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I put in a ticket for my question.

I am having trouble getting my background image to work.

Also when I hit the insert to post button when adding a gallery image or media image the window that is open goes blank.

Please help. Also please point me in the direction of where I can get the documentation for this template so i can work easier.

Hi @soflaimagery,

If you are using background image then you should not use background color so make sure that you are using only background image and not background color.

To insert media image in gallery first go to your “Media > Add Media” section and upload a media image by clicking on browse button. After that Edit this Uploaded media and you can see its complete URL path at the right side of page. Copy this URL path and paste it in your gallery image image browse field. After that save the Gallery it will work for you.


the slider is not working well on responsive

Hi Alexixsd2,

Thank you for getting in contact with us on themeforest. The Nitepop responsive version is properly functional. I have checked the slider is properly working in responsive version.

Best Regards,


Nice Theme, but I am unable to add widgets to any of the sidebars that I have created. Can you please tell me how to do this?

I am having trouble with the facebook and twitter widget. For the twitter widget I have it placed in the footer, it’s not showing the tweets exactly how it’s shown in the demo.

My facebook widget being stretched. How do I get the “Latest Announcements” blog feed to show to the left of the middle widgets?

I love this theme!

Pre-purchase question: Can I use the events page as my home/index page? Thanks! Nice theme!

Hi @wgramsey,

Yes, we can use any page as a home page by setting it as index page.


Hi youre ticket system isnt working, i didnt got a ticket id and i cant open a new ticket.

Can you fix this pls.


Hi @buzz89,

You need to put in right information and exact purchase code. If you will skip or miss any information then you will not be able to make a login.


This template is great thanks. I have a question regarding this template about the gallery I would like to be able to have albums in one page and click on them to see each event party how can I do that?

On the home you are able to have photo albums why on a page is not working that option?

Hi @alexixsd2,

You can add all albums in a single page by creating a single category of the albums but on click on of this album you will redirect to album detail page and not on event parties page , this is fully customized functionality about which you are asking.


I need any support.. How can we make the album-section (what I can see under ALBUM menu, in live preview, the bakelit-style grid view)? I can’t find any details in help. Is it available in a regular license? Thanks!

Hi @Regionart,

Please post your question through your purchaser id so that we can help you in it. We have a separate customer support ticket system which you can use to get facilitated.


The Twitter widget looks like it stopped working today for me. I am assuming it has to do with Twitter retiring API v1. Is there an update to the newer Twitter API to bring it back.

Hi @craighengel,

The twitter widget is not working as that’s an issue from the twitter website itself.


Hi, nice template thanks, I have some questions regarding this template I havent really understand the documentation 100% I would like to have multiple galleries how do I do that, and google maps I copy the <iframe></iframe> code but when you click on the page it doesnt come out I have to refresh one more time to be able to see it.

Hi @alexixsd2,

We provide support through our support system. Please get in contact with our customer support ticket system and mention your query. Our customer support representative will help you out in resolving it.


Another question I have is when I check the slider in my mobile the picture doesnt become responsive any answers for that?


We provide support through our support system. Please get in contact with our customer support ticket system and mention your query. Our customer support representative will help you out in resolving it.


Has anyone had the error where when you add the My Teams sections to a Page it pulls text from the body of the page and duplicates the first line of the text below the My Teams Heading. IT shows this in the Demo but you cant tell it is a bug because it is dummy text but it is really annoying and cant find a way to fix it. I have already put in a ticket!!

Hi @cja252679,

There is not a bug in our theme actually there are two content areas which are displaying on pages. One for page module and other for rich content area . You need to off the rich content area description from page rich content area options (if you don’t want to show it)


Per-Purchase Question:

Twitter feed…

Does the feed work with this theme OR… Is there a work-around to get json twitter call working?

Hello, I sent in support ticket. I really need help. The default page seems to be doubling sentences. Please advise.

Hello, I sent in support ticket. Hello, I sent in support ticket.

Thank you!

Hi @araspberry1979,

We are using excerpt in our page and then the whole description of the page . If you want to remove this repeating line then go to theme file single.php. You can find this extra excerpt code before the description. Remove it.


Hello, I added content to the tabs shortcode. However, in the theme they do not seem to be active. I see them, but they are not “clickable”

Please advise.


Please open a ticket at and our customer support representative will help you out in resolving your issue. We need to have a look at the back end and we will require details which we will not like you to share in an open forum due to your privacy concerns.


How can I send several tickets? I wrote the first one, but when I try to create another one I get this message:

Ticket Already Created Against This Purchase Code, Please Login To View/Re-Open The Ticket.

(and of course I’m already logged…).

By the way, how can we close tickets by ourselves? I didn’t see that option.

Best regards, Angel.

Hi @Mittelbrand,

For one theme purchase code you can only open one ticket. Please continue the same ticket for communicating further with our customer support.

In order to close ticket, you have the option in scroll down menu of answer section.


Ahhh. Ok! It’s a quite strange, but equally valid.

Thank you :)

Dear Buyers,

We are providing customer support through our ticket system . Please use it in order to get in contact with our customer support representatives. They will help you out in resolving your issues.


Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to make the Artist Name be click-able to their actual Artist page. Lets say when you have the artist page up in the list view and it has a brief description and list of albums, I would like their picture or name to be linked to their page that is created so they can have their own page as a bio.

Hi @thehatedtox,

No this option is not available. If you want to add it you have to do this custom work by yourself.


hi, i bought your template and using it now for a couple of days the problem which i have is regarding to the album pictures, how should i upoad the pictures in order to have the correct size as shown in the demo. should i upload 2 diff. size pictures or its just one picture?

best regards

Hi @puria98,

You just need to upload one size image for your albums. Upload high resolution images which can properly crop after uploading and can adjust for each size of album view.

If you need any further help please get in contact with our customer support on


thank u , i would like to be in contact with your company unfortunately i can not find my purchase code.

Hi @puria98,

Please go in your download section. In front of your purchased file you will find a ‘download’ button. Click on it. A drop down menu will be shown. Click on license certificate and purchase code. Here you go, now use it.


pre purchase question… Is it possible to have a video page for the home page? I’m looking for an intro video to play (HD 1080p). Please advise.


Hi @ctolomeo,

You can have the video page for home page either through any plugin or through customization. Currently there is none kind of option like this available.