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I’m having trouble with my paypal buttons. They’re too big and blurry. I’ve gone to so many forums to figure it out how to fix this and nothing has helped. Here’s the link to my page. How do I fix this?


Hello! To fix this you need to add following css definition to style.css of the theme: input.paypal { min-width: 0; }

hello is it possible to display posts on news(blog) page vertically and to open posts normal not courusel ajax?

Hello! There is Projects page template which is to display Posts (Projects) vertically. News page displays News – a custom post type. No, all pages work through ajax.

Hello is it possible to add external link to menu?

Yes, it’s possible. Theme supports Menus

Hi and thank for your theme, awesome. I have a specific question. I would like to display 2 different categories of news: On page one I want to display news from cat 1 and on page two I want to display news from cat 2. Is it possible? May i change or duplicate the news page template or may I have to add a new shortcode ?

Hi! First of all you will have to add taxonomy like Categories to group news, then you will have to modify news.php, so that you could for example pass taxonomy slug in URL and get news for this specific taxonomy.

Thank you for the answer! Sure, i don’t have to use the shortcode to display news ! Thank’s a lot

Hy team, I’ve two question: 1. It could be cool if in intro page (index) I could modify dinamically the TITLE and Subtitle filed and not only description field so I can use it like “promo intro page”.

2. I’ve NOEL 1.3v installed now and I should update wordpress to 3.7.1 release. Can I update wordpress without any problem to template? Tnx


1. Intro page currently uses blog title and subtitle. But it’s possible to replace this with 2 textfields in backend that you can edit. 2. I think you won’t have any problems with update to 3.7


Hi, i come again for a new issue. I’dlike, in a post, to make a link to a static page at the root of my site. But a script always replave my url (home/foldersatroot/page.html) with /# (home/#/linkname-1)and i can’t reach my html page. That’s the only way i’ve found to create a full widht page that is not in a section, and it’s very imortant for my client. Thank you for the answer, and hope you’ll find a solution.

Hello! My site uses AJAX to load pages and it cannot work in any other way. For that purpose it automatically creates section elements with ID and a ajax-section link inside that points to the content that should be loaded.

<section id="about" class="section-block default-page"><a class="ajax-section" href="http://themes.gravitysign.com/noel/about/" title="About"></a></section>

Noel automatically replace all links that lead back to the same domain with ajax sections.


I want to use the flex slider on the home page but i’ve tried a lot of things but i can get it worked.

Thnx for the help!

your’e a baws! thnx

i still have a few questions..

Twitterfeed is not working what need i use to fill in ?

twitter.com/username ? /username ? @username ? username ?

i want to split de home content like the demo

so left some text en right the ’’what we offer & our mission’‘

i tried the grid shortcode from the documentation file but it’s nog alligned..

Sorry for the questions thnx anyway.

In Twitter Account field you should simply put a this_name for twitter feed, like https://twitter.com/this_name

I split page into 2/3 and 1/3 using following shortcodes

[noel_one_third first|last] [/noel_one_third]
[noel_two_thirds first|last] [/noel_two_thirds]
[noel_one_half first|last] [/noel_one_half]

Is there a cache plugin that I can use with this theme?

Well, my theme does not have any special requirements. W3 Total Cache or something else I think will work fine.

Hy, I must to upgrade wp to 3.8v. I’have problem with plugin? I had modified some internal page code of this template, there is some problem upgrading wp? Then, there is a risk to lose all data?

Cheers, Simone

Hi! There shouldn’t be any problems with update, you can do it. But pleases make a backup of mysql database where Wordpress stores all settings and data. To feel safe

well, perfect :)

I’m having an issue with gallery. I see all pictures listed but when click on one, it’s embed in the page. I tried installing Fancy Box but the site wouldn’t load. Any tips on how to get the pictures to show as popups?


Actually you don’t have to install Fancybox as it comes with the theme. And on Gallery page it’s already enabled for all images.

> I see all pictures listed but when click on one, it’s embed in the page

Could you clarify this? What settings you have in “Noel -> Gallery -> Your_Gallery”. Do you use Local images or Flickr/Picasa source. What are settings for “Thumb Animation” parameter?

hii nice themes.. how to create slider in pages?

thank u

Thanks! Please check “Shortcodes” section in documentation. There is two shortcodes that you can use

 <img title="Title" src="images/photo.jpg" />


 <img title="Title" src="images/photo.jpg" alt=" description="" /> 

all images that you want to add to slider insert between short code tags.

Hello. Can I have an email address please to contact you about something more specific and customizable?

Hello! You can write me using mail form on my profile page. Thanks!

...thanks for that stylish theme. I have a seo problem with the AJAX sections. Is it possible to show the content for searchengines? Maybe in the function.php?

Or do you offer a customize service?

I meant that my plugin DOES NOT use this format so indexing for example by Google is not possible.

Can you make it possible? Do you offer a customize service?

Sorry, no. This is Wordpress theme and such modification is problematic as it will also require changing / adding code to provide HTML pages at special URLs for Google crawlers. Too much work and I simply don’t have time.

..thanks for that stylish theme. I have a seo problem with the AJAX sections. Is it possible to show the content for searchengines? Maybe in the function.php?

Or do you offer a customize service?

Please see my reply in previous commend from you.

I’m going to buy but now I have wordpress 4.0, is this template compatible with this release?

Hi! I will test it and let you know.

ok, thank you!

Hi! I have just installed “Noel” Theme on WP 4.0 and it works fine.


I showed Flick-sets on my website and it always worked. But since a few weeks it is broken. Check http://www.dejonghe.info/#/onderhoud

How is this possible? Thank you for the help.

Hello! Please contact me using mail form on my profile page and provide access to your WP install. Thanks!

Hello There!

I’ve been uploading featured images through my projects but they are showing up as black and white. Not sure why or how that’s happening. Would love your help in resolving this soon. Thank you www.cierapayton.com

Hello! I see you sent me email so I will reply there. Thanks!

I have used the noel themo on www.magictimo.nl but onregisterd users cant see the site. Dont know whats wrong…

Hi and sorry for late reply. Could you please explain what exactly happens..

Do you mean when someone logs in to the Wordpress they can no longer open the site?

hi, if I purchase this will it be fine for WordPress version 4.5.2?

Hi! I need to test this and update you shortly. Thanks

That would be great, thanks.

Hello! Just checked Noel Theme with Wordpress 4.5.2 and seems everything works good.

i just purchased the Theme, but cant load the DEMO content ? can i load it please ? im Also running the theme on Wordpress 4,7 and its buging after loading About page it jumps to an empty page (comchannel.ma) olso have on console the Key of Google maps API missing and cant fin on the theme where to Add it ??


Hi! Please contact me using mail form on my profile page and give me URL to your site to check. Thanks!