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Event Slider

When generating an event page using the event pag eoption, also a slider comes up. Fine. I restricted the display to upcoming events, which works out fine. However, this slider also includes finished events too. Is there a way to restrict it to upcoming events without having to delete past events?



In order to look into your issue we have to take a look at the backend. Please create a ticket at and mention your query. Our customer support representative will help you out with it.


Size of title boxes

I realized in 2 incidents, that the size (character number) for titles seems to be restricted (e.g. event title in slider or name in team). Where could I increase the character count?



In order to look into your issue we have to take a look at the backend. Please create a ticket at and mention your query. Our customer support representative will help you out with it.


Dear all/creator of the theme,

I have just installed this theme:

The only problem is: - I cannot change the width of the post displaying on the homepage? - How can I choose what to show on the right side of the post section on the homepage?

I probably sound like a noob, but with the settings after the installation there is really no possibility to even make something close to the example which made me purchase this theme. Please help, I cannot edit anything of the content showing on the homepage?

Thanks in advance!! Luuk

Hello Theme Creator,

Firstly, love Nite Pop – thankyou. It works great in Safari but in Chrome and Firefox the header seems to push the content lower down the page. Please see: I’m hoping to get it working the same across all browsers. Thanks for your help.

Hello, I just test demo site seems work ok, Can you please submit a ticket with screenshots where you face issues, Please open a ticket at

Thanks I will open the support ticket now.

I was not provided a licence certificate with my purchase. But i am also having an issue. I haven’t been able to get the blog to display in this theme at all. Any thoughts?

Has instagram been add to social suite supported? It’s one I’d like use.

I’ve reached out to you or your team several times now, i have yet to reveive a single response. It’s been over a week. Still waiting.


My site is the recent event widget is not displaying the correct dates of the evens on the homepage bottom left. please advise

Hello, good afternoon.

I wonder if there is an option to test the functionality of the template as a template bought antiriormente and after installation it did not work the slide and the option of loading the images. Or if there is a possibility to make payment after these tests.

Thank you.

Hi @Antoniolacerda,

Unfortunately you cannot check theme functionality without buying theme. We can assure you that all the functionalities you can see on our demo site are properly working in our theme.


Hello this way is unfeasible.

Do you make custom template? If so what value.

I have the exact same problem as faulknerbrand, as well as my blog post don’t show up. i’ve posted here many times and never received any type of response. i’ve tried to log into your support forum, but with no luck or response there either. Very disappointed in this products level of support at this point.

I was not provided a Purchase Code. I have mentioned this in past post. PLEASE ADVISE. I need these issues addreSsed ASAP.

Hi there, is there any tutorials/video tutorials to set up the whole web? By importing all the dummy data there are things that I can’t remove. Would like to start from zero.

Is this theme responsive?

Hi @Heybill,

Yes this theme is fully responsive.You can check this theme demo site with different devices in different resolutions.


Great theme¡¡

To all guys that are planning to buy this theme:

This theme does NOT work as seen on the demo. The pictures and sliders are not working, player doesn’t work, so really the main things that you need in the theme are unable for easy customization.

Author said that fixes will be solved in the next update 1.5 month ago, but still no update. It’s weird to read posts above from author that theme is working as it should, because that’s a lie.

Waiting for fully working update as promised or for moneyback.


Support please… 4 items

1. how do I get rid of the “search field” on the homepage 2. I have deleted ALL menus except the one I use, but the demo menu still shows on the footer, even though I turned it off under Appearance>Menus At the top left it asks you to choose what menu and where you want it. I choose no (blank) menu for the footer but a menu I do not even have displays. 3. How do I add simple text to my home page? I added text in the standard area, but nothing shows on the page. 4. Can you make a slider image a link?

Hello all, I have a couple of questions regarding the Nite Pop Theme.

1- Do I get to keep the included pictures if I wish to? I have decided to buy this template because I really liked the background picture on the homepage.

2- I have an iRadeo streaming service that I wish to include in this template. (It’s an HTML code) will I be able to include in the homepage upon copying and pasting the HTML code there?

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


How I can get the .mo file to traslate the theme to spanish?

When i create mulltiple gallery’s and display them with the “party” block on my page, the right gallery (picture folder) doesn’t open?

What’s the problem here?

The site displays the error “This is not actual view of your Gallery, use Page Builder to view its actual. “

The event widget displays incorrect dates. It is showing the date the event was created rather than the date on which the event is taking place.