Discussion on NOIRVAL - Classy 6 in 1 Coming Soon

Discussion on NOIRVAL - Classy 6 in 1 Coming Soon

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I purchased Noirval around 2015 maybe earlier and I recently re-installed it using Index-5 for the rain effect, what is odd is when the homepage URL is typed in the browser only the background image is displayed and the buttons and the countdown clock. I re-edited the time in the Noirval.js file but it is only displaying 000 00 00 00 on the home page.

when I click on any of the buttons (about, information, contact) then the rain effect starts and then I go back to coundown (which is the home page) and the rain effect is active.

I have the hosting package set to PHP 5.4 as I recollect this was the correct PHP for the package

however every time I log on to the home page first using the home page url there is NO rain effect only the background image, I have to click on the buttons for the rain effect to start


Joyeux Fetes

I want to install this theme on my site? Can you check my site? https://ilanekle.net


Can you provide me your purchase code ?

Best regards

hi, i used index-5 the rain theme, and i got canvas width and height problem, this cause the background photo in wrong place, always bigger then screen, and in iphone, all elements became very small, but in your demo there is perfect, can’t find the error, please help.

Yes, through the contact form on my profile page ;-)

hi, i sent you a email through the profile page, did you receive that mail?

Yes I just sent an answer a few seconds ago ;-)

Hello, We have noticed that some(not all) emails comming from Get notified form are comming without email address.Only the text “Congratulations ! A new person wants to be alerted when your site will be online:” but with no mail address. Seems that variable $email is empty.


In your notify-me-2.php file, just before the variable $text, add a variable like :

$subject = "your subject"

Then, at the end rewrite this :

mail($email_to, "Message", $text, $headers);

Like this :

mail($email_to, $subject, $text, $headers);

That should do the trick ;-)

Hello, I added some fields on the contact form of the theme and the button submit falls in the fields – actually on subject – on google chrome browser. You can see the web site at : http://pbssacapital.com/demo/index-3.html Can you please tell me how to fix this issue?


Thanks a lot for having chosen NOIRVAL :-)

As it’s a customization, I will try to get a look on that later today but I’m unsure if I will be able to help.

I keep you updated ;-)

Well, I guess the issue comes from this file : assets/php/contact_me.php

Can you send it to me to madeon@themehelite.com

Hello and thanks for the wonderfull theme. I have 2 issues : 1. On the contact page the map is not showing and have a java error tha the page is not loaded. You can see here : http://pbssacapital.com/demo/index-3.html 2. When the video stops there is a message ENDED. How can it be removed? Pleas advice. Kind regards.


Thanks a lot for having chosen NOIRVAL :-)

If you don’t see your map online, then, it may require an API Key.

Click on the following link and then, on the button GET A KEY : Get my key

Then, add it at the end of your html, in the google script like the following example :
<script src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEY" type="text/javascript"></script>

2. For this point, I don’t know unfortunately, I advise you to visit the official documentation of the plugin here : https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer/wiki

Best regards

Hello, we cannot change time in your template. How we can do it? my email: dianakuramshina@gmail.com

Yes we want the documentation provided :)

It’s in your download pack, under the folder called “documentation” ;-)

How to change the date :

1. Open the file “noirval.js” findable in assets/js/noirval.js

2. On line 145, you will find:
/* ================================= */
/* ::::::::: 2. Countdown :::::::::: */
/* ================================= */

        targetDate: {
            'day':      30,
            'month':    12,
            'year':     2016,
            'hour':     11,
            'min':      13,
            'sec':      0
        omitWeeks: true

3. So just set up the date that you want :)


I customized and uploaded the 05. RAIN template and the content is not responsive/dynamic on my iPhone. When I used the 01. STATIC version it works fine. Here is the website URL: http://emotional.systems

Please help out.


I will have a look later today but by default the template has no problem regarding the responsive with this variant.


Using the you tube template I get a popup that says “video has ended”. Help!

‘YouTube Video Background’ plugin doesn’t work as background for devices due to the restriction policy adopted by all on managing multimedia files via javascript. The plugin can’t be supported by mobile devices because Youtube doesn’t allow the use of javascript to control the player on mobile devices and all the devices vendors (iOs and Android) have many restrictions on media control via javascript.

See important notice here : https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer/wiki

Please note, that’s not a flaw from the template or the plugin, there is no ‘YouTube Video Background’ plugin able to be supported by mobile devices.

Check the documentation provided in your download pack to display a slideshow instead to get a black background.

Thanks for the help. Is there a way to have the logo on the mobile version in the centre?

Display a picture with your logo as the slideshow.

Hello again!

I have a problem with sending newsletter using MailChimp . Everything is correct , the API key, the code listed and hosting also says everything is correct. Messages are sent correctly, but never added to the list . Mailchimp not recorded calls from the server. Have you had similar problems? Thank you! My site: www.sputnikclimbing.com


Your settings seem to be good but this is not the file contact-me.php needing to be edit for the newsletter form but notify-me.php.

