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Hey. Time has come to implement face sharebox. I get the actual box to function, but I can’t seem to link it as a share on facebook. I’ve read the previous post about this issue, but it was also no good. It functions well on the project pages, but I would like to have it some other places as well. I have tried looking for the project page sharebox code, but as I’m still no programmer I’m left with nothing..

[noel_sharebox facebook=”http://www.facebook.com”] this is what I need for the actual button, correct? Then what? How to link to the page or post the sharebox is in?

Can you show the complete code for this page – http://www.inai.no/#/the-front

No, you shouldn’t substitute anything on place of placeholders %url%,%title%. Just copy-paste the code I gave and I will work. These placeholders will be replaced with proper values, no matter if shortcode is used on page or project.

haha..wow! I’m over analyzing too much these days :P Thanks yet again for your skills and patience Gravity, works perfectly now! :)

No problem! :)

Can an HTML 5 video be added to the background slider? Thanks!

This plugin seems to use html5 video tag and can play mp4, ogg formats. The theme won’t break if everything will be done properly.

If yo’ure willing to hire out your development skills to help me add an animated background (either flash or some type of video) to this theme, let me know!

Ok! Please contact me privately to discuss what exactly you want me to do for you

Hi flGravity, maybe my it’s a stupid question but I can’t solve… Why I see gallery miniatures in different size between a photo and another?? Or better, the size is the same (I defined it) but once I can see the entire picture and once I see just a portion of it… Please have a look: www.robertoalbergoniphoto.it look the difference in gallery Macro 2012 than Macro 2013. Thanks, Roberto.

flGravity, I did what you suggested and all ran in the right way. The only thing is that now I can’t see any miniature but for all thumbnails I see just a portion of picture (I got the opposite effect than needed…)

Hello! I checked www.robertoalbergoniphoto.it and it seems that thumbs were not properly generated.. If you are using “Local gallery” option then thumbs must have been me scaled to the size that you’ve set in gallery settings (Thumb width/height), but they were not. If possible please contact me privately and give me admin access to your WP to check this problem closer. Thanks!

flGravity, what’s happened to my website?????

How did you get rounded corners on the image slider on your about page? Thanks!


Add this style at the end of style.css

.flexslider .slides img {
-moz-border-radius: 10px;
-webkit-border-radius: 10px;
border-radius: 10px;


Hey, I got my video converted to OGV, and it does play on firefox now, but it’s too “zooomed in”, and cropping off the top and bottom of the video. The .mp4 works and looks fine on IE/Chrome. Ideas?

Also, is it possible to insert an image gallery into a news post, etc?


News post does not have enough space for the gallery, but you can try.

Hello. I’m having problems with the galeries in my website. It doesn’t show anything but the title of the page.

I have followed your instructions but I’m unable to make any image of the gallery to be shown as it is supposed should be done.

I have reviewed the theme options and everything is ok. The page points to the only local gallery I have created.

So where is the problem??? Could you help me? Is there any videotutorial to see if I’m doing anything wrong???

Here you have the url of my page. The galery page is “Instalaciones” Thanks.

You could also write to j.g.ganaza@i3net.es as I’m the designer and the buyer of this theme is just a directive of the company I work for.

I think I have solved it. Forget about my previous post. Thanks.

Ok, no problem!

Hello, its realy nice job, i like this template. One question, how to get rid of sign # from url? is it necessary? i don’t know much about wordpress but it looks strange. Thanks in advance for answer

Hello! Yes, hash part in URL is required. It’s not possible to strip it without breaking site functionality

It’s a pity. Thanks anyway for reply and i have to say again – you did great job :-)

Thank you! :)

Can you advise how to make the background image responsive (ie scale up and down when resizing window)?

Background images are responsive.

I’m having troubles with URL’s with WPML pluggin. For example, when you go to 9estil.com and you acces to your language, I have to keep this URL: http://www.9estil.com/en/#/products, in other case I can’t accés to my website. from the other hand, when I try to add this URL to google webmasters tool, google only accept this wrong short one: http://www.9estil.com/en. it means that when people clicl on this website, no result appears. It seems that the proublem is the symbol #. Is it possible to fix that or remove the symbol # from the URL? Since I use this template, i’m getting less vitits (using analytics) due to this wrong URL address from my website. Waiting for a solution. Thanks

Hello, ”#” sign in URL is required because Noel is onepage site and #/something in “http://domain.com/#/something” works like an ajax anchor for specific page. So this cannot be removed withot breaking functionality.

