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:) Thanks!

Nice work indeed! Do both homepage sliders automatically start upon page load? They appear to be static without user intervention…

Nice polished design – best of luck with it!


Thanks for your comment.

The slideshow can be setup to start automatically, yes. I just opt in to start at user intervention :)

Best, Cristian

Very Good Design! Good Luck to You! ;) Bookmarked! http://bit.ly/hVyakf

Thanks man.

All the best to you :)

Thank you!

made my apple hart jump.. wil go to my bookmarks.. have to find something for this.. love it..

Glad you like it!

Cheers, Cristian

Just four questions.

Contact page

Is there a complicated configuration of the web server for the contact form to work?

The original form entries in the contact page still shows after the validation and confirmation of the message has been sent, can this be fixed?

Lastly, how much to add a additional line in the contact page for a mandatory ‘Telephone No’ including the validation of only numerical entries (no spaces)?

Top navigation links.

Removing several of the links will this result in gaps within the navigation bar.

Hi, I’m having problems with the SWF capability. I would like to display an swf video using the mixed-gallery template but my video doesn’t seem to be working. The swf is also not working on the live view of your template, please help me with this. http://themeforest.net/item/noblesse-html-version/full_screen_preview/165009

something else…. how does the search function work? every time I type in something and hit search it just reloads the page…


Thanks for your purchase!

The Search function does NOT work. It’s a HTML theme, and it was just styled.

I hope you enjoy the theme.

Best, Cristian

what about the SWF video? The preview shows that there is SWF functionality but It doesn’t seem to be working.

Well, no thanks to the author but I figured it out.

If anyone in the future is having problems with swf video its a super easy fix: you MUST have the width and height in the link and in the “rel” tag I put rel=”prettyPhoto[flash]”. also with the link you need to remove the & symbol after the video: [a href=”link/video.swf?width=522&height=434”]

Hi! can this template support Russian? I’d like like to change the entire font into Russian,This can be done? Can I make a portfolio by albums, so that each category has a thematic gallery?

Hi. I can’t seem to locate the twitter feed section in the files…how do we change the feed to our twitter handle. thanks.

nevermind. sorry new to web but figured it out.

I just purchased the HTML Template and can’t get it uploaded to Wordpress through the dashboard. I keep failed upload errors.

Can I upgrade to the 35.00 version, perhaps that will work better with better documentation.


julian boswell jlnsvfx@gmail.com


Thanks for your purchase!

The HTML version will never work on a Wordpress platform. That’s why they are in different categories with different prices.

The HTML version is for those who have knowledge of html/css/javascript, the wordpress version can be installed without too much knowledge, you just have to read the documentation.

We, as ThemeForest authors, cannot upgrade a HTML theme to Wordpress, so, if you want the wordpress version you need to buy it separately.

Thanks again, and i hope you will not experience further problems.

Best Regards, Cristian Gogoneata

Is there a way to clear the contact form once it has been filled out and sent?


Love the design, can the slider be made larger…possibly even full width?

This is a fantastic template! Good work! The only thing I am having trouble with is the contact form. I do not know php very well, so I am not sure how to resolve my problem. I changed my email address in the config file, but for some reason the submit button is not sending the email. Any suggestions?

Oh, and to elaborate a little more on my problem. When I hit the submit button with fewer than 15 characters in the message box, it successfully shows the error message that I need more characters, but when I have more than 15, it does nothing.