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Some quiestions before buying:

Does it works on multi-site? Can I brand the backend (change the logo and any link)? Can I change the backend languaje?



1. It works properly on multisite. 2. You can re-brand the control panel. It’s fully white label. 3. You can change the language for backend.

Regards, Orkun.

Hi, I have a big problem, I got like to use diferents languages in the webpage, and normaly, I use a qtranslate plugin, but with your theme I can’t use, What can I do? Thanks!

Hi, you should use classic wordpress editor for qtranslate. The content composer doesn’t support qtranslate plugin for now, it supports only WPML plugin for multilanguage.

However, I will add the qtranslate support for the content composer with the next version and the next version will be released within a few days.

Thanks for your understanding, Regards.

What font are you using to create the text next to the bonsai tree?

Thanks! One more question: everything works great, but the blog posts are causing page load issue on Home 11 and the blog roll. Nothing loads when thumbs are turned on. Thoughts?

Seems like the issue is with featured images; they’re not showing and thus no thumbnails. I transferred this theme installed from one domain to another, and it worked fine on the 1st domain, so I’m guessing it has something to do with the new site/url. What’s strange is that the images don’t work for new posts either…

Please create a ticket on our support centre and send your page url. I have to see your pages to solve the issue. Regards.

Hello Orkun, Wonderful theme, with a fabulous interface. It’s nice (and productive!) to work with a theme that offers so many options & still runs smoothly.

I’m working with the layer slider, and after creating a few widescreen slides I used the “copy to mobile” function under the responsive tab. Then, in the mobile tab I moved a few items to fit within the boundaries. The bummer is, this also moved the duplicate items in the widescreen version. I was under the impression that the widescreen, tablet, and mobile versions of each slide functioned on it’s own. Is there a way to accomplish this, or do I need to duplicate the slide & set the size preferences there?

Thanks a bunch, this theme ROCKS!


Hi, thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m glad you liked it.

Please make sure that the first created layer is shown only “widescreen” (set the “only widescreen devices” option for the “Show this layer on” field in the responsive tab.) And then you can copy the layer to the mobile or tablet.

Btw, I can create a sample slide item for you if you send me a login info for your admin. You can use our support centre to get support quickly. – http://support.cloudfw.net/

Best regards, Orkun.

Quick question… how do you add a button to the pricing tables? I added a new feature row. But that is a pain since it doesn’t line up right unless you have the exact same number of featured rows etc…


Hi, you should create a button shortcode and insert the shortcode into pricing table row via the content composer.

You can generate a button shortcode via the shortcode generator.

Regards, Orkun.

Is there a better place to post support requests?

Hi again, you should use our support centre to get support quickly.

On a phone the menu is gone and just says Navigation. How do you fix that, so a menu appears?

Please create a ticket on our support centre and send your page url. I have to see your pages to solve the issue. Regards.


Do you have a PSD version of the theme? we have purchased it but need the PSD to make some style changes for presentation purposes.



Hi, I have just created some tickets at your support centre, But I still have no answers since some days ago. I see last message here is from 3 days ago too… please let me know if you are still available for some support on the theme, that I still think it has one of the best frameworks available nowadays. Thanks.

Hello, great theme! Thinking of purchasing it but have a few questions please: - is it compatible with WP-Deals plug in? I need to create a deal site. - will it support MailChimp and SendBlaster plugins? - Reguarding the single licence: can I use the theme only once if I sell a website to a client? Many Thanks!

Hi, please, we need SUPPORT for the theme (although I already know it is part of the terms at TF that the theme is “as is”) !

How do I put spaces between the boxes in my price table like here: http://nobb.cloudfw.net/homepage-02/

After adding new gallery item i get this error. In fact it gives this error every page which has gallery.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromstring() in /home/myfiles/public_html/wp-content/themes/nobb/cloudfw/core/classes/class.freshizer.php on line 1485

I’m using latest WP and Nobb version.

It says there is an update, but the theme that is available for download is still 1.2.2 but it says the latest is 1.3.3

We host the latest version of the theme in our server. You can upgrade your theme via the theme control panel by inserting your purchase code. The version 1.3.3 will be uploaded to ThemeForest within a few days.


Hi, the version 1.3.3 is ready to download from ThemeForest.

Hi, I have just read your updated support policy at: https://cloudfw.zendesk.com. I am very sorry to listen a so “limited” support policy (support is the main difference for selling lot of themes here -take a look on support testimonials for themes that were already sold thousands of times at TF). Well, I just want to ask support for tickets #532 (submitted 8 days ago) and #542 (submitted 2 days ago). Both of them are bugs of the theme version 1.3.3.

Thanks Orkun. I apprecite all your answers on the support centre, although of course I would love to get them all fixed between less than 24 hours after reporting them. Sorry, I am very impatience :( Please, there is only one ticket yet opened, number: #532. I hope you could get it fixed soon. Thanks for all your help, and I am sure your framework is one of the best ones at TF, yet.

Thanks Orqun. I have been adding new tickets since yesterday. I hope you will be available today so that I could get your feedback soon. Thanks in advance.

Just writing to let people know, that SUPPORT is GETTING better and better each day, and the promise of a next release with some bugfixes, makes this theme, the BEST at TF ever, yet !

Presale Question: Does your page builder’s text module have an HTML editor similar to Visual Composer and Ether Content Builder? This function is extremely valuable to my clients who don’t know how to code.

Thank you

Hi, it doesn’t have for now. I’m working on this feature. It will be ready with my next version.

Regards, Orkun.

Hi Orqun!

Just wanted to ask before I buy if you are going to continue to support this product. Stupid question I know but with a relativity small amount of sales, some authors just move onto the next theme.

I bought Positive and Nesnel (which is no longer available for some reason). I just want to be assured that this is going to be around and updated when problems arise.

I think you’re on of the best designers on here and can’t believe you don’t sell more than you do, it’s crazy! You have the best admin panel bar none!

Okay mate, sorry to ramble, I’m just getting nervous before buying this for a big client causeI can’t afford for this theme to disappear like Nesnel ;) Hope you understand my concern, and no disrespect meant :) Cheers!

Hi Tonvie,

I can understand your doubts. You are welcome. I’m going to continue to support on the lifetime of the product.

I hope my next products sell more than this. :)

I have a special offer for you. Please contact me over email.

All the best, Orkun.

Hi, please provide us the ETA for the next release version of this theme (date we can have it available to download), as we already know that it will come with some new bugfixes. Thanks.

Hi, I’m going to release it this Monday.


Hi, the version 1.3.4 is ready to download.


Hello, in a google search, the following message appear under my website name, where can i edit the text? You can build professional and modern websites with the theme Nobb. Control every pixel of this theme. Set your colors, background patterns, change fonts, ... Where do I edit that text please? Thanks.

It’s demo data of the theme. You should update your page contents with your texts, and wait for a Google Bot – More detail for Google Bot: http://www.googleguide.com/google_works.html

But where can i edit that ext ? I think i already did, but im not sure. Where is that text located ? Thanks.

I emailed you guys for support last week and haven’t heard anything back. Is there a place or support forum to get help with this theme?

Thanks. Please let me know

Hi, we have never got any support ticket from you. You can create a support ticket on our support centre – http://support.cloudfw.net/


ok sounds good I had emailed you guys for support on your profile page. I’ll use the support ticket system link you provided me to see if you can help me out. Thanks