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Hi, I just purchased an hour ago, and am having the following issues so far.

1) Can’t add background image. 2) Footer menu adds menu items not added in menu.

Hi there. Sorry to hear you having troubles. We’d be happy to take a look for you. Could you kindly open a private support ticket http://help.pixelpress.co along with user/pass for the admin account and we’ll see what we can do for you. Thanks.

Hi Pixel_press,

I want the home page to redirect to a custom page instead of the “all jobs page” Instructions please.


Second question: I couldn’t find the css code for the transparency of the sidebar. I want the background of my sidebar to be white or some other color. please advise

Sorry for the confusion.

1. Actually…there is the “All Jobs” link on the header. It’s hardcorded into the template itself. If you want to remove it, you can go to the theme editor in wordpress, find the header.php file and remove line 406. That’s the code containing “cat-item-all” http://d.pr/i/HEE2/5KgwMR4x

You’ll want to be careful here or get the help of a Wordpress developer if you not comfortable making edits in template files.

2. You shouldn’t set “Blog” as the posts page. Use this default: http://d.pr/i/tdir.

3. This is also a customization. I can direct you. The sidebar style is on style.css on line 332. Please note however that any changes you make will be overwritten on theme updates unless you use the custom.css file which is for your own style modifications to avoid styles being overwritten.

Hope that helps you out.

thanks. Point # 1 didn’t work. If I remove the line 406 the whole “all jobs page disappeared. I think I will leave it as it is.

I cant see Sidebar setting in theme settings

Sidebar elements can be found in Appearance > Widgets. By default…all widgets are applied. However, if you’ll drag a widget into the sidebar it will revert to custom sidebar and you’ll have full control over what widgets to use and in which order to display them.

on widgets there is only main sidebar which is empty but on my homepage the sidebar has things i want to edit. jobs.bizpromo.co.za

Hi Sinyage. We addressed your question on the support ticket you opened. There are the default set of widgets that all load. If you want to customize them, simply drag one or more widgets to the sidebar and it will override all of the defaults. Removing all widgets will trigger the default set again.

Hello, supports wordpress plugin http://www.indeed.com/ in nine to five, thanks

Hi Tiser. Thanks for trying out 9to5. No, sorry, we don’t offer native support for the service you mentioned but you could customize things to your needs.

Just purchased this theme. I added Jobs posts, but on publishing it goes automatically to TRASH. Only the first job post stays, all the other are going to trash.. even though i restore it back. Any problem with your code?

Hi There. Strange. That used to be a bug but it was fixed a couple releases ago. Could you submit a ticket to http://help.pixelpress.co along with your login credentials and we’ll take a look for you?

i haven’t got any reply yet. Please reply soon.


Pre sale Question. If someone(employer) post a job in our site and a Job seeker sends an application, how will the employer get notified and how we will get notified?

Is that via emails? or from the admin panel itself?

Did that answer your question DeveloperBee?

Yes, Many thanks for your answers and i have few more questions.

01. Can we add custom pages to the main menu?

02. Can we add additional custom fields on the “How to Apply” Application menu (This comes when we click on a Job posting?

03. It’s really great that if your could have a demo admin login

Sorry I didn’t see your question earlier.

1. Yes. You need to create a new menu in Appearance > Menus and then in the menu settings, select “Job Categories” http://d.pr/i/yxio/5x1hOsFo.

2. You could add them yes. You should get some help from a Wordpress developer to make that customization for you.

3. We’ll consider that for future. Yes. Thanks. Good idea.

Hi, I would like to build a multilingual job posting website where the applications for each job for each language go to different contacts. i.e. if you apply on the spanish version it goes to our Spanish rep, if you apply to the French version it goes to our French rep.

Is this possible using this theme? either out of the box or with modifications?


Hi There. Thanks for your question. That’s not a default feature. If you install multiple versions of 9to5, one for each language, there would be no need to customize anything. But…if you going to keep one install and use WPML to translate, you’d need to work with a WP developer to customize. First…add support first for multiple company contacts and then build the function to appropriately route the contact based on the users language.

Hope that helps and you’ll give 9to5 a try. Thanks.

Did that answer your question sinergia?

That’s great, thank you

hi there, could you share your road map for this theme? will you release new versions with profile pages, “kw+location” search etc..?

hi. thanks for your question. We’re planning to improve the employer profile pages but no immediate plans for job seeker profiles. Also, you can expect some updated user interface options and search by location enhancements.

Which plugins a required to make this theme run? Do I need to buy extra plugins to make it work like your demo?

No plugins required bigbankclub. You can optionally install and activate Contact Form 7 if you want a contact form but the job board itself requires no plugins to work as you see it in the demo. Hope that helps and thanks for your interest.

Did that answer your question bigbankclub?

Hello I am interested in your theme, but first I would like to ask some questions, the central part, where are the results for the various posts that are published, you can insert the code of adsense?

I hope your answer

Hi there. Thanks for your question and interest. So…if I understand your question correctly..you are wondering where the individual job posts get displayed? If you check out the demo..you can see that each job posting gets its own page. ie. http://dev.pixelpress.co/themes/ninetofive/demo/application-interface-designer/.

To your second question…we have seen many examples of 9to5 owners inserting adsense into the theme templates. You can use a text widget to quickly put adsense in the sidebar or you could also easily add modify the template slightly to include your adsense code in the footer or below the top header for example. There is no specific “ad delivery” feature set but embedding code from another ad partner is certainly possible.

