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Hi, I purchased this theme and love it!

The only problem is I can’t figure out what’s going on with the styles/CSS. When I load the site and use developer tools to look at the CSS it seems that it’s all inline styles. There’s no way of accessing the actual style sheets and making edits.

I want to make an edit to a style but I have no way of knowing which style sheet it’s in. I’ve never seen anything like this before….could someone please help?

Hi thanks!

You can find the theme style files at ”\nobb\lib\css” folder. But if you will make customization on style files, I recommend you to use child theme (You can add your custom css codes to style.css file at the root folder of the child theme) OR add your custom codes to “Theme Control Panel > Global Settings > Add Code > Custom CSS Code” setting.

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Hi, there was a problem on the server. But we’ve fixed it. So you can check the demo site now.

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Hello – I have the theme installed and love it! My issue: on mobile devices the slider I have on the homepage does not size down. Basically the image is cropped into a tiny window so that you can only see a very small portion of it. The text that I have BELOW the image slider has sized down but not the slide. Digging through the backend I can’t find anywhere to adjust this. Please point me in the right direction. Site is: www.concretedreamz.com and I’ve viewed on Android and iPhones. Thank you! Ann

Good morning – that does help. However, is there a way to have the whole image size down in proportion to the mobile phone screen? With the adjustment above you get a taller window but the image is still large and cropped in that window. A way to view it all scaled for the screen?

That does help – making the window taller. However the image is still full size. Is there a way to scale the whole slider down in proportion?

Hi again,

Please try to add the following codes to the custom css area in the theme control panel.

.cycle > li { background-size: 100%; }

But you may need to set the height for mobile devices again after adding the code.

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I have version of this theme. Do I have the most recent version? I’ve never received a notice of any updates.


You have the latest version. The latest version of the theme is currently :)

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