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Hello orqun,

First congrat on this theme, I really like the design and the interface, a lot of possibilities there… still trying to finish my website… :)

I wanted to finish an article by a simple thing: links to related articles in the same category. I was wondering if I can do that already with the template itself or if I would need a plugin to do that. If so, do you recommend any ?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :)


edit: I meant pages not article, looking for related page :)

Hi, thanks! :) you can try a 3rd party plugin like this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/

Best regards.

Hi, I was looking for the envision theme, but you have removed it. Is it discontinued?

Hi, there was a problem with ThemeForest. The theme is available again – http://themeforest.net/item/envision-responsive-retina-multipurpose-theme/5928018/

Best regards.

Will buy it now thanks

Vimeo video play in lightbox doesn’t work. Could you please help us to solve this issue?

Hello, I need to see your page to be able to help you about it. Please create a ticket on our support centre – http://support.wptation.com/ and if it’s possible, please include your page url to the ticket.


Hello it seems a there is a missing div closure from the Layered Slider page, to be more precise at the section of Slider Background Color resulting in a huge part of the page to get the color of the background portrait. Can you point me out the file where i should look in order to fix it?


Is it possible to see your page? Please create a ticket on our support centre – http://support.wptation.com/ and if it’s possible, please include a login to the ticket for us.


Is there a way to make the footer background full width like the header background?

Any help here?


I’m interested in this theme (worked quite a bit with your Envision them and love it).

Can you please tell me if the Nobb theme uses the exact same backend and UI?

Hi, thanks. I’m glad you liked it.

The Nobb theme uses the old version of our theme framework. It’s similar but doesn’t have all feature of the new version. ;)

Best regards.

Support is practically absent.

You could wait a lot of days for a simple question. Just check their support forum.

I asked a question one month ago, 3 weeks ago, last week. No answer.

Very very bad.

I really need help him woocommerce integration and I can not get into your support. I think I got this theme in a package deal. Can’t remember. I am willing to pay for support and get the theme to work with woocommerce. The problem is the myaccount and checkout pages. They need a new template page or something. Its all jumbled together. Please let me know.


Unfortunatelly, we don’t offer the woocommerce plugin support for this theme. You may find anyone for this work from envato studio – http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress

Thanks for your understanding. Best regards.

Thank you for thema, is actually really congratulations.

I’m having problem with the posts counter, using the Widget “Theme – Posts”.

You may notice that this page it shows 0 comments. http://forumcriminal.redejuris.com (“Mais populares” on right). But if you enter the page you will see that we have 1 comment. http://forumcriminal.redejuris.com/legislacao-comentada-erro-de-tipo-art-20-caput-do-cp/ How can I fix this? Thank you so much.

Hi, thanks!

I noticed that you’re using facebook comments on your pages. You have to use the built-in comment system of wordpress to show the correct comment counts.

Best regards.

Hello!! I’ve purchased the theme but I want to know how to activate or make the homepage look like this:


I’ve uploaded demo content and is only giving 3 homepage options, thanks!!!


Please click to the “Get Source Code” button on the http://nobb.wptation.com/homepage-06/ page. Then follow the instructions. Also you should use the “Curved / Inverse / Blue” skin on your website to have the same skin.

Best regards.

Is it possible to remove the round blog icons on the main blog page (default blog style) and bring the content to the left?


Yes, it’s possible. Just set the “Theme Control Panel > Blog Settings > Main Blog Page > List Style” setting to “None” ;)

Best regards.

Sorry, I’m not seeing this setting. I go to the Nobb Theme Control Page > Blog Settings > but there’s no ‘Main Blog Page’ section.

Odd thing happening which is making it very difficult to edit the site. Whenever I click into an HTML area with in Content Creator, the bar with the editing tools (B, I, etc) slides open then closed then i cannot type or edit anymore. You have one brief moment to make an edit and you are ‘locked out’. I have to edit off the site in Dreamweaver, then quick CLICK > Select All, then CLICK > Delete, then CLICK > Paste to get the updated code in.

Any known issues with Content Creator and this issue? It is greatly slowing down my development on a site set to go live in two days.

I am indeed on and WP 4.0. Upgrading to 4.0.1 today to try to fix my other issue (the Slider Preview Pane) that you replied to last night. Thanks.

Went to upgrade WP and found it is already at 4.0.1. Just sent you my site creds in a support ticket on your site for another issue (Slider Preview not working).


I am having an issue with the Layer Slider. It was working perfectly in Dev, then I moved all the files live and the admin page for Layer Slider isn’t working right. The Preview pane won’t open and anywhere I click just opens the color picker.

Site launched for client today not expecting something that was working to break so I had to remove the slider from the homepage for now.

What is the fix for this? I see other people had the same issue.


I found the old style.admin.css fix in search results on your Support site and that fixed the Color Picker issue, but the Preview panel is still not opening/working, so I have no way to edit/create a slider.

Is it possible to turn off Content Composer so that I can use a different plug, like Visual Composer?

Hello, unfortunatelly it’s not possible to disable the built-in composer.

Thanks for your understanding. Best regards.

Hi the demos do not work for me at all?

They used to a few months ago but now they are broken.

I was about to buy this theme

Please respond and fix


Hi, thanks for interesting in our work.

We were moving our demo sites to a new server.

The problem has been fixed ;)

Best regards.

I am considering purchasing this theme (Nobb) and have a few pre-sale questions. - Is this compatible with the most recent version of WordPress, 4.1? - Is this SEO friendly? I’ve used a couple of drag & drop themes in the past that interfered with SEO optimization. - Is it possible to customize colors? My client has a specific blue that is her brand color. - What are the dimensions of the homepage slider? I have a couple of existing images I’d like to use but not sure if they are the right size. Thank you for your help.

Hello, thanks for interesting in our work.

It’s compatible with Wordpress 4.1 – You’ll need to use a 3rd party plugin for SEO. And sure you can customize color using the setting on the theme control panel. You can change the size of sliders for your images.

Best regards.

I would like to use Visual Composer with this theme. Is this possible?

Hello, unfortunatelly it’s not compatible with the theme. So, we have to use the built-in composer of the theme.

Thanks for your understanding. Best regards.

Hi i bought it but i am having trouble with the html box, when I go to edit or add it drops down then goes back up, it doesn’t let me add anything in it.

also wanted to use a plugin called, flap advert, i installed it but its not showing up

We have fixed the html box issue in the latest version. Please upgrade the theme to the latest version. It’s currently – You can download the latest version patch from here: http://updates.wptation.com/patch/nobb/

For flap advert plugin, there maybe a javascript conflict with other plugins, please de-activate all plugins except the flap advert plugin and If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

Best regards.

awesome, got it fixed. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I purchased this theme and love it!

The only problem is I can’t figure out what’s going on with the styles/CSS. When I load the site and use developer tools to look at the CSS it seems that it’s all inline styles. There’s no way of accessing the actual style sheets and making edits.

I want to make an edit to a style but I have no way of knowing which style sheet it’s in. I’ve never seen anything like this before….could someone please help?

Hi thanks!

You can find the theme style files at ”\nobb\lib\css” folder. But if you will make customization on style files, I recommend you to use child theme (You can add your custom css codes to style.css file at the root folder of the child theme) OR add your custom codes to “Theme Control Panel > Global Settings > Add Code > Custom CSS Code” setting.

Best regards.