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Can I make the scroll bar on the right hand side a little thicker at all?

Maybe there is css rule with higher priority. You need to check scrollbar in web inspector (firebug)

I managed to do this but I need to do it again but also making the scroll bar the same colour as the text and the fonts. Can this be done at all?

To change color you need to set new “background” css property for (1) .rollbar-handle {} (2) .rollbar-path-vertical {} and .rollbar-path-horizontal {}

you can do this somewhere at the end of style.css file

And also, how may I alter the copyright part at the very bottom of the site pages?

You made mistakes in php. Try this
<!-- footer --> 
<footer id="footer">
<?php printf( __("Copyright © %s", 'noel'), date("Y") . ' - ' . get_bloginfo('name') . 'Site assembled by <a href="http://thetruejoe90.com" target="_blank">thetruejoe90</a>'); ?> 
<!-- end footer -->

Nice one. I understand my error now, thank you and thanks for your patience.

No problem! :)

Hy, I would like to insert the category list under the “title”, in the pjoect template page in the same way they are listed in category widget. I take a look in the widget.php try to finding the code about “Category”, but I’ve no founded. So, which is the code to use to call the list of category with item counter liked too? I would like to show them in the page like here:
house (2) | Publics (4) | Retail (7) | etc…


Well, now I insert this code to eliminate hierarchy list:
/wp_list_categories(array('hierarchical' => 0, 'show_count' => 1)); Now I obtain the link list with counter.
But: I would like to not show the text string “Categorie:” and I need the link inline and not in a new line.


Please check codex http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/wp_list_categories about how to remove the title. Also to display categories inline you need to add styles to the style.css file

If interest to anyone i’ve solved the problem in this way:
    <?php /* SHOW CATEGORY LINK LISTS / wp_list_categories(array(‘hierarchical’ => 0, ‘show_count’ => 1, ‘title_li’ => __( ’’ ))); ?>
Css modify
div#abc ul { list-style: none; / elimino i punti elenco / margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; / elimino i rientri delle liste / padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; / elimino i rientri delle liste / }

div#abc li { display: inline; /

mette gli elementi della lista in linea */ padding: 2px 2px 0px 2px; margin: 0px 0px 0px 2px; }
have a nice day

Presale questions: 1. My client needs an entrance page like on this theme as he has two areas of his business (floral arrangement and event planning). I like how the entrance takes you into the about page. My question is can the entrance be altered to so that I have two buttons? One to about floral arrangements for example and the other to about event planning?

2. Then I think I saw in comments that we can add subcategories to the left navigation? But it’s not automatically handled by menus – we’ll have do some CSS tweaking?

Thanks in advance for your help!


1. I think yes, but it needs to modify the code in index.php and js file, but in general “yes” its possible.
2. I will upload 3rd update to my theme in few days (v1.3) and it will include submenu animation. So this won’t be a problem any more.

Thanks for the response! Would you be available for hire in the event of #1?


Thanks for an awesome theme. Just a couple of questions…

1) Is it possible to have a parented category dropdown when hovered over? 2) How do you create thumbnails for the links in the ‘recent posts’ widget? 3) Is it possible to customize the page’s loading wheel with another animation of our choice (potentially our company’s logo)? 4) Is it possible to have a video load when a project’s thumbnail is clicked (rather than just opening up a larger version of the image)?

Thanks a million mate!

Thank you!

1. Do you mean menu, or some widget?
2. They are created by resizing&cropping featured images assigned to projects to 40×40 px.
3. Yes, it’s possible. You would need to replace gif file.
4. This would require some work to accomplish this.


I am very impressed with your theme. I need to build a website for a professional photographer. We have a couple of questions before purchase.

First, does the gallery page contain some sort of lightbox support? The live preview shows the thumbnails with the option to open on Flikr. At the very least, I’d like to be able to click on a thumb and scroll through the larger images in a lightbox.

Second, have you ever tried to integrate a Photoshelter gallery into the theme using the Wordpress Photoshelter plugin?

Thanks for your time.


Yes, images in gallery can be opened with fancybox and are linked together in a gallery. As soon as first image is open with fancybox you can navigate to another with arrow keys, or with mouse wheel.

No, I never worked with Photoshelter.

Flexslider issue:
I test my site and Noel theme too and having the same problem.
All the button to prev and next photos doesn’t work. When the all image finish to rollon, even if I click prev arrow or small button nothing change.
Do you think it’s a little bug into the code?

Oh.. Sorry. I will look at this right now and update you shortly.

The problem was with flexslider code. Please redownload min file from github https://raw.github.com/woothemes/FlexSlider/master/jquery.flexslider-min.js and replace jquery.flexslider.min.js file in js/ folder of Noel theme.

Well done!!! :)

The theme update has caused me to lose all the modifications, changed fonts and just caused hours of work wasted.

I’m sorry that this update caused problems but its release was necessary. It contains few important fixes and introduces new admin options that will help people to give their sites more individual look.

If you want I can send you previous version and you will simply reinstall it. Also if something doesn’t look right try to re-save Noel admin options. This may help.

