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jfhocq Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with your template Norris. I placed the Event Calendar application and the title of the event is not displayed in the right place. Could you help me? Thank you . the website is: www.magic-kapsalon.be

Hi @jfhocq

Could you please open a support ticket at our dedicated desk https://withemes.ticksy.com/ with your site login credentials?

Our support staff will assist you in the soonest time ;)

Best Regards,

Cuong Tran

Hi, is it possible to fix the navbar top in front of the slider?

Hi @C2-lounge

It’s possible. It’s not shown on the demo but you can setup a sticky header at very top & override the slider. There’s an option to control this. This feature has been added from version 1.6. See the changelog

Hey I’m hesitating between this theme and ANTE (http://themeforest.net/item/ante-the-ultimate-wordpress-parallax-theme/7390473) I’d appreciate that someone could guide me. Thanks

Hi @YellowFlash

Thank you for your interest. The choice is up to you, it depends on your purpose & your taste. However, if you choose us, you can always look for dedicated support at https://withemes.ticksy.com/



Hi, I found Norris looking for a theme with ajax-portfolio option and I’m pretty amazed with your version. The only handicap for my client is not to have a visual composer. It is possible for you to bring me admin access to a demo to look around? Thank you so much for your attention

Hi sebasg,

Unfortunately, this theme use shortcode systems. We do not integrate Visual Composer but there’s a shortcode generator and you can import demo then edit it.

If you wish to try it first, let drop me a mail.



Yes, please. How can I access to? My email is webmaster@cocoand