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Good idea for it!

Nice and clean theme.

Nice theme!

Is this compatible with WooCommerce ?

unfortunately, no

Thanks, guys! )

Wonderful ideas :)

this is great and would have buy it if the sliding bar was thicker as it is way too fine right now and make it difficult to navigate!

You mean news slider?

Well done. A unique solution to the single page layout. Good luck with sales buddy!

Thanks, man!

Hey, great theme, is possible to include a slideshow option in gallery menu? Will you provide in next updates?thnx

Thanks! Right now when you click image title in thumb’s details it opens popup with fancybox will all images linked into gallery. But I will consider the option with loading images into slideshow as alternative to grid view.

That will be great! Thanks!

Hey, I really like this theme. Is there a .PSD included with the purchase so that I can make modifications before launching into updating the stylesheets?


No, this theme doesn’t have psd file

i cant find the slider on the about page in this plugin. Am i doing something wrong here?

To add a slider like in preview, you need to wrap images that you inserted with editor (as many as you want) into [noel_flexslider] .. [/noel_flexslider] shortcode. Also you can use [noel_backslider] shortcode that would create slider with image thumbs

hi, look good. One question however, is it iphone supported?

yes, it’s supported

How do I get my instagram and imdb icons included next to the twitter and facebook icon in the bottom of the menu? I don’t want it as a widget at the bottom of each page. I’d like to just keep them in the menu bar. I’m having a hard time trying to figure this out. Thank you!


1. Instagram and imdb icons are not included in iconset that comes with my theme. So you need to find these two icons, size 16×16 px (try http://www.iconfinder.com/), upload them into wp-content/themes/noel/images/social/ folder and add 2 styles into style.css (line 540)
.social .instagram { background: url(images/social/instagram.png); }
.social .imdb { background: url(images/social/imdb.png); }
2. Then in WordPress admin go to “Noel Settings/General”, open MENU SIDEBAR tab add social icons in list as

3. Reload site and they should show up in sidebar

Awesome Thank you!!!

Hello great Theme, but i’m having trouble in ie8. The pages don’t display. I click on the link and nothing happens… Also, the intro page isn’t displaying. Double checked in browserlab with same result.

I probably did something wrong please help.

Please send me via my profile page link to your site and I will have a look. Thanks

I tested on 3 machines runing ie8 (not ie9 in ie8 mode) and it doesn’t work. I’m getting JS errors. Help! My client is getting upset.

I sent you reply via email. Please check

How do I get the opening text to be on the left side of the page. right now it’s on the right side and blocking the photo I have in place.


You need to replace “right: -50px;” position for #intro div with “left: 300px;” in style.css

How can i translate some words…like mail us and address?



These two words you can find in contact.php and change directly. I will add them to translations in next update

What´s up with the IE 8 proplem (see user andrenault)? I´m thinking about buying your theme and want to know if this problem is solved.

Thanks for interest to my theme! The problem mentioned by andrenault affects only IE8 browser. I’m going to upload update 1.1 to my theme this evening where this problem will be fixed. Please wait for changelog to appear and you can download the theme.

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!