Discussion on Nokri - Job Board WordPress Theme

Discussion on Nokri - Job Board WordPress Theme

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I am using the Nokri job board on a site with 30,000 visitors per month.

I found a bug or smtg that need to be fixed ASAP as employers are complaining.

Login as an employer. When a job is in the IN-ACTIVE JOB LIST

-> click “Activate” button -> Get confirmation

But then the job is nowhere to find on the site or either on the “Active Job list” in the Employer Dashboard. This means the job cannot get BUMP UP too.

Why? Because when a job is “INACTIVATED” it is because of the Application Deadline.

When clicking “Activate” button -> The deadline is not extended which makes the job get activated with an expired deadline which makes it not findable on the website and only accessible through direct link /job/job_name/.

Same with BUMP UP : if I bump up a job that expires tomorrow: the deadline is not extended and therefore, the job will just expire tomorrow.

The reason for those functionalities is to help Employer Re-publish their job ads, which is not working fine right now.

Hi, Please share details with our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com They will check and guide you.



I am interested in buying the WordPress theme along with the Android and iOS apps. Do all of them use the same Database? Are they integrated together as one solution?


Hi, Yes, all are synced and use same database.


Can you please fix the Theme so the old jobs still shows on the page as expired where candidates cant apply instead of 404 errors. This would be really great “must-have” features.

Hello, Please create a ticket and send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will be guiding you. Regards

Hi When I am logged in, I can see the dashboard of ltr theme: https://jobs.nokriwp.com/dashboard/ But can’t see the dashboard of rtl version: https://jobs.nokriwp.com/rtl/dashboard

I need the rtl version of the theme and I want to check all the pages. Is that possible?

Hi The demo credentials works only on main domain. Regards

Thanks. Then please tell me if the RTL is OK on all the pages including the employer dashboard / jobseeker’s profile and other pages that I cannot check now. By OK I mean all the texts/buttons and other elements are correctly right-to-left.

Yes, all are okay even with WPML.

Hi I am looking for personalized listing in the dynamic page ( customer profile / single announcement page or other ..) sync with the subscription system

1- possibility to Customize field / added modified deleted Option: example: add 3 phone numbers – integrated zoom (like WhatsApp) – add a button or other fields – text zone …

2- multilingual

3- possibility of displaying / hiding ADS advertising

4- visit statistics for subscribers

5- integrating short code

6- Hide competitors in premium offers

Note :

-Possibility to create iOS/ Android mobile application (or with another plugin)?

- Do you offer special customization services?

-Can I send customer requests to technical support ?



1) Sorry about that

2) Yes,

3) Didn’t get it.

4) Used woo commerce you can check woo commerce for this purpose if that plugin provides.

5) You can use as its default WordPress feature.

6) Didn’t get your question.

Yes, we do offer customization

Yes you can send and our team will look into it and guide you.


Is the code written as per google structured data for Job Search ? as per google here ? https://developers.google.com/search/docs/appearance/structured-data/job-posting

1.I need the employer to be confirmed by admin once the profile is registered then allow to post job or view candidates … is that possible ?

2. Can i hire a developer from your team and have him/her do modifications ? is there an hourly rate ?

3.Can candidate profile be only looked by employer ? and other candidates cannot see ?


1) No sorry, an only email confirmation is available

2) Yes, we can provide you with the developer to customize things on a fixed or hourly base as requested.

3) Yes, it can be package-dependent and anyone with an employer package can view the profile. Regards

I haven’t been able to post jobs for three days so you can imagine the frustration and loss I had to endure. Please expedite PRIVATE TICKET #3239575. It either says Direct Access Not Allowed, or keep bouncing back asking for login ID when you click on Post Jobs. Tried all browsers, different device and even with VPN.

Hi, It seems like a cache issue, clearly. Our team has been able to login register and post jobs as they have sent you videos multiple times. Please try to clear the cache from your browser side or from the server side and check after disabling the cache and clearing the cache. Moreover, provide the details to our support team they required, they will be looking into the cache things as well. Regards

pre-purchase question: I plan on launching a job site portal that companies pay for premier posting. will the regular license allow me to receive payments from companies? Thanks!

Yes, you can get payments from companies in regular license. Regards

Hello, I am getting “Direct Access Not Allowed” again and cant post jobs for two days. This keeps happening. There is seriously something wrong with the script. Here is my existing PRIVATE TICKET #3232517 with all the login details. Please help.

