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Hi, I am getting this error:

Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘theme_footerjs’ was given in /homepages/29/d405828532/htdocs/slappsticker/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 406

What does that mean?

Thank you

Thank you so much, for the quick response. I created an account and submitted a ticket (#40910).

Thanks again!

The update is officially up as of this morning btw – go ahead and grab it :)

Cheers! B

I also just pinged ya on your ticket just in case – Holler over at Ticksy if ya have any other questions! B

Great theme! I´m trying to get the same fonts of your demo. Please, tell me what´s your menu font :-)

Have I to upgrade in Typekitand pay for this fonts?

Thank´s a lot

Heya Juan!

We’re using Sommet Rounded for titles and Proxima Nova for the rest of the text. Typekit is free for single site usage – you just have to pay if you want to use it on more than one site :) There’s details in the documentation for how to set it up.

Cheers! B

Very quickly, Thank´s a lot

The site is displaying the error message:Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘theme_footerjs’ was given in /home/stonemas/public_html/wp/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 406

Heya Ion!

Grab the latest theme update that went up this morning and it removes this error :)


I was fooled by you. The theme is very confusing. PSD files are missing. There are textures that are in the background example. Files initially with problems. I want my money back as I do?? Honestly the worst theme that I’ve acquired in ThemeForest.

Heya Ion!

Grab the latest theme update that went up this morning and it removes the error that you saw :) The PSD files are all located in the Resources folder… I just double checked the file right now and they all seem to be there.

Cheers! Brandon

New theme looks great! In the portfolio layout under videos, there are no video examples… Do videos open in a lightbox or will everything click through to individual pages?

Videos would open in a lightbox as well – I’ll see if I can get ya an example setup today, but YouTube, Vimeo, and .MOV movies all open up in lightboxes when you want them to :)


Might be a stupid question, but I’m not so technically minded. Is it possible to use google fonts instead of typekit on this theme?



Yep – absolutely – we even have a walkthrough video on using the WP Google Fonts plugin, which makes it a lot easier than using their standard integration method :)


Awesome – gonna buy it in the next couple of days. Keep up the good work mate.

A couple of hating comments about this theme. I found it amazing. Really easy to implment if you read through the documentation, which has been done really well.

I could not be happier with this theme so far, thanks a lot Brandon!

I usually expect a couple comments like that at the start of any theme release – that just tells me that it’s worth it to take some time to write out a new intro documentation worksheet for beginners that’ll help streamline the initial setup process. We have the big PDF doc right now that goes through all of it, but I might include an embedded theme-helper inside the actual WP dashboard next. While I think it’s as simple as any theme (install the theme, add your content, done), I’m always game to help folks out and it usually means a better experience for everyone when I make these sorts of improvements.

Thanks for the comments Chris! B

How do I contact someone for customization assistance?

You can also hit up the guys at http://freelancers.mdnw.net for bigger customizations :)


Thank you!

Hey there,

i bought your theme, i am very excited to see the result when i have imported the demo content. But this is taking very long … I am waiting for 10 minutes now in the second step . I used the admin account for assigning the posts

Is it normal that it takes that long? is here another way?

gr erik

Hi Erik!

Depending on your connection speed and webhost, it can take a while to transfer the images. We’re releasing a “demo content light” version next week that will include fewer images, pages, etc. for users like yourself that just want a quick sampling of the demo, not the entire set of assets page for page :)

Cheers! B

Can anybody tell me how to create a slider on the homepage like in the demo?

Gr Erik

Hi Erik!

You’ll want to create a new slider – then add your first slide using an image (we recommend you use the dimensions of 1920×650). From there you can use the “edit slide” button to add text layers, image layers, etc. :)

Last – add the slider shortcode to the Theme Options panel in the Frontpage section.

This video might help too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCgspm_GaP8

Hope that helps! B

thanks, figured it all out! :) Nice theme! one question though the span under the main menu, how can i do that ?


I’m Brazil, buy theme wordpress Nitro.

Related URL: http://www.grupotmt.com.br/wordpress_new/1/


“Hi there, Site test: http://www.grupotmt.com.br/wordpress_new/1/ 1.0 ) – How to remove the “Font from” out of the inferior right corner of every single page of my site? 2.0 ) – How to enable the UP button, that scrolls up the entire page to the top again, just like on the demo site? 3.0 ) – The default font sometimes does not show up accordingly… How can I solve that? Error that appears: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) http://use.typekit.net/c/400056/proxima-nova:n3:n4:n7,sommet-rounded:i7:n3:…f835b39fe267eb3c9d311009fec4625d37da4bb232bea1adcf1c26b4c029c8ac8deb5c3a8d Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < footer3.js:1 4.0 ) – Error – FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init(). all.js:52 5.0 ) – How to remove the white area on the footer area? 6.0 ) – The gray footer (with the social networking icons) is appearing in the middle of the pages, take a look: http://www.grupotmt.com.br/wordpress_new/1/?cat=100 Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you…

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system (http://makedesign.ticksy.com) along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)


This is a great theme, love the levels of customization you can do. But however, I can’t seem to get the demo content to load and look exactly like the demo on the site. Please advise how we can get it to look exactly the same. We followed all the instructions—was there a step by step that we needed to do in a certain order to get it to look right?

