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Hi, I want to know if we can add an album cover in the music player in widgets? can you get me a line of code that I can add in the file cs_music_playlist_widget, it will be really appreciated. Thanks


1) Can I use PayPal to sell CD’s & DVD’s with this template? 2) Can I upload a mp3 file to auto play when an artist cd is picked? 3) What ecommerce plugin is available with this template? 4) Can I remove the iTune Store and Amazon and Sundgrove logos from below the track listing for an album? 5) Is there a Facebook Like and Share option to use for items in the store liek the cd’s and dvd’s?

6) Can I turn off the wordpress comments and have a facebook comment block there instead?

VERY disappointing theme. Extremely unhappy. Many pieces are not working. Support is the worst I’ve encountered in years. Still waiting on an update to the theme in order to get features working that are listed as the themes primary features, but simply do not work at all. A complete waste of my money. These poor theme has caused me to lose a client based on it’s unacceptable performance.

Front page slider is not working in responsive mode, and there is a glitch with the “now playing” music player on the front page. You can not turn it off and make it go away.

I have been waiting for months for the update to be released and I am really hoping that it will fix those issues.

Other than that this is a pretty good theme, but I am delaying the launch of my website due to these glitches!!

Is this SEO optimized, Seo friendly?

It’s NOT possible to set up your front page like the demo page and when the author “helps” you, the site is crashed and he doesn’t know how to fix it! SUPER DISAPPOINTED!!! And by far the worst support I’ve ever seen. Now I have have to buy an other theme and just want my money back!

We value your opinion, but its not what that defines us. It happens only where there is lack of proper communication, otherwise the one who can create such a portfolio and products, is there any way he cannot provide proper support to his valued clients. If you allow us, we can look into the matter and sort things out for you, whatever the issue is.

It took 7 days(!!!) to get a response from you. Like you said “lack of proper communication”. I made the project with a complete new template from some other author, so I’m done with it.

how to change the color from black to white on the body where is the content?

so thi theme has no PSD on the rar where are those psd i need them..

no PSD files ar in the rar file pls look at the rar again i downloade the files 3 times no PSD are included in the rar so what to do now?i need the PSD files.

Please Open a ticket, and mention that you need Complete Set of PSD’s, i am sure we can help you with this matter,

thx for the PSD files.why do you not includethe PSD files on the theme rar from site?

How to remove the “NOW PLAYING” media player from the home page? i dont want it, and it’s really annoying that the “off” bottom does not work :(

Hai! Our support team for sure can solve this issue for you, but for that you need to open a ticket and provide your backend details. I hope we will not let you be annoyed next time and will make you cheer up as soon as you fetch your details.

To open a ticket, use this link .

Background images and logos cannot be uploaded via the theme options panel. What’s up? How do I fix this?

Hai @ gbouch. This problem requires to look into your backend. Please open a ticket at and provide your login details to our support team. They will provide you solution for this problem.

Is this theme responsive? Is it compatible with iphone & ipad without any modifications?

Hai @ indeedabeatdj. Yes, it is responsive for all devices.

I would like to ask is it possible to make the Music autoplay ? the moment they get into the site music starts?

No, it is not possible in this theme.

Whenever i try and add a Backgroung image, I pick the picture and ht insert into post and it just freezes on me

Hai @ shweiki7492. Please create a ticket at and provide your login details. We will look into the issue and solve it for you.

Hi there – The download function doesn’t seem to work for me. Would it be possible to have a a request for an email address before download happens? Thanks.

Hai @ steviecripps. Download buton is simply functioning as if someone clicks on this, it plays the song and anyone can download it from here. Email functionality is not included in our theme. And, we do not offer customizations.

how do i update the theme. i just downloaded it here but it is the same version 1.0

You have been replied via support system. Please keep in touch with support team to get your settings done.

Hi first i want to say that its a beautifull theme,

i have a little question. How can i remove the upper bar where you see the menu for the second time and where you can log in.

I dont need a log in for the site, i want just to remove that bar. Thanks

Hai @ yilmazzm. Thank you for nice words. You can remove code in the header file to disable login area. You can find header file in root folder.

I need support in setting up the home page exactly like the demo. Please help me out. I dont see the sidebars at all.

Did you import dummy data? If not, do it then, Importing dummy data will make it look like demo If yes, then please create a ticket at Support tem will make it for you.

Can you guys just post how to change the background image instead of racking up hits on your stupid help ticket page?

Cold hard cash over here c’mon!

Go into the Appearance >Theme Options > General Settings, there you will see the option to change back ground.

According to our hosting provider, the music player is creating a slow response to the theme. Our website is deathly slow.

is there a new”.js”

this theme is awesome, but when it take 2 mins to load, we are losing our audience

I have checked it at my end with two different hosting and found no issue like this. You are being misinformed.

How do you make the homepage look like the homepage in the live preview? Why doesn’t it just come like that?

You need to import dummy data for that reason. Please import .xml file and it will look like demo.

How do you put the posts on the homepage like a normal wordpress blog?

Do not set that page as home, and they will show up like the normal word press blog. OR you can drag blog elements from page builder.