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Hello, I have a couple of issues. First I stripped away alot of sections, so currently i only have 3 sections and my site is taking long to load. What is the reason for this? Also, my contact background page shows in Safari but on Firefox and Chrome it does not. Do you know how to fix this?


Never mind.

hi, its very bad the lack of support, in Versión 7.1.4 of safari in osx, don´t show correctly

The preview-version of this theme ist quite hard flickering in Safari (OSX). Is this bug already fixed? Otherwise I got to look up for another theme for a web project.

I have some questions about this nice template:

1. Is possible to modify background colors?

2. Is possible to remove information blocks? I mean, to remove Timeline, Skills, etc. If so, does it affect in some way to scrolling effect?

how i can put one or two external link (pages) in this template?

Hi, the slopy Effect doesn’t Work with Safari and Chrome. How to fix this???

triangle version is not working it displays normal, i guess you have to actually upload the files to a server for it to work, is there a reason why?

Hi, the navigation menu stopped working on google chrome, any idea how to fix the issue? thanks.

I’m totally impressed how they jump right to answer the questions!!


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I noticed the navigation wasn’t working in Chrome. Only now realized this template hasn’t been updated in years. Updating the javascript libraries (and in this case “jquery.scrollTo.min.js” fixes the issue with navigation. If I encounter other issues I will try to post the fixes for them.