It’s just caused a couple more hours of work. Apologies for coming across as a little brash. It’s just that I managed to finally get theme how I wanted it and now I’ve got to work on it further.

My touch wood final query is:

I attempted to input and embed a HTML5 javascript piece into the site on one of the pages but it doesn’t show up whatsoever as the page does not load up and the loading gif graphic just sits there. Any thoughts?

This is the code:

<div><script type="text/javascript" src="http://widget.gigatools.com/html/v2/GigaTools-iframe.js"></script><script type="text/javascript"> addGigaToolsWidget(new GigaToolsWidget({ client: 'user', id: 'meatkatie1', widthType: 1, font: 'Arial', width: '556',height: '500', backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,1)', headTextColor: '#56aaff', bodyTextColor: '#e5e5e5', borderColor: '#CCCCCC', borderSize: '3', borderRadius: '0' })); </script></div>

It doesn’t quite work. The page loads but now the site disappears and then it’s solely the widget itself that appears in the browser..

probably it somehow replaces the site or elements. Maybe you need to style DIV to keep it in a box

Mmm, the attributes are already in the coding though..

I’ll have to use something else then. It’s just that this is suppose to work on iPads etc and the alternative won’t.

I have a request and therefore a suggestion for a new release of the theme.
Instagram with each tag of the individual user, create lots of pictures. It would be nice to be able to combine all the images for you. So if other users tag photos with allowed tags, you create many gallery for each user and in all images.
A sort of filter “summarizes per user.” What do you think?

Hi there, Just to verify. if I do a update on your theme. will the pages thats already created disappear and is there a proper way to update the them. Thank in advance!

Can I ask what is the best size for the image for Flexi Slider?

They can be any hight. The width should be no less than 800 px


Hi, this question is open to anybody out here. Does anyone know how to activate the sub menu? Any help would be appreciated!

good morning there is the possibility of buying this template exactly like what is on sale forest theme. I still do not quite understand wordpress and if I can buy the template as it appears on ThemeForest I know for my swap content. excuses abcs paulokunha

Thanks for question! News, Gallery, Contact and Projects pages will look as on Themeforest preview! These pages have predefined layout that is dictated by their page templates. You will have to follow instructions in documentation to create these pages and add your content. “About” page however uses Default page template what means that you will have to work on page layout and content yourself

I want to make some modification to the theme. I understand the bs-overlay.png image is the file for the main background image of the theme. But what about the 485px height darken overlay at the content pages? Is it an image file or controlled by css? I need to change the color of it. Thanks

Hello! For modern browsers it’s css for IE8 it’s PNG. Background for both menu and main section is controlled by following css declaration in style.css

.rollbar-path-horizontal {
    background: url("images/bg.png") repeat;
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.7);

Hello, I bought the Noel template and I have a problem when I create a gallery page. It seems that all the items with the same gallery category are repeated 2 o 3 times. you can see the effect on http://www.9estil.com/#/mampares-divisories. How can I repair that? If you go to the “productes” menu, you will the several families, like “mampares oficina, mobles, etc”, depending on your language, and every gallery have many repeated entries. Waiting for a reply! many thanks

Hello! You are not using unique slugs. Make sure that every page, every category or tag, all have unique slugs throughout the site. Specifically look for “mampares-divisories” slug

Hey. How can I control the thumbnails on a gallery page? Seems like it crops the images from the top left corner. Also should only jpg be used for optimum control over the images used or are better formats, except png, supported?

And what control you need?

I need to control what the thumbnails actually show in the squares. Right now a lot of my images are single color or some gradient, because my images have more centered objects. Can it be done?

Hi! I’ve looked into your question further and seems I was wrong about the cropping! When you create Local Gallery in my theme, thumbnails are created by resizing and cropping uploaded images from center point of image! Not left-top corner as I told before. Now if you see that some of your thumbs on page with local gallery look not right (not centered) you can try to regenerate them using “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

Is it possible to make the menu side bar wider? My page titles are somewhat long so the menu bar actually has a scrollbar as well and I don’t want that. I’d like for everything to be visible and each title on one line. Thanks! http://www.chrisestes.identifymybrand.com

Hi, yes it’s possible. You’d need to set new width for
#side-nav { width: 180px; ... } div and change left position for
#sections { left: 201px; ... } element in style.css

Is it possible to get the language-files? (.po)

Hi! Yes, please drop me email and I will provide you with .po file.

Is it possible to make the mobile menu a drop-down menu?

Maybe in some of future updates I will do this.

That would be great! My menu currently takes up half the screen :/ http://www.chrisestes.identifymybrand.com

That link does not work.. Anyway I will consider your suggestion. Thanks!

I feel this should be a simple task but I’d like to change the height of the overlay background.. Where would I do this at? I simply want it to stretch to the bottom of the page. Thanks Again :)

Hello! Overlay background? Please clarify what element of the theme you refer to. Do you mean main site content section, or your question has to do with the background changer?

I figured it out :) Thanks!

I do have another question though regarding mobile… It seems that the Noel Demo loads on my iphone the same as it does on my laptop. I’d like for my website to do the same. What can I do to make this happen?