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this is a lovely template. my only suggestion is:

for blog posts, when there’s a related blog post, it would be helpful if you could just click on the blog post image to go to that blog post, rather than having to click on the title of the blog post (under related posts)

overall quite nice.

good work.


You’re right, that will be changed. Thanks for the notice.

Best, Cristian


I wasn’t sure whether to post this question on your forum or here, so I’ll just ask it here as well:

I really like the look of this theme, great design, and I’m thinking of buying it. However, before I do, I have a question regarding its functionality. Is there some kind of functionality embedded in the theme for uploading audio ? Could I easily upload music and have it playable in some kind of music player? Or would I have to embed a player from somewhere else?



You can use the audio file like a normal link. Please check this page (http://http-solutions.com/themes/noblesse/2008/07/embedded-media-test/). Click on “Acclimate by General Fuzz” to see how an audio is played.

The theme does not have a custom player, but you can use a plugin anytime.

Thanks, Cristian

Ah, excellent, sorry about not finding that page myself, should have looked more thoroughly. Thanks for your swift reply!

Hi, This is a wonderful theme. I really consider buying it, but i have couple questions if you don’t mind.

First of all, does the language file come with it? if not, would you kindly attach it for me “after” buying the theme?

Because i intend to translate it so i can use it, because my main blog is in arabic, which is unfortunately right to left language, its gonna be a bit hard, but since there is the PSD files, and i hope:( the language file it might make my job easier.

my second question is, do you think there is no problem at all to transfer it to RTL language? if so, do you have any advice i should consider?

my last question is might be silly, but can i choose how many blogs to be shown on the home page?.

this is it, thank you so much for cooperation.


Thanks for the interest shown in my theme!

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, the language file comes embedded in the package

2. The theme wasn’t developed to support RTL language, but here is a good reference :http://codex.wordpress.org/Right_to_Left_Language_Support

3. On the homepage you can display all the posts from the blog, the only option that you have there is to set how many will appear before pagination kicks in.

I hope this will suits your needs.

Best, Cristian

Sorry, one last thing. Do you know the headlines that i cannot copy? in different font, gold one i guess? are they javascript? can i choose an arabic or other font to replace them?

Because i remember i had this problem with javasctipt head lines, they don’t support arabic font, im not sure if i have to upload one my self or what.

thank you.

The embedded fonts indeed dont support arabic language. You can change them or remove them.

If you still go with the theme and have problems there please contact me.

All the best, Cristian


I just bought this template – it’s really well done! I like the style of it and its features. Unfortunatelly there is one thing which I really missed. More: I desperatly need it!

Author (disgogo) prepared widgets like RECENT POSTS WITH THUMBNAIL – but it seems to be complelty unuseful because Noblesse is more PORTFOLIO theme than standard BLOG theme. What is really necessary is widget: RECENT PORTFOLIO POSTS WITH THUMBNAIL or RECENT SERVICES , or RECENT TEAM or RECENT GALLERY – recent blog seems to be less useful here… Is there any chance you can prepare such widgets for me/everyone who already bought it? Please please answer me here or private (zbuk@interia.pl).

Best regards, Tomek


Thanks for the purchase and advices.

I thought about these options before the initial release but i needed a second opinion. :)

I will make an update with these.

Thanks for the mention.

All the best, Cristian

great template man !! :) Respect!

Thanks man!

Cheers, Cristian

Hi there, Great template. However when people use the contact form they get

Thanks you,

Your email was successfully sent. I will be in touch soon.

and the tags come out in text as opposed to being interpreted by the browser.


I noticed what you mentioned. For the moment please remove the h1 and p tags, until i release an update for those.

Thanks for the notice. Cristian


I’m interesting in buying Noblesse, but I also have some questions on it:

1 – The site is intended to have an English and a Romanian version. Is this possible?

2 – What is the purpose of the part with “Translate ready”, Shortcodes….” and “custom widgets”? Is there any possibility to remove it?

3 – Is there any possibility to enter an embed video in the slide header?

