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Love this theme, Thanks, one question, I have a full screen mage for the background on into page, can this be scaled to suit all screen sizes??

looks good on a 15inch laptop but scaling up and down image don’t move.



hi, sorry, just discovered I should be putting the image in the featured image section….

Yes, featured image for page works as site background.


for some reason my twitter/facebook icons don’t show up and some of the shortcodes are not working for me.


Hi! Please contact me privately via mail form on my profile page and explain exactly what problems you have. Thanks!


Nice tidy work.

I am though not getting a nice display of text in the Site Intro. It doesn’t play very well with punctuation. Especially when I’m using: ” , ‘

I’ve no problems with installation, set-up. I did spot a bit of a bug though. I think you need to ensure that everyone knows that under Settings > Reading > Front page displays MUST be selected with Your latest posts or that will crash the site.

Could you also list please:

Tell me the appropriate dimensions for background images? How could I change the font for the Front Page Site name text or are you planning on updating it so that we can?

Thank you for this theme, :smitten:

Thank you for informing me about these two problems! I fixed them already and will upload update to my theme this evening.

Regarding the site backgrounds. The size is 1600×900. If you would upload bigger image it will be resized to this size automatically. At this moment font size for site name you will have to change in style.css, line 1342 with #intro-title h1 {}

Ok. I’ll make the necessary changes after the update then if necessary. thank you ;)

Hello again,

I’m struggling to get my head around the use of the Sharebox following your instructions within the documentation. Can you spell it out again for me please?


OK. To add sharebox (social share buttons) you need to use [sharebox] shortcode. If you use this shortcode without any arguments then it will create 3 buttons for facebook, twitter and google+ already with correct URLs to share a page that you are on. Now, if you want to add some other sharing buttons (digg for example) then you need to use sharebox with arguments: [sharebox share_name_1=”URL_1” share_name_2=”URL_2”] where share_name can be facebook, linkedin, twitter, dig, yahoo etc. And “URL” is an url to share your info that can have following placeholders – %url%, %blog%, %title% and %description% that would be replaced with actual information from the blog, where %url% – is URL for current page, %title% – page title, %blog% and %description% is your wp blog name and description.

Example, here is how to use sharebox to add twitter button:

[sharebox twitter="http://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=%url%&text=%title%"]

Ok. I’ll just stick to the non-attributed for now or it’ll get a little messy and time consuming.

Thank you for taking the time out to help ;)


Great theme. Everything has been very easy to set up and it looks great!

I need to add a couple of additional fields to the contact form and was hoping you could tell me which files I need to edit in order to do that?


Sure! first you need to add new input field for mailform in contact.php. Then in includes/mailform.php add a code that would accept your field as POST request

Great, thanks!

Me again!

I was wondering how I would make a Button turn into an external link rather than a pagelink?

I’ve tried a couple of ways but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Wondering if you have any thoughts?

There is no shortcode for this. Add html in editor

<button><a href="http://example.com/">Link</a></button>
Also you can make button blue with “button-blue” or white with “button-white” class

So basically, a link surrounded by <button> code? Still doesn’t seem to work for me though.

:) try this <a href="http://example.com/"><button>Link</button></a>

Hi, is it possible to use a flash object and/or video for the main site background vs an image? If not, how much would you charge to incorporate this?

Is there a widget area on the left side of the theme?

Can I change the mouseover colors for the theme’s menu, images, etc?


Hi! Thanks for questions!

1. I think it’s possible to embed fullscreen swf as site background. But it would require some work and also you will need to find flash video player for this.
2. Menu sidebar doesn’t have enough space for widgets. So I moved widgets to the bottom of every page with Default Page Template like “About” page in preview.
3. yes, you can do this in style.css. Unfortunately there is no settings in admin for this
4. Regarding your later message about logo. Yes, you can replace animated gif with your logo or image and it will show up when new page loads.

Thanks! Are you able/willing to provide your services to enable the fullscreen flash background (I’d pay, of course!)

I think yes! Drop me email to discuss details. There is flowplayer that can work just fine as video background for my theme.

