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love your works too! :) thanx!

Clean work! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Another great piece of wood (really useful the choice of the three header solution).
I love your style and I am happy that you have decided to develop a ghost theme (personally I believe in this new platform and see authors like you, who share this thought, stimulates the creation).
Keep it up and good luck with your sales!

Hi, thanks for your kind words, nice to know that someone appreciates our work! We also believe in Ghost themes, their beauty is in their simplicity. Time will show, thanks bull! :)

Perfect Theme , GLWS ;)

Perfect Theme , GLWS ;)

Perfect Theme , GLWS ;)

Very nice photo! Next time you can use photos from my new project called picjumbo —

Thanks, that’s very nice of you!

Hey! Awesome to see this template translated. Wish you the best with sales!

I love this theme and amazing work on the large parallax images and full size videos. Very impressive. There are two pieces of the main Casper theme I dig: 1. The large very readable font 2. The simple sharing buttons at the bottom of the post.

I’m wondering why these two elements have been changed or are missing. Casper uses Droid Serif at 20px but you use Bitter font at 14px. Could I easily change this to Droid Serif at 20px without damaging the theme layout?

Is it possible to add back in the sharing links? I’m debating giving this theme a shot, but I don’t want to hurt the readability that readers have told me they love in Ghost. Keep up the good work.

Hey jasonwhat,

Thanks for your kind words! Glad to hear you like our design! :)

Regarding font – we just thought it would be nicer to use smaller font :) But that’s super easy to change it with few CSS lines – no problem to assist you doing that, simply contact us on our support forum after purchasing.

Regarding sharing links – we’re working on it now, probably we’ll soon update the theme :)

Thanks! ThemeWoodmen

Stunning work! Best of luck with sales :)

Looks nice, but the image gallery on the live demo doesn’t look the same as in your screenshot. On Chrome/Firefox/IE, the left-hand arrow sticks out from the left edge of the photo. On the “gallery version” of the theme, this means that a thin strip of the cover photo appears down the left side of the gallery photos. Also for the gallery version, on IE, the right-hand arrow is half-hidden under the scrollbar and the blog title text isn’t centred properly. I guess these are bugs in the ghost version of the theme?

Apart from this I really like this theme – if you get this fixed I might well buy it.

Hi mistdig,

Glad you like it. Our last update had to cause this gallery bug. On Monday we will post an update with a fix.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


We’ve just uploaded a massive update which among others addresses these issues.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hi, I like this theme but it seems the comments are not per post. The comment I wrote is at the bottom of each post. Is there a way to Change this?

Regards, Michael

Thanks A LOT for letting us know! Sometimes it’s easy to oversee even simplest bugs. We’ll update the theme asap :)

Thanks again!

Just one thing which is a bit strange, because I cannot see this on your live page for this theme.

On the left site of each posting is a Kind of list with date and author Name. Each entry has a visible bullet on my page, but I cannot see this on your demo page. I used the Internet Explorer in different compatibility modes (IE8->IE10)

Thank you for the new update, I am more than happy with it. :)

The only Change I did was to comment out the email part in the post, because I don’t want to send my email address into the world.

The email address is a required field in the configuration, therefore it is not possible to just leave it blank. Its purpose is to be able to reset the ghost Password via email.

Big Thanks to you! Michael

Is there Google Plus comment integration?


This option is not bundled, but our theme is compatible with any comment plugin like (GPlus comments) which I guess is what you are looking for:)

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

demo site is down!!

Thanks for letting us know:) It’s up now!

demo site is down!!

The demo site is down again. Any plans to support ghost 0.4?

up again, thanks for notice. Working on making our server more stable :| Yeah, we do plan to support 0.4 :)

Is there a way to change the colors used in the shortcode row background colors and the shortcode button colors? Terms like “Primary” and “Default” are used in the row background-color options. How do we set those colors.

Thanks for you help.

Hi Richard,

Correct me if I’m wrong – are you sure you are referring to Ghost version of Nonus? Maybe you think about WP version?:)

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

I am thinking of the WP version am I on the wrong product? Should I post my questions there? Thanks.

Hi Richard,

It’s a GHOST theme and not WP:) Could you please post your question to so our support team can check it out?

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


First off, Let me say that I love the theme. It looks really great on the demo. Unfortunately, I’m unable to get the cover image to display. It doesn’t look as though the page is displaying the way in which it should. If you could please take a look, I’d appreciate it very much.

Thanks, and have a great day!


Hi Brandon,

I can see you’ve created a new issue but we are waiting for your account details at

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


your theme looks very nice but are there any updates to work with Ghost 0.5.x?

Greetings Olaf


We don’t have the update scheduled yet, though for sure we will prepare new version compatible with the latest Ghost.

Best regards, ThemeWoodmen