Team is looking into this and get back to you soon. Regards

Hi there, can I customize this WordPress template by adding my own custom functions and features? I have a technician who can help with the modifications.

You will get complete source code and you can customize it as you want. Thanks,

Hello, I am very interested in your theme, however I have several questions:

1 – You propose a paying part by package, how it works the users cannot apply if they did not subscribe? 2 – it’s possible to put a subscription to the registration for each user?


1) There is an option available in the theme options that the admin can set to Apply on jobs free or packaged-based. https://documentation.scriptsbundle.com/doc/nokri-job-board-theme/theme-options/candidates/candidate-apply-on-jobs-free-or-premium/

2) Yes, the admin can assign a free package at the time of registration to the users.


Hello, is there a way to import from ae.indeed.com currently with your theme?

Yes, if you have a publisher account you can import jobs from Indeed. Regards

The publisher thing has been discontinued by Indeed, reason why I asked, if there are other ways Indeed jobs can be imported

Sorry, about that, we do not have other option. Regards

Pre-purchase questions:

1) Can an employer create multiple accounts for its recruiters?

2) Can reviews of applicants/employees be submitted with comments/ratings on the individual company pages?

3) How does it work with ios/android, can an app be created for it?

4) how flexible is the design and how well can the complete design be changed with elementor?

5) Is it possible that the domain of the respective job providers is www.website.com/jobprovider and www.jobprovider.website.com and that there are no links to the actual job platform on the latter? (so like a landing page so to speak)

6) is it possible to add a forum, where users don’t have to log in again but can continue with their account (www.forum.website.com) and you use a different theme (can you recommend something?)

7) can jobseekers set if they want to be found and contacted by recruiters?



1) Employers can create team member accounts. and they can manage their account.


3) Yes, you can create apps, for Android and IOS.

4) You can change the design of the home pages and other pages but can not change the dashboard and static pages with elementor. Moreover, apps have their own design.

5) Sorry about that.

6) YOu can use the bbpress forum or buddypress for this purpose.

7) Yes, they can make their profile private and then it will bit be visible to employers. Can be on the search page but the profile page will be restricted.


Hi, I keep getting “Direct Access not Allowed” as a Candidate & Employer. I see others have reported the same. What is the fix please? Its been happening from the beginning of Nokri scripts. Also, how do I disable job package so its free? One of my employer expired and no matter how many times they buy and approve from WoCommerce, they cant post new jobs. It says “Your regular jobs has been expired.” My support expired already. I also emailed to your support Gmail. Please help.


It seems that you’ve turned on the “Mobile number verification on the register​” from the theme options > User Settings > General but not set up the Twilio; because of this, it’s showing the Direct access not allowed error. Please turn it off and check the register/login process. For more, Please create a ticket and send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/. They will be guiding you.


I checked per you response and its already OFF. “Mobile number verification on the register​” from the theme options > User Settings > General. I get “Direct access not allowed” regularly as an employer and candidate. What else I need to do to make it go away?

Also, how do I disable job package so its Free? One of my employer pkg expired and no matter how many times they buy and approved from WooCommerce, they cant post new jobs. It says “Your regular jobs has been expired.”

My support expired already. I also emailed to your support Gmail. Please help.

You can submit ticket in General Category. Thanks

I would like to purchase a WordPress job listing template, and as a backend user, I am interested in knowing whether the template has the ability to collect all resume data from both know customer locations and other locations. Could you please clarify if this is possible?

Hi, I am sorry, I didn’t get your query right now. Can you please explain your query? Thanks

pls send me the demo contents it is not in the downloads please thank you my email is

Hello, Please create a ticket and send details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will be guiding you. Regards

Hi, please let me know your theme work with Users Insights Plugin? https://usersinsights.com/features/


Sorry we didn’t test it, please ask plugin author or test it at your end Regards

Hi, if I have both app and website, can we use admob for app and adsense for website without google policy limit? Apart from careerjet what other job import support affiliate?

If the careerjet allows to give full description then you can get those details as well. But I don’t think so they are providing the full details. Regards

What about import the employer/company logo?

it will look like this https://www.screencast.com/t/l3Vb5xfElO and on click it will redirect to the link of that job in new tab. Regards

Will you add any new features I asked for? You haven’t added anything so far.

Hello, Thank you for suggesting features. Adding new features are development team decision. If you need some features, you can ask for customization. Regards

What is the price of customization and adding new features?

Please send us your requirements at scriptsbundle@gmail.com our team will get back to you with details. Thanks,


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