that category.

Tags does not display specific post under that tags.

Maybe because there is no category.php & tag.php file in theme folder?

can you submit a support ticket over at http://help.pixelpress.co along with your user/pass for the wordpress admin and we’ll take a look for you. thanks!

Hey There. Sorry for your troubles. We’ve just issued an update to ThemeForest that will fix this issue. Expect that approved and available for update shortly.

mrmohd. you can find a new version now in your themeforest account.

I’m getting the same problem and have isolated the issue to the new update, when you have lots of jobs and categories… But haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet…

I’ve listed a support ticket in the support forums. Your assistance would be appreciated.

Hey There. Sorry for your troubles. We’ve just issued an update to ThemeForest that will fix this issue. Expect that approved and available for update shortly.

Hey SEOPundit. A new version is now live at ThemeForest. Good luck with your site and thanks for trying out the theme.

Hi There,

Just a few pre-sale questions.

1.Can we add / remove / rename / change or swap the position of job post types at the homepage? Because of I have a plan to show a “Featured Jobs” by adding a new type and show it as a first primary page (instead All Types) at homepage, is it possible?

2.Does The sidebar/footer work with other standard WordPress sidebar/footer widget?

Thank you and hope to be your customer soon.

Thanks for your interest.

You could add a new type but you’d need to make some theme modifications. Those are not able to be changed as a default option.

As for widgets, absolutely. The footer is not widget enabled but sidebar supports all sorts of widgets.

Hope that helps and you’ll give 9to5 a try and possibly customize to your needs.


Pre Purchase Inquisition

the category,tag errors has it been finally solved

This has all been solved. Yes. Version 1.8.6 fixes this and is available for download now.

Can this theme be translated, I need it only in spanish, and other question is can I add google adsense to the theme? Thanks.


Thanks for your interest Juba. The theme can be translated. We have an article to help out with that here: http://help.pixelpress.co/help/kb/wordpress-training/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-theme-po-file-using-poedit. As for adsense, you could edit the templates to include an adsense ad zone however there is no native feature that allows you to set adsense zones.

Pre-Sale questions: I want to use the theme for a different purpose. That’s why I need too know if is possible to add images into posts just as a usual WordPress article with images. Also it is possible to delete the ’’How to Apply’’ together with the Google Map box? And finally the ’’Post a Job’’ box in the upper right corner is a widget, right? it can be removed? All my questions can be resumed in a simple one: can the ’’Jobs’’ offers used as a regular WordPress posts? Thank you.

Hi LoudBob. Thanks for your interest. Those changes are all certainly possible but I will warn you that they would be customizations and not easily accomplished by adjusting theme settings. That said, if you like the overall look of 9to5 you could work with a developer to rather easily adapt it to your specific needs. Hope you’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Hola a todos,

He adquirido el tema 9 to 5 no hace mucho tiempo y hasta ahora no he tenido ningún problema..

Hoy he intentado publicar nuevos puestos de trabajo y todos los deja en la papelera sin publicarlos.

¿Alguien sabe por qué me pasa esto?

Por favor necesito ayuda urgente

Gracias de antemano por vuestra ayuda, Maite

Hi all,

I purchased the item 9 to 5 not long ago and so far I have not had any problems ..

Today I tried to post new jobs and all the trash left without publishing.

Does anyone know why is this happening?

Please I need urgent help

Thanks in advance for your help, Maite

sorry for the troubles your having. we might have an idea of the issue. we’ll fix that this weekend and make a release soon that should address the bug. thanks for reporting.

that fix has been issued. it will be available for download soon, once approved by themeforest.

Hi I have a pre-purchase question: 1. Can the jobs be searched by users by city, state, zip? 2.Can cost of post be controlled? I don’t see that it in the sample site

thanks for your interest yessman. jobs can be searched with the help of the “search everything” plugin but not natively in the theme for now. as for your second question, yes, the prices can be set by you.

Hello, First, I really appreciate your great work! :) Recently, I got your theme and installed it on the subdomain of my website which has a different theme. But I was wondering if there is any way which users can login with the same ID and password on the subdomain (jobs.example.com) and the main web site (www.example.com) Can I make any changes for that?

Thank you so much for your support!

thanks for your kind words showcola. appreciated. as for your question about a cross-domain login..that’s not something the theme supports but with the help of a wordpress developer you could probably make that customization without too too much trouble.

Hello again,

I need your help, I’ve been unable to work with the issue several days.

As I told you last time, the jobs that new audience, both in administrator mode and user mode, go to the trash and not published.

I installed another theme and I deleted 9to5 and jobs are not going to trash and can be viewed as regular inputs but when I install the theme again 9to5 those entries (all November) automatically go to the trash.

Please Oriéntame do not know what to do and I stand helplessly.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I await your response

Maria Teresa

hello maria. please see the comment on your question above. we appreciate you reporting the bug. we think we’ve identified it and will make a release that fixes that for you soon.

hi maria. we’ve issued a small fix there as promised. it should be available shortly as a free update.

Hello Guys, I recently got your theme up and running. Unfortunately a few of the “Theme Settings” are absent such as Header options, Side bar options including CTA option. Please advise on that issue.