Also would it be possible to put an image or logo above the loading animation when the page first loads? :) Thanks!

Great theme! Does it allow to create more than one gallery (subgalleries)?

Yes, you can have one gallery page from flickr another for local photos. Each gallery page has own configuration in admin.

Hy team, I try to set up for the first time my site with this nice template… Some question: 1. In wich way i can load the background image and control theme? 2. There is a way to create a sublink menu in left side bar? I have the projects with subcategory. 3. How can set by default all text using Courier New font?

thx for now. bye

but you mean to create a “featured Image” categories, gallery or project?

Not exactly! I mean that for every page you create you can set the Featured Image in metabox on Edit Page screen. My theme then uses this image as site background for that specific page.

Ok, finally I’ve undestand for this. Tnx

Hy team, I have this problem with gallery. I’ve created new category and append a new gallery with the featured image too. Well, there are 2 strange things: - if I press on the featured image the image doesn’t charge but it’s shows the phrase “The requested content can be loaded…”; - When enter in a single gallery my images are shoewd by grid and not like here: http://themes.gravitysign.com/noel/#/feel-the-beauty-of-black-white the image with little thumb to charged below.

Hi! I would ask you to contact me privately using mail form on my profile page and we will discuss this problem further. To start please tell me where did you see this phrase? in admin or on site?

Hello, We’re interested in purchasing this template. However, we’d need some live demo or screenshots of the back office. Is it possible? Is there html code to write in the back office (for galleries or portfolios) Can we display self hosted video? Thank you. Best.

Of course! Just drop me email via the mailform on my profile page and I will provide you with screenshots. No, my theme does not work with self hosted videos right now. You can only insert videos from vimeo and youtube using the shortcode.

It is possible to add other content in a default template page? I need to ad other information in Contacts template. I would like to add a “Toggles” mail address. can I modify directly the contacts.php page? :)

Pages with default page template do not have any predefined design , except that at the bottom you can display widgets in 3-col grid. So, you create the content on your own the way you like. The contact.php page in turn has predefined design, and to change it you can open contact.php in editor and modify it as you like. Before any changes please don’t forget to create backups of files that you modify.

Perfect, tnx a lot.

There is a way to insert a toggle shortcode and keep one already opened while opening the page?

No, it does not have this option.

Ok, may be insert in a new upgrade ;) tnx

Ok, will do this.


I hope your good.

I was wondering about the background images changing per page. How does it do that? I can’t figure it, sorry.

Hi! You need to assign featured image to every page, recommended size 1600×900. They will work as backgrounds for site.

I tried this but it still wasn’t working. I figured it out though because I misunderstood the background overlay piece. I was uploading an image there as well and not an effect. All sorted, thank you.

Other problem with allow comments into the page. If I check the box about comment (next to track and pingback) nothing change. Only in the “category” project the site shows the comment div.

In the all other pages, nothig to do. Why?

Another problem with pagination pages: in which way it works? Where and when it appear? In which type of page? In my project page there are 7 project, but pagination?:S

Hi! The pagination for projects will appear when you will set “Blog pages show at most” in Settings/Reading to the amount less then total number of projects (<7 in your case). Pagination links will show up at the end of projects list on page with “Projects” page template or on page that displays projects for specific category.

Hy, perfects, now I’ve set 5 posts and pagination works perfectly. Can I have suggest about 3th post up? Regards.

Great theme!

Just a few q’s though. 1 – The mouse wheel scrolls really slow on the larger pages it takes forever. Haven’t tried on mac yet, but mostly my audience use PC. Can this be fixed? 2 – Can the published date be removed?

Yes, scroll speed can be increased. Also if you tell me what publishing date to remove I will do this also. I can do this for you if you contact me using mail form on my profile page.


I was also wondering if the map can be removed from the contact page and if the “email us!” text can be changed to “Email Me!” or similar.

Having big issues with the gallery page as well. Must the images come from other places and not use add media button? Can they derive from FTP?

Of course! You can easily change this on your own in “Appearance/Edit” in admin. Open contact.php file and change what you want.