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Nice looking theme, good luck with sells.

Hi, thanks for your nice wish :)

I tried to upload the theme via the wordpress admin panel, but it said the file was too big. So I uploaded the folder “nobb” not the demo, the regular one via ftp

I get this message when I try to activate
Warning: It seems that you uploaded all folders in the theme package that downloaded by you from ThemeForest, to the themes folder of WordPress.

The theme folder (DIR/) in the theme package has to be in /home/dudewher/public_html/wp-content\themes\ folder, not in .\ folder.

Solution: You should move or copy the “DIR/” folder into /home/dudewher/public_html/wp-content\themes\ folder. Then delete .\ folder and re-activate the theme.

For the record, the theme is in the correct folder.

This issue will be fixed with the patch 1.0.2. I will release it in a few hours.

Thanks I appreciate it. I see 11 copies already sold in less than a day. Pretty good.

cool theme! Can I buy just a html template?

file called cloudfw.check.php echo basename(dirname(CLOUDFW_TMP_PATH)); outputs a period . Would the problem be related to that?


Please download the fixed files: http://support.cloudfw.net/entries/23249793-Version-1-0-1

And follow the instructions in the topic.

I look at new theme on here daily and this one is amazing! Great job! So many great features. Good luck!

Thank you so much! :)

Great and awesome work! :)

Thanks! :)

Beautiful work!!

Thanks! :)

I am having the exact same problem as zulubanshee. I tried your steps but no luck.

As you mentioned in zulubanshee ’s post, you would upload it yourself. Is it possible to do this in my case as well? Thanks!


Please download the fixed files: http://support.cloudfw.net/entries/23249793-Version-1-0-1

And follow the instructions in the topic.

I had to double check that I was in the Wordpress section! WOW!

I’m glad you liked it. Thanks :)

Hi, Great work, I want to purchase but have a few questions.

1. 3D slider does not seem to work well on mobile and screen jerks at every transition. How to overcome that?

2. Can I add sliders to cycle through other content such as client logos, portfolio elements, team, etc within pages/columns and sidebars

3. Is there a search option?

4. Are there widgets for the footer? Seems to be widgets for the blog

Regards, Seth

Hi, thank you.

1. What device you view the site? The slider was working properly on the mobile devices I used.

2. Yes, you can add almost every contents to the layered slider.

3. The theme uses classic WP search.

4. You can also use all widgets on the footer area. :)

Best regards, Orkun

Orkun, Thanks for the response. Regarding mobile, the phone is an iphone 5 and on mine I see no 3D, page does not scale and no mobile nav. IPad4 works correctly sometimes but there are times the slider does not do 3D and I just get a blip and transition.

Can a search window to add to pages, I did not see an example?

Regards, Seth

One other question, Is there a skills short code?

Looking forward to your response.

Regards, Seth

It hasn’t a skill shortcode or module for now. But I added my todo list it for next versions. :)

Bol satislar orkun, tema muhtesem! Best of luck! ;)

Begendiginize sevindim, tesekkurler. :)

Is it possible to have a video in the slider? (ie. youtube video that takes up the whole slider space)

Yes, it’s possible. :) You can slide everthing in the slider.

Was this theme tested with one or more an actual Android device(s) running 4.x or higher? Were they a Phone / Tablet?

Yes, it was tested on Android 4.x. It works properly.

Ok. Thanks for the reply! :-)

In my own testing, it does not appear to re-size to fit the Galaxy S II screen properly running Android v4.04 whether using the Stock browser, Chrome app or Firefox app.

I don’t see any reason why the behavior should be considered a device specific issue though as it likely performs similarly on other Android phones with the same OS version. Perhaps you only tested on a Android tablet?

Dera orqun,

I hav just installed the them with the patch (1.0.1) in a clean WordPress (3.5.1) runnig PHP 5.2.9

After the installation only a blank screen is shown :(

Any suggestion?

Are there any recommendations for use of native plugin, or added plugin for social sharing ability for blog posts / and pages? wanting to make use of this and just need a complimentary social sharing ability/ suggestion.

I’m using version PHP 5.2.17

First of all, big complements to your work! The theme looks fantastic.

There is one small issue, at the portfolio page the portfolio items are not lined out well. The right column is slightly higher positioned. Could you fix this? Then i will proceed to purchase the theme.

Is it possible to add different sliders to different pages with different page styles?

I like the look of everything, just checking I could customize a subsection of the site with a different, layout and look and a different slider…

Let me know!

Yes, it’s possible. You can create unlimited styles and sliders, and can use your styles and sliders on different pages. :)