I might add that after we imported XML and selected “import attached files” the loader ended up leading us to a page that was a 404.

Hi Cleared!

We’re coming out with a reduced size Demo Content XML file this week as you’re the second person to report that it’s too big – I’ll get it up ASAP for ya :) Keep in mind this isn’t required for the theme usage and that you can usually increase the max allowable upload size from your network admin panel.

Cheers! B

Another note: if we are NOT using Typekit fonts, how do we get rid of that Typekit badge? Tried doing a search through Notepad++ to find the img.typekit code, but can’t seem to find it anywhere to remove. Please advise.

Hi there!

You just remove the embed code from the font replacement field ;)


Heyy, Quick question im hoping.. How do I get the little info under the Menu top navbar for each page?

Hi there! In the Appearance > Menus panel, open the “Screen Options” tab at the top right of the screen – then select the “Description” checkbox to add a new text field to each menu item in the list :)

Cheers! B

Awesome! got this working! Thanks!

Is it possible to change the top banner with the logo and the navigation menu so that it’s black? Like in your new theme Swift. What are the main differences between Nitro and Swift? They look somewhat similar.

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system (http://makedesign.ticksy.com) along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

Also, I cant figure out how to make a different galleries for each post? :|

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system (http://makedesign.ticksy.com) along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

Awesome! just submitted a ticket :)

Hi good people, With a brand new Nitro design theme for WordPress installed, currently being tweaked, I’m a little puzzled with regards to its localization. Said to offer 30 languages (of which Norwegian surely must be one?), the Nitro theme was a no-brainer for us.

However, I cannot seem to find any documentation on procedure. Neither does the theme’s language directory seem to contain any files.

Does anybody know of a page somewhere, containing all necessary links (to .po/.mo files, installation instructions and so forth)? Would be greatly appreciated!

Great! Thanks a million, MDNW.

Admittedly, I was under the impression that 30 localizations were already in existence, but this will do (which of course remains to be seen, but I definitely think it will).

Thanks aplenty once more!

Hi again.

I tried that, resulting in the following error messages:

Error: The actual loaded translation content does not match the textdomain: skeleton Expect, that any text you translate will not occure as long as the textdomain is mismatching! This is a coding issue at the source files you try to translate, please contact the original Author and explain this mismatch.


Warning: The actual loaded translation content contains mixed textdomains and is not pure translateable within one textdomain. It seems, that there is code contained extracted out of other plugins, themes or widgets and used by copy & paste inside some source files. The affected unknown textdomains are: [default]

I did however click on help button, for an explanation, which revealed as follows:

If you get warnings either at the overview page or at the editor page, somethings is wrong within the analysed component. The overview page will show warnings, if the textdomain can not be found clearly. In this case the author has written the components code in a way make it hard to detect.

Warnings at the editors view will show up, if the component is using badly coded textdomains. This could be either by integration of other plugins code or accidentally by typing mistakes.

Reported issues are not a problem of Codestyling Localization, it’s caused by the author of the affected component within it’s code.

Leaving me none the wiser, I’m afraid. With 30 ready-to-use-translations as a sales pitch for the theme, one would expect a step-by-step guide to localization included in theme documentation. Does such a guide exist somewhere?


Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system (http://makedesign.ticksy.com) along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

Hi, this theme looks great, however before i decide to purchase and use it for my bussiness I need to clarify a few things.

1. is it possible to remove blocks from the front page, eg only displaying the slider and perhaps a text widget?

2. the wordpress native gallery do not work in the demo, I use this a lot and want to make sure that this theme do support it.

cheers, Mattias

1. Absolutely – it’s modular in design, so you can remove blocks as needed :) Anything you see there can be removed or edited altogether.

2. Yep – I’ll check out what I have wrong in the demo (I’m guessing it’s that we’ve opted to use the JetPack Carousel on the frontend and I didn’t connect it properly), but we work with all default WP functions like the gallery :)

Cheers! B

Also – I just double checked the demo and in fact the native WP gallery has the JetPack Carousel hooked up… so you can use it either way, with the JetPack Carousel or without it using the basic behavior that WP comes with :)


Hi, on easter i emailed you about 2 issues about this theme.

1. When you open the page it doesn’t load like in the demo. When it loads to open, it shows all the borders and lines. Far from smooth like the demo.

2. In the theme options you can choose how the home page will look like despite if you choose in the settings if you want a blog page or static page. Neither of the two options work properly. See my email please.

1. Got a link that I can check out?

2. Checking it out – did you email it or send it to http://makedesign.ticksy.com though?

I emailed it through the themforest website. At what email adres you want me to email you?

http://makedesign.ticksy.com is where we answer all support questions generally :)

Hey B,

Loving the template but i have 2 quick questions:

• Could you help me put the ‘subscribe to blog via email’ module into one of the footer widgets? Ive seen a site created by someone else who achieved this but i cant see how to do it in the cms.

• I can’t get the proxima nova font to display on the revolution slider.



Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system (http://makedesign.ticksy.com) along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)