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Hi all, I really like this theme but i need to make a couple changes..

1) We really wanted the back ground white and in doing so there are some text on the site that is also white but no options in the theme settings to change the colour of the font..

2) we need the Menu bar to be seen without scrolling down.. how do we do this?

3) on the connect section, Can we please replace the map with an image.. We really want the social plugin buttons you have but not the map!

I dont know css so if you can throw the code my way that will help a lot..

Any updates? im under some pressure here..


Please check your email for the reply. These questions require some code so it’s better to talk via the support ticket.



Okay, just opened a support ticket


clamgo Purchased

Hello! Nice theme, #1. How do i update the theme after receiving and downloading mail updates, (that is, live and on local host)

2. On the demo version of the Theme, there is a shop with products, cart, checkout, but on the downloaded theme(after uploading demo content as guide), there s no specified shop page with the contents, do i have to manually download an e-commerce plugin and build a shop, i want to be able to allow people download audio files online, and directly, after making payments, with the “easy digital downloads” plugin. Please Help.

Please download the zip file, unzip it and upload all the new files to your host, overwrite the old files. That’s all.

Cheers Anh

Great Theme and support but I cant figure out how to change the NOISE logo (at the very bottom left) to my brand logo

Never mind, I figured it out. Its done in the footer section. Now I have to see how to enter the code or whatever.


Past week a send a few emails but i still got no response…can you help me?

I’ve got some trouble translating the contact form. I know it should be working changing the .po and .mo files but for some reason that didn’t work. So i’ve translated the theme myself by changing every word in the .php files

Execpt if i change the words of the contact form it’s not working… do you know why? or can you give me a code or something so i can change the contact form to my language(dutch)? is the site:)

Thnx for helping!

Hi, sorry for the delay. We’ve been working on our website ( and documentation to help our customers easier in setting and customizing the themes/plugins.

We’ll check your ticket now and will reply today.




vihjin Purchased

Hi, I need help. I would like to customize the Slider part of the one page website. How would I be able to change it so it is not parallax and also so that the picture shows at 100% of the width and also the width stays 100% responsive on mobile version as well.

I know it’s in the .CSS but i can’t figure out the coding.



Thanks for asking. Currently, the parallax is added by JavaScript and there’s no way to disable it.

To change the width of the image, you can set:

section-slider .parallax {

background-size: 100% auto; }

If you need any help, please send us the question via the Support tab.




vihjin Purchased

I got the width to stay responsive. However, now the container that the slider is in wont be responsive with height. here is an example of what happens when i shrink my browsers width.

in the first image it looks great and the width stays 100%. in the second image the width stays 100% but the container isn’t responsive with it.

How can we fix that issue?

That’s why we don’t recommend that change :(. Because the height of the header is huge and on small screens, you have to do a lot of CSS work to make it looks fine. I can only suggest you change CSS for padding, margin and font size for small screens if you want to make this change.

Best regards


When are you guys fixing the video player for mobile devices?? I’ve mailed you guys 3 times with no response:(

Hi Rik, sorry for the delay. I’m testing the latest bits and will update today.

You’re respond time is excellent but you guys keep making promises that can’t be realized…

You told me twice in this comment section that you’ll fix the mobile slider and twice via mail but still after almost 2 weeks there’s no update for this problem.

If i takes more time just say it instead of raising expectations:)

Hi Rik, I’m personally very sorry about that. I’m responsible for this update and the JS code for the Youtube player is more complicated than I thought. The original developer has left our team so all the burden is on me :(.

I tried my best to do it as fast as possible, and I’ve just finished it. Please update to the version 3.5.1 to have that.

Thank you very much.


Where is the changelog? I don’t see any active links for the changelog on your website or themeforest. Thanks.

I’ve added the changelog to the theme page on our website:


Seems the auto upgrade won’t work without me having an active support subscription, but yet when I purchased the theme it says I’ll get all future updates. Can this restriction be changed to work on all purchase keys instead of ones with active support subscriptions?

Unfortunately, the code only works with the active support subscription. This is required and can’t be change. Please renew your support to activate it. You still can download the theme from ThemeForest and manual update it if you want.


Hi, Is there anyway to add an event poster beside the event listing titles on the main part of the site?

Also the “slide to unlock” is very annoying. Can we not have it as the landing page and have people going straight to the web pages??!


> Is there anyway to add an event poster beside the event listing titles on the main part of the site?

Yes, the theme allows you to do that.

> Also the “slide to unlock” is very annoying. Can we not have it as the landing page and have people going straight to the web pages?

Yes, you can turn off this in the theme option.



I updated site to https recently, and now all the fonts and styles are messed up. How do I fix?

You probably need to check how to switch site to https. The theme has nothing relates to the protocol. Here are some guides:

PS: You need to extend the support license to get support. Thanks :)

Can I use same style in of this theme on Visual Composer Basically I want same design in Visual Composer so that my client will not get in tension how to use this

Hi, we support VC to build content, but I’m afraid VC can’t be used to create the whole page layout. The theme is easy to use and you just need to configure it once. You might want to read our docs before purchasing:


What if my client want to duplicate the section ? how can He will do that

The built-in sections are fixed. If the client want to add more things, you can use 2 editor sections to add more content (using VC).

I updated the theme to 3.5.5 and it seems to have lost the function for responsive video, it will no longer resize the video. I purchased this theme specifically for this feature. There are no details in documentation.. Please advise, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

That function is actually still there. We improved the code for displaying the video. Can you please send a support request in the Support tab so our developer can check it? Thanks.


dmnt360 Purchased

Hey, I’ve sent you guys a couple of emails regarding the home slider, even my support period has ended and i still get no response. Hope you guys can fix this, since my client is very upset. There is no reason to renew support since, iam not getting support. It would be a waste of time. I emailed on time, with item support.

Hi, sorry for the delay. I’ve sent you the information in the ticket. Please check it. Thanks.


I am really interested in purchasing a license for this theme (One Page) but I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

1. About the events. Is it possible to add the the venues address and starting time to each event and can this be displayed as a European way? i.e. 19:00h instead of 7:00pm?

2. Is it possible to place the menu bar on top of the page, without scrolling down first in order to see it?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,

Toto Kaluza

Hi. I need help. Is there a way to expand how long the “synopsis” under the artists page can be? I’m putting in bios but can’t read them fully because they are cutting off.


fitwp Author

Hi Harris,

There’s a scrollbar when the synopsis is long and you can always scroll to read more. Do you mean removing the scrollbar completely?

No I just wanted to make sure that people could read the entire synopsis. Maybe I just didn’t notice the scroll bar. However, I am having a problem with the artist pages being clicked. The site is live but when you click on each artist it is not clicking out to the quick facts.