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I’m having trouble embedding things like YouTube/Vimeo/Spotify/etc. elements in both posts and pages. It seems to not want to show things that are in iframes. Am I doing something wrong or does this simply not work with the Nitro theme?

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/Bard Hole Standal

Another issue: the Portfolio shows the featured images of posts, but if I click them, they only open the image and not the post! Is there a way to change this?

Hi I hope your babies are doing well! I just updated the Option Tree Plugin and there were a series of errors that caused the site not to load. Should I reach out to Option Tree or you? Bluehost said to see if the theme and the option tree plugin is php 5.4 compatible. THanks!

Vimeo embed is not working i suspect it has to do with iframes I also tried using short code and simply inserting teh URL no success

any insight you have here would be appreciated

Hi there!

I have an older site running your theme which I now was about to update. I’ve installed all needed plugins including (Wordpress 3.8.2) but fails when installing the latest version of optionTree, this breaks the site completely.

In the “Appearance > Theme options following version are displayed: Version 2.0.16. If I ignore to install the optiontree plugin everything is working… or at least seem to working just fine. I want to avoid updating the theme if it’s possible since I’ve done some minor customization in template files like moving elements to fit my needings better.

Will I encouter any future problem if I ignore updating the optiontree and the latest version of the theme?


The required plugin “Styles with shortcodes” doesn’t seem to be compatible with Wordpress 3.9. Having it activated makes my texteditor disappear. Nor can I deactivate the plugin by some reason, it stays activated which forces me to remove the directory of the plugin instead. Doing so makes the texteditor display again.

Here’s what I got in the console:

Deprecated TinyMCE API call: <target>.onClick.add(..) wp-tin…0140412 (line 17) TypeError: tinymce.dom.Event.add is not a function

tinymce.dom.Event.add(addButton, ‘mousedown’, function(e) {

rh_columns.js (line 123) TypeError: this.getDoc(...) is undefined


wp-tin…0140412 (line 10)

Any solution to this?

Hello there,

Would it be possible to update the theme to the last version of Wordpress? Looks like there are some incompatibilities with the Theme Options (like it’s impossible to use most of the options for the frontpage). Which makes the frontpage harder to use for roockies like me! But since you got your babies, I guess I’m kind of screwed!

Wish you the best for the babies anyway!

We can’t update WordPress to 3.9. Text editor on WP Admin does not work using Nitro. How can we fix this?

Thanks in advance.


the portfolio filtering by categories on the gallery is working, but when I click on an image and open the lightbox, the images are no more filtered: categories are mixed together. And the lightbox displays not only the filtered category.

Recently the responsive menu links stopped working on the site I created using the Nitro Theme. It seems to do everything right other than that. Great theme by the way. Here is the url http://vestaron.com any suggestions are much appreciated.