Hope that helps. Hope you’ll give the theme a try. Best of luck with your site.

I’m interested in this functionality too. What’s the latest?

Hi Bluesix. You were interested in the ad functionality? Please see our answer to Alcon2 above. Thanks. Let us know if there is anything else we can assist with.

Hi – sorry, my comment was for a different post, didn’t realise it would start a new thread. I think it was related to having jobs posted automatically to other sites – namely LinkedIn Jobs & Twitter?

Hi again. Posting jobs automatically to LinkedIn and Twitter that are posted to 9to5 is not an option but you could likely accomplish this with some customization. Posting to twitter might be easier…there are many plugins to automatically tweet your posts. New jobs are “posts” so those could be automatically updated on your Twitter with no problem. As for linkedin…i’m not sure. There might be similar plugins already.

Hello, I would like to know if is it possible to avoid the “post a job” and “companies” sections. We are a recruitment agency and we publish joboffers of our clients directly, we don´t want others publishing joboffers in our board, just publish ours. Thanks

Hi there. It’s certainly possible to hide the post job button and just manage all manually from the admin area. You have full control over the menus and the sidebar items that appear.

Purchasing this theme was a little like paying the bill after a very disappointing blind date. On the other hand, maybe my expectations were too high. Either way, I will have to buy another theme.for my website…

Sorry to hear that. Can you offer some information as to why specifically you were disappointed? The theme works exactly as the demo and features we describe in the sales description? Perhaps you just need some help getting setup? Please note we also bundle the theme with all the demo content. If you import that as per the instructions you’ll be off to a quick head-start. Let us know if we can help. You can open a support ticket here: http://help.pixelpress.co. We would also value any feedback you have. Drop us a note via the above link.

Did your theme compatible with WP 3.8 ? Any updates coming up?

Hi. Thanks for your question. We have tested with 3.8 and not seen any issues. So…we fully support 3.8. Yes. As for updates…we have some visual updates coming soon. As well as some further code cleanup. Hope you’ll give the theme a try. Good luck with your job site.

I bought the theme 9 to 5 and do not know how to proceed. I need to change the currency and the symbol for BRL and R$ (because I live in Brazil). How to proceed?

Hi There. We don’t support the R$ by default but you can easily modify the theme to add it to the list of currencies. You’ll want to edit themeoptions.php on line 392. Change this:

“options” => array(“USD”, “EUR”, “AUD”, “GBP”, “HUF”, “DKK”, “ILS”, “CAD”, “MXN”, “NZD”, “NOK”, “PLN”, “SGD”, “CZK”, “SEK”, “CHF”, “JPY”, “RUB”),


“options” => array(“USD”, “EUR”, “AUD”, “GBP”, “HUF”, “DKK”, “ILS”, “CAD”, “MXN”, “NZD”, “NOK”, “PLN”, “SGD”, “CZK”, “SEK”, “CHF”, “JPY”, “RUB”, “BRL”),

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the help! Solved!

I’m really enjoying the theme 9 to 5. Congratulations! Now I’m working on its content. But I seen that will need obligatorily a professionals registration form, who need to work as a freelancer. (It would be much like Freelancer.com, Guru.com, etc.. Course simpler) It is possible to register a page with names and data as abilities, etc. that want to find work?

Hi there. I’m not sure I fully understand your request I’m afraid. What you ask for is probably available with customization. A Wordpress developer could help you to customize.

Thanks! Pixel_Press

Dear Pixelpress,

Yesterday I have purchased 9 to 5 script. Thank you for such a great theme. I have one small problem. When we try to post a job, after submiting it doesn’t redirect to thank you page. I have set thank you page in theme options. But it does’t work.

Thank you

Kind regards, Tamerlan

Hi Tamerlan. We answered your question for you on your thread in our support forum. Thanks. Good luck with your site.

Hi Yesterday I have purchased 9 to 5 script. Thank you for such a great theme. I have some small problem. 1 I cannot find Sidebar in Theme Settings 2 I cannot find login.php template ,forgotten.php template,blog.php template in Page Attributes dropdown.

anyboby here?

Hi Leon. Thanks for trying out 9to5.

Please note for future that our support forum is at: http://help.pixelpress.co. You can search for answers to others questions there or ask your own. As for your immediate questions:

1. The sidebar is not in the Theme Settings. It’s in the widgets area. Appearance > Widgets. You can use the default set, or if you remove a widget, it will reset to empty slate for you and you have custom control over the widgets.

2. The pages you mentioned are not available there. Here are the options available to you: http://d.pr/i/wyw3/4q54xqeb

Hope that helps.

anyboby here?

Hi Leon. Please see my comment above.

Thank you for help,but I still can not use the Email ?the poster cannot receive Job Application Email,and confirmation Email

Hard to identify the problem you are having Leon. I’d ask you to please open a support ticket at http://help.pixelpress.co and we’ll see what we can do to help.

How can i replace/remove this line “To post a job, login or create an account | Post a Job” ?

Hi there. I’m not sure if you asked a similar question on our help site. If not, here is a link to the response: http://help.pixelpress.co/help/discussions/questions/350-removing-logged-in-as-xxyz-edit-listings-logout