BTW, not sure the PHP version running on your server is okay currently, can you show me the code from your notify-me.php file?

Send it to me via my profile page, there is a small form at the bottom right ;-)


Thank you :) email send!

Ok I’m gonna check this out!

I have other question…please :) First, How can change the opacity of the static background in index1? And the second… Where can I add the url links of facebook and instagram buttoms? Thank you very much!

For the opacity, open the main css file called style.css :

.wrapper {
    margin: 0 auto;
    overflow: hidden;
    background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);
    height: 100%;

Edit the 0.5 on the background line.

For the links, it’s in the html file, I take example for the Facebook one :

<li class="link-box">
<a href="#" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="bottom" data-title="Facebook" data-trigger="hover"><i class="fa fa-facebook" /></a>

Change the # to your URL :-)


Amazing! All perfect! Thank you very much :)

You’re welcome :-)

Hi, Can I add a new buttom? I need new buttom for instagram :( Thanks!

I tried but there is a problem of style. Instagram logo is unboxed and very to the right. :( Thank you very much!

Yes! I could solve it. Just add in style.css a line to instagram like fa-facebook. Thank you! :)

Alright! Perfect :-)

Hi again,

wow you also made Noirval. My question concerning Noirval is how to change the colours of the navigation buttons or moving the navigation links to a location which is more visable when using the rain version of Noirval?

Thank you again,


Hi again David!

This is only CSS settings, you can change easily the color code and change the position for the navigation to the bottom left for example ;-)


Hello, great page! I have two questions.

1. The form does not work properly when I simply replace my email in the contact_me.php file as directed in the help file. I am also testing the form and I NOT getting a pop up message once the form has been submitted either. How do I fix this?

2. Also, how do I force the Google Maps pop-up to default to Satellite view?


Hello, thanks for having chosen NOIRVAL :-)

1. Can you provide me a link to test your form?

2. Add in noirval.js this part :

    scrollwheel: false,
    draggable: false,
    // Add this next line :
    mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.SATELLITE,


Love your Noirval page.

When I change the font awesome icon in index-1.html to anything else, the white box outline gets removed, and the icon becomes light blue that seems about 60% opacity, and there is no hover color, I also believe the tooltip becomes off center. When I go back to “fa fa-facebook” it works as it is suppose to.

Please help out.

Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

You got this because there is no CSS rule applied on your new content. Check the main CSS file and you will find the style applied on for example, the fa-facebook. Just copy/paste this rule to use it on an other content :-)


Hello, my name is Diana. I am from Yekaterinburg, Russia. We want to buy your model of “coming soon” page and we need your support. Could you pack this page by our information? It is hard to find somebody who works with this programs. What are the conditions of such cooperation.

My email: dianakuramshina@gmail.com My number 8 922 600 557

Sincerely, Diana


Please contact me via my profile page and provide me more informations.



Hi there!

I use index-3 which supports video -and i should say which is awesome. :)

The question is:

On mobile version, there is a background image or css saying 1920×1080? How do i add my own background image or add my own CSS ( which is better) on that screen?

BTW, its a good idea not to make GSM operators richer with this approach ;)

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for having chosen NOIRVAL :-)

Open the js file youtube player and add your image at the top of this one, check the help file provided in your download pack for more info ;-)




Hi, I just bought the template Noirval and I wanted to ask:

As enabling rain? it does not work. that the homepage is the contact page.

Greetings !

Found a solution, replace in the noirval.js file line 40, this :

setTimeout(function() {


    }, 400);

by this :

setTimeout(function() {


        if ($('#popup-contact').length) {
                items: {
                    src: '#popup-contact' 
                type: 'inline'

        var ua = window.navigator.userAgent;
        var msie = ua.indexOf('MSIE ');

        jQuery('#welcome').addClass('animated-quick fadeOut').removeClass('visible');

        if (msie > 0) {

    }, 400);

Perfect, thank you very much !

You’re welcome ;-)

Hey can you please give me a php folder ? i don’t have in my template folder :(

Hey i don’t have purchase code :( can you send me in the inbox or on my email ? please ?

Without any proof of purchasing, I can’t do this.


Alright. my friend purchase it but right now he’s not out of town. Help :’(

Hi ,

I’ve done everything as per the documentation.

H/e after uploading to the server the page is stuck at the initial loading screen…

I’m using the rain theme..

Ok I see where the problem is coming, in noirval.js you have set up an hour of “24”, but 24 is not an hour, you have to write 23h 59m 59s or the next day with 00h 00m 00s.

Keep me posted.



I removed my amendment from noirval.js and replaced with your code.

It’s still the same..this so frustrating..


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