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This makes Pandora’s new design look elementary. Whoever you are, you are good.

Lol, thanks!

The creativity in your themes is stunning! Thanks :-)

Thanks for purchasing! Enjoy :-)

oh my god. i think this wins the award for “Sexiest WP Template of the Year” not to mention this is probably one of the most innovative / next level WP templates I’ve seen yet… I’d love to see a few additional added features / functionalities to make it more broadly accessible. But this is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!! This is Theme Lust!!! I want to work with this one! OHMYGOD .

A few thoughts:

Would love it if there was an option for the home page sliders to slide automatically, maybe every 12 / 15 seconds or so

Would love to see a portfolio option for this, and find a way to make this workable for someone w/ a visual / design / photo portfolio..

And Would love to see what it looks like w/out any music player embedded…

just a few thoughts


Thanks a lot! That’s very nice of you to say :-)

These are some great suggestions. I’m certainly not opposed to including these in an update ;-)

WOW !!! :shocked:

great work, great work man… wish you have many sales :)

Thanks! :-)

Awesome! Deadmau5 should increase your sales even further! :)

Deadmau5 FTW .

Sweet as hell. Awesome.

Thanks! I’m digging your new theme as well ;-)

Amazing work…Cheers!


Hello, Is this localisation?

Currently all the theme features are listed on the item page. If I get a lot of requests for this, I’d certainly consider looking into adding it in an update.

This theme is now localized :-)

This is a very unique and cool looking template dude!

Thanks Kevin!

love this template!!!!

one question…Being a musician and a web designer, mainly flash:

I’d really like to be able to click on a song and not have it stop playing when I click to another page or section on the site.

Is this possible?

Such a brilliant design and great backend.

Just want visitors to the site to be able to listen to our music without it being stopped as they look around the site.

If the song list that shows up on side could continue to pop up on each page, maybe the same list or maybe changing, but still having control of the song that’s currently playing would be cool.

Best to you…..kudos!!



I haven’t found a satisfactory solution for that yet, but I am still thinking about it.

Looks really great! :D
Good luck!

Thank you :-)

Another great design but i don’t use WordPress any change of an HTML version that we can convert ourselves

Thanks! We’ll see…

very very nice template.

Thank you! :-)

Ha, I was just thinking yesterday there’s a massive gap in the market here for audio/musician themes.

Great work, Chris.

Thanks Paul!


Would be realy nice to have a slideshow on start, picture/portfolio gallerys, and something for tour dates listet like in that theme () and booking form.. and maybe a background picture slider ;-))) (can us made this things for me as freelancer???)

Than is it PERFEKT for every musician!!!!!! And i will buy 100%

just a few thoughts

As always… Great work! Been looking for a slick theme like this for a nightclub.


Finally something a little different! Excellent work. Very unique and creative design.

Very Nice! Lately you’ve been dishing out some amazing themes. GL with the sales

I really appreciate that!

very cool very desirous very sexy

Ooh la la! Thanks :-)