4 – I would like to have the possibility to appear a text preview (3-5 lines), not only the title for “Recent Posts”. Is it possible?

5 – Can I remove the footer?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, I sent in two questions a few days ago. I am stuck at the moment and can not complete the site until I have the answers.



I saw you managed to resolve those issues. Contact me if you have any other problems.

Thanks, Cristian

Hello, When you click “Read More” it jumps to the bottom of the post. How can I disable this?


Hi, Thank you so much for your theme. I bought it and i think am gonna be happy with it. Even though it might need adjustment for arabic, but im sure you’ll answer most of my questions.

i Asked you couple questions in your forum if you don’t mined, here they are:


Thank you for your assistance.

By the way, i have a suggestion for the twitter on the top. since there is a twitter widget how about not showing the replies in the big twitter box? i mean only showing my tweets that aren’t reply nor retweet? it’s more convenient this way. Because some replies are personal qwestions or thanks no neet for them to take all the space up there.

It’s just my opinion, it might be good.


I just purchased “Noblesse” but after installing and then trying to activate I got this messge…

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/34/d356874794/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/noblesse/lib/functions/functions-post-options-all.php on line 694

Please help!

Kind regards,



Please contact your hosting and tell them to upgrade your PHP from 4.x.x to 5.x.x. Then, you’ll be fine.

All the best, Cristian

Hi there, great theme – very easy to use! Im wondering one thing – when I add subpages to a parent, they do not show on the nav menu drop-down.

Any ideas? Are they supposed to show?


They dont show up automatically since wordpress embedded that nice menu function. You have to put them manually.

Go in Appearance >> Menus and configure them (there are instructions in the documentation)

Best, Cristian

Does this template support video that appears in a lightbox effect?

Thank you


Yes, you have a custom field in every post.

Best, Cristian

Hey People,

I just found the answer to my question, its a shortcode in the the shortcodes DOC – just kinda hard to find…

Thanx anyways

I understand now that you need a separate lightbox effect.

Indeed you have a shortcode for that.

I will put more instructions for those.

Thanks, Cristian

Thanks Cristian! Noblesse is live and kicking! PHP issue fixed

Dear Cristian,

Probably an obvious question but I am struggling with the “Services Categories” I have created these so that I can have multiple Services pages however, when I create “Service Posts” they appear on ALL of my Service pages – even though I select the specific “Service Category” that I would like the post to apply to.

Have you any idea why this might be? Could it be that my “Slugs” are set incorrectly? Or that I need to set up some perma links?

Thanks for your time


Happy Valentine day everyone! I purchase this theme and I am very happy with it. Very well designed, documented and no bugs. Congrats. I would like to do some modification to meet my needs. Please let me know if is possible.

1. On computers with smaller screens you can’t see the “Featured boxes” unless you are scrolling down the main page. I found out that most of people don’t do that. Is there any way of making the slide-show box smaller ( but keep the showcase images at the same size ) or maybe remove the ” Logo and search ” box?

2. How can we change the speed of the main page slideshow?

Thank you.


To answer your questions:

1. If you can, the simplest solution is to remove the “Logo and search” module. Open header.php (it’s in the root of the theme) and delete the content from line 124 to 176. Is the content from these comments:

<!--Begin logo+search+social -->
<!--End logo+search+social -->

2. The slideshow uses a default speed of 1000 ms. If you need other speed, please open homepage-oslider.php, and insert this line :

animSpeed : 1000,

between line 13 and line 14, like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
        $j(".test, .o-slider-image").hide().delay(500).fadeIn();                    
            autoStart: <?php echo opt('oslider_autostart'); ?>,
            pauseOnHover: <?php echo opt('oslider_pause'); ?>,
            listNavThumbs: <?php echo opt('oslider_thumbs_nav'); ?>,
            arrowsNavHide: <?php echo opt('oslider_hide_nav_arrows'); ?>,
            layers: {
            first: {
            className: 'move-background',
            offset: 6,
            direction: 'ltr'

Ofcourse you need to modify 1000 to whatever speed fits your needs.

I hope you’ll manage to do this modifications.

Best, Cristian