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Wanna be the first one who says congratulations for your awesome work!!! :D

Thank you so much, feels great :D

Good looking color one page theme, good addition in one page list. Well done.

Thank you so much:)

Wonderful design ;) good work done !

Thank a lot :)

Great designed theme! :)

Glad you liked it :)

Congratulation!Good one :)

Thanks a lot :)

Awesome work,theme price should be 45$+ ! GLWS :)

Thank you so much, I agree about the price too :) Thank you

Great work, wish you a lot of sales.
Kind Regards,

Thank you so much, glad you liked it :)

Nice work. Good luck :)

Thanks a lot :)

Hello, Nice jobs, looks very nice. I have a questions for you. The mosaic is working only with portfolio ? Or i could be composed with different elements (page, poste or image) ? Thank’s in advance. Martin

Thank you so much for your interest in Nivan, We really appreciate your compliments :)

Right now the Mosaic Gallery only works with Portfolio post type. which you can limit and filter it by category, But this feature may be a good candidate for future updates.

Let us know if you had any other questions.

Spnoy Studio

Metro style, looks great!

Great! Thank you :)

The theme is astonishingly beautiful! Just one doubt remains, does the theme enable deeplinking to each content page? Or in general browsing only the domain url is linkable?

Thank you so much for your interest in Nivan, We really appreciate your kind words :)

Currently there is no deeplinking available but it may be a good candidate for future updates.

Let us know if you had any other questions.

Spnoy Studio

Nice design, I like it too. :)

Glad you liked it :)

Awesome work. All best!

Howdy, Really appreciate it :)

Great work! Congrats! :)

Appreciate it :)

Just bought this outstanding theme. But, sorry for my being newbie, how do I implement the premade homepages?

Just answered your question back in the Support Forum :)

I’ve been a few hours, try the Slider behind the navigation passes. What should I do? it is always white above all. Please Help http://schildknecht-pascal.com/

Hi, Thank you so much for choosing Nivan as your theme. We really appreciate it :)

About the Slider, You can simply edit the Slider page at ” Dashboard > Pages ” and then set the “inner spaces” to 0, These options are located under the WP Editor.

Let us know if you had any other questions.

Spnoy Studio

i can not find this option? can i make this in the Design/Editor/Nivan…?

The related options are located under the Editor as meta boxes, Take a look here: http://www.webpagescreenshot.info/i3/532b316abc9848-34260461

Hello, we are thinking in buying the theme but we have some questions. Could we have more than one image at same time in one portfolio item? I mean, not as a gallery but as a addition of single images, one above the other. Could we change the typography? Could we avoid animations on portfolio gallery grid (on every thumbnail, I mean)? Could we change text sizes?

Thanks in advance! Borja

Oh, Yes, That is easily possible by just editing some codes. And a good point too, I will definitely consider adding it in the next versions.

And yes, You can edit the sizes by using Custom CSS or even editing the typography CSS.

Ok, and if we definitely buy the theme, shall you add this feature for us? Or detail us the code that we should change? It is very important. ; )

If it’s just Custom CSS we would give you the code to import, But if it’s a bit tricky we would need a FTP access so we would be able to login and change the files manually.

These are all lite changes and do not take much time, Just make sure that you send us an email from our profile page here.

Very nice! Portfolio like gallery from Blog Posts would be great!

Hi, Thank you so much for your kind words.

Yes, We are considering adding this feature in the next versions :)


The description mentions:

“6 Premade Homepages 16 Types of Blog Layouts 12 Types of Portfolio (Gallery) Layouts”

I am new to Wordpress and building websites. Does that mean I’ll be able to install something like the demo and work my way from there? Or I’ll have to start from scratch?

Thank you

Hi, Thank you so much for your interest in Nivan.

Yes, You can simply install WordPress and then select one of our demo content and Import it. Then you would have the exact site as our demo site.

I purchased the theme yesterday and it’s lovely. I have been working my way through it and it’s going good. Really like the theme! Thank you!

Hi, Thank you so much for purchasing Nivan, We really appreciate your choice :)

Let us know if you had any questions.

Cheers, Spnoy Studio

Hello, beautiful theme! before purchased, I have a few questions, 1. My client is in China, could video links to YOUKU.com instead of youtube/vimeo? 2. Could I have multi pages with full screened video background, and also can scroll down with contents layout ( text information, images..etc) which demoed in one page? 3. Could I change theme colors? thanks for answering!

thanks, is it possible to change template font by editing css?

I just find out that video background is within a dark filter, is it possible to take the filter off, to show original video? thanks for answering, too many questions for me as a newbie!

Changing the Font Family just requires editing one line of a PHP file. And yes you can change the Video overlay color or competently disable by using Custom CSS.

No problem, Let us know if you had any other questions :)