Also, can I edit the theme colors to something not listed ?

Also, Does it support payments from other merchants than paypal?

Thank you in advance for all your help

Thanks for trying out 9to5 frouhana.

1. I’m not sure what options you are referring to specifically. There are sidebar widgets which you can managed via Appearance > Widgets. The CTA option for example is a widget and can be changed from there. What theme settings are missing for you?

2. You can change colors not listed by editing the custom.css stylesheet. This was created for this purpose. Any changes you make there wont’ be overwritten on the next theme update.

3. No, Paypal is the only one that we accept right now.

Hope that helps. Best of luck with your site and thanks again.


Interested in purchasing this theme, but had a quick question. I realize this is for people to post jobs in, but can it be modified to also accept people posting their resumes?


Hey tcr101. We don’t have a searchable resume database no. Only the job component. Applicants can apply and send their resume with their application but there is no resume store per se that employers could search.


I purchased the theme and installed it here: http://atlascareer.com/

I do not want general public to be able to post jobs. I want only administrator logged into WordPress to be able to post jobs. Therefore, I would like to remove this line from header:

To post a job, login or create an account | Post a Job

In the admin, I don’t see option to do that. Can you show me how to remove that text?

Thank you!

Thanks for using 9to5.

To remove that, you need to delete from line 381 to line 400 on header.php. Line 381 has to read:

<?php if (!is_user_logged_in()) { ?>

Hope that helps

Thank you. What do you think is better practice – to remove the line as you suggest (and I originally asked) or to write CSS to hide that element from all pages?

That’s your call but we’d personally remove the reference as the CSS method would still leave those items readable in your source. Good luck with your site. Thanks again for trying 9to5.

Dear Pixel Press, First excelent pice of tech! A+

I have css problem on the right “Popular Categories”, “Popular Tags”, “Calender” ect There is none. Im missing the nice grey area’s.

Any idea’s?

Hello Pixel Pres, the url’s you gave me “page not found”. Hope you can help. Another question… i wanted a static frontpage, but gives problems. I would like the button “all jobs” to be button “home (static page)” and then button “all jobs”

http://d.pr/i/oFW4 http://d.pr/i/xZGq http://d.pr/i/iigR

As for the other request…that’s a native Wordpress feature under Settings > Reading. There you can define a static page as your homepage and set your main blog page as something like /jobs/. If you would like to edit links, some of those can be done with the menus while more extensive customizations would require you to edit the theme templates. A Wordpress developer could help you with those customizations. If you don’t have anyone, you can submit a request for quote at our website http://pixelpress.co along with as much detail as possible about what customizations you’d like.

Hi, i understand. But if you do blog you get blogpost not job posts.

I have some questions: 1. can every job listing have a different color? 2. Can I edit the application form to my custom form? 3. Can I make the layout wider, how?

Hi Daryl. Thanks for trying 9to5.

1. It’s possible with customization but that’s not a natively supported feature. You could work with us (http://help.pixelpress.co) or another Wordpress developer to estimate it for you and then make it happen.

2. Again, this would be a customization.

3. If you’re comfortable with CSS, you can add it’s own css on the custom.css file. We’ve set that up so that any changes you add won’t be overwritten on the next theme update.

Hope that helps. Best of luck with your site and let us know if we can help you further.

Does this theme have integrated login/registration with Facebook? If not, is that something you plan to include in the future?

Hi Peter. We don’t have any third-party social login options for the theme but there are plugins available for that. Thanks for your interest.

Hello. I’m having trouble with the application process. The emails are sent just fine, but the attachment won’t. Is there anything I can do in order to fix that? Thanks!

Hi Marcel. Which version of the theme are you using? That was a bug in the past but it was fixed a long while ago and we’ve not had any others with issues. Make sure you have the latest version of the theme installed. If you do and are still having problems, you’ll need to please open a support ticket http://help.pixelpress.co.

Hey, 1.I have enough space outsite the sheet and sidebar op my site. Is it possible to place banner images in that space, I think it’s the background. The space left and right, also on the header (rightside) 2. I want to change some font colors e.g. post title or sidebar title, but it doesn’t change if I edit the colors in my post settings tell me how

ref: www.allynv.com

Hi Daryl. thanks for trying 9to5. All those things are indeed possible but would fall outside the options of the theme. Those are style customizations you’d need to make with the help of a developer. If you don’t know anyone and would like us to assist..you can submit a ticket at http://pixelpress.co and we can provide you an estimate.


I have a website setup for a client that is using your theme and they love it, it’s just that the Category section no longer works now and they have asked me to take a look at it. It is an older version of the theme and there has been some customization to it and have seen that you have fixed this issue on the latest release. Is there a way to take that fix and just drop it into their files without having to go and redo all the customization again?

If you can let me know which files cause this issue and which section of the files I could then download the new release and do a patch job myself but would need to know what needs to change in order for it to work.

Much appreciated!


Is it possible to share the link with us Simon so we can see what is customized before offering you any advice. If you not comfortable sharing that link here, you can open a private ticket on our support site, http://help.pixelpress.co. Thanks.