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Another question: Is it the same revolution slider as in http://themeforest.net/item/coolblue-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/3552434?

If it’s the same, there shouldn’t be any problem to play videos in the slider?

Heya Bondra!

Yep it’s the same – and yes, you can play videos in the slider :)


I add some more questions:

- Is it possible to change the header to diffrent backgrounds for a specific page? (Header: The dark one underneith the logo)?

Sure – the easiest way to do this would be using the Revolution slider – you can actually slide in any graphic you want behind the logo using that feature :)

Thanks. What about my other questions in previous posts? :)

My apologies for missing that – I just answered it :) B

What template style are you using for the homepage? I’m having troubles trying to mimic your demo.

Hi there! It’s just a basic page that’s using a few blurbs, the From the Blog category row, and then has an added gallery :)

Thank you for your response. Still can’t find how you did it.

In your example on the homepage, you’ll see the bit “from the blog”. What was used to create that? I can’t find a shortcode for it.

I’m using the hybrid blog 4-col

In your example on the homepage, you’ll see the bit “from the blog”. What was used to create that? I can’t find a shortcode for it. Or what widet did you use for that. I need to replicate that.

I’m using the hybrid blog 4-col

Hi Santolla! That’s the Category Row that you’d set up from the Theme Options panel :)

How do I activate a search box?

Nevermind, but for those asking the same question…

It’s comment out in element-tophat.php

Just wanted to say thank you for making such a phenomenal theme. Great job guys. Keep up the great work and fantastic support!


Great Theme.

Is it possible to use on blog images with 900px widht, not 700px?

Is it possible:

1. Increase theme with for 900px widht images?

2. Set Homepage (Start Page): Hybrid 3 Column Blog?

Is it possible:

Increase theme with for 900px widht images?

Not right out of the box without a fair amount of customization :(

Hi – love the theme – using it on vroommedia.biz – but can you please tell me how to prevent images from posts from appearing on the blog index? (I have not flagged them as featured images but they still show up for some reason….) Thanks, Gareth

Hi Gareth! Sorry for the delayed response – it looks like you might have already solved this one in the meantime… can you confirm? Thanks! B

I’ve not really “solved” it, to be honest. I’ve just done an ugly frig in the way I add content, putting the images further down into the post so they fall after the end of the ‘excerpt’. I’d still really like to be able to put them wherever I want and to know that they won’t show up in the blog index excerpt unless I flag them as a ‘featured image’ – so if you can advise on that I’d be very grateful.

On the plus side I think the overall look of the theme is great – and the slider and type possibilities are excellent. I think it’s given me the best homepage I’ve ever had. Love the portfolio too. Nice look and mechanics.

Cheers Gareth

Hi MDNW ! Please ticket #122197 is wainting for an answer =)

Thank you!

Hello! wondering if there will be an update for the Revolution slider? http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380

And support stopped responding… :tired:

or just a theme updated in general..

hellllloooooooo :|

2 questions

1- My latest posts / blog page seems to cut off the the content from each post. Id like for the blog page’s list of posts to be full for each post, not cut off. Ive already selected “full” in the settings of the blog. What else can be done to remedy this problem?

2- Im having problems with iframe content not showing up.



I am having some trouble setting up the theme with the dummy data, it seems that I couldn’t get my site to display correctly and I also can’t seem to find the option to customize the color theme. Can you assist in providing some guidance?

you can see my test site here: http://kentchenseo.com

Thank you! Kent

Hi, I bought the theme but I have a problem:

When I try to set up in the home page the section ” From The Blog ” there is a section called READ MORE and two arrows to navigate among blog posts.

Arrows doesn’t work on my website. What can I do?

Thank you.

Are you guys going to bring back the SUPERSKELETONWP theme? I bought that and since moving to WP 3.8, having loads of memory issue. I’m having to pay for a upgraded version so my site is still functional and I was hoping you guys would have actually brought it back.


I hesitate to purchase this theme
I got several questions :

- is it possible to use the wordpress blog feature to create a news section AND an article section with 2 differents layout ?

- is your theme compatible with the mailchimp plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp/) ? will the form use the design from the theme ?

- is your theme compatible with the eventbrite widget integration (iframe) ?

- is your theme compatible with the event-organiser plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/event-organiser/) ? will the design from the theme be apply on this calendar ?

thanks in advance for your answers !

Simple Issue I think having some issue plugging in a twitter feed and a face book like box can you recommend a widget?

We bought the Nitro theme. The link from the theme to the pdf documentation no longer works. How can we get the documentation? What we want to know now is how/where to select the different layouts for the blog page (the summary page with multiple posts).


Just crashed my site. Awesome.