In addition, I want to say that URL’s like http://www.9estil.com/en/#/products are understood by bing and google like http://www.9estil.com/en/products, what means that the design and web format disappear. Is possible to remove with Noel Template the symbol # to solve that? if not, how can I add my URL’s to my sitemap.xml to be correct for google and bing? Thanks

I haven’t designed this site to be crawable by search engines. When crawling ajax sites Google requires special URLs of form “http://domain.com/#!/page” . Every such ajax URL (with #!) should have plain html version available at “http://domain.com/?escaped_fragment=/page” that will be requested by google for indexing. Noel theme does not provide “plain html versions of pages”, thus crawling is impossible.

Hi,What actually is the size of the background image? I thought is is a responsive background but it doesn’t seems to work. At first I set the background to 25601440. It fits with a screen size but not for other devices. Then I resize it to 1024576 and set it again. It comes up with a pattern of repeated images. How can I solve this ?

Thank you in advance :D btw can u email and talk to me at noomd.s@gmail.com whether I miss any information from what u provided.

Thanks for contacting me! I have replied to the email.

Hello Is there any way to disable the responsive nature of the layout?

Hello! No, it won’t work otherwise.


I’ve been working on my site www.ivoconsulting.com.mx and I have some problems with the following topics:

1) Can you tell me how to visualize submenus, I have tryed everyway i know but i just can’t.

2) Suddenly the Twitter Feed stoped working. Can you tell me how to fix it?

Thank you.

Hey mate!

Thanks again for the theme. Three quick questions.

1) How do I add thumbnails to the recent projects post? The projects all have a featured image, but there is no thumbnail for recent posts – just a hyperlink. 2) How do I add a submenu? I’ve tried parenting it under a page with a custom menu, but it still will not appear as a drop-down. 3) What Twitter plugin are you running on the live preview?

Thanks again in advance!


1. Featured image for projects are also used as thumbnails in “Recent Projects” widget. Make sure you have enabled “Show Thumbnails” in “Recent Projects” widget settings.

2. To add submenu you need to create custom menu in “Appearance/Menus”, then shift items that you want to appear as submenu to the right (keep in mind that only one-level submenus will work). Then assign this custom menu to Noel menu location.

3. There can be a problem with Twitter because it recently updated its API. You need to download twitter plugin from https://raw.github.com/philipbeel/Tweetable/master/tweetable.jquery.js and replace jquery.tweetable.js file that you will find in wp-content/themes/noel/js/ folder. Sorry for that, I didn’t have time to update Noel with this new version of plugin on themeforest.


Hi, is there possibility to use a different background for the pre-home and the home ?

ex: a different background for this http://www.experparis.fr/ , when I click on ” enter”, a different background for this page http://www.experparis.fr/#/accueil

Thanks for your answer.

Hi! Sorry but it’s not possible.

:-( ok ! thank you !

Hi, I have a problem with this theme in ie8. The question here is that the horizontal scroll bar is not shown in that browser. I have been reviewing if it is only a problem of my website, but I have realized that the official version have the same problem.

I need to have the horizontal scroll viewed. Please give me a solution. you can check the problem here: http://www.carnesur.com/#/ventajas


Hi again. Thanks for your response. In fact, my content already overflows the horizotal space available. Thus, Noel should display the horizontal scrollbar in IE8, but it doesnt. It appears in any other browser but IE8.

You can check it out by yourself, in your own demo site. If you have a look here http://themes.gravitysign.com/noel/#/news in IE8 you’ll see the horizontal scroll bar is missing.

I need it to be displayed. Could you help me please? I could send you a jpg if requiered to let you have an idea about this behaviour.


Ok, I understand. I will check and let you know what I found.

Please add this style in style.css of the theme

.news-page .noel-section-size {
        width: auto!important;

Currently it is inside media query which obviously doesn’t work in IE8

Hi There,

Would you release an update version for the theme?

Hi, No. Noel theme already has 4 updates.

Very sorry but I have questions about site intro control: how can I set up a gallery as intro for my site?



Intro screen cannot have a gallery. The only thing that you can do is to make “Enter Site” button open a page with a gallery

How can I manage that?

You should create a page with “Gallery Page” template, then in Noel Settings/General, Site Intro tab, select this page in “Home Page” dropdown. Also on the same screen you can change text for “Enter site” button.

Hey glGravity!

Just love your theme, but I have something that bothers me. How do I get rid of the diagonal pattern that overlays the background images?

No worries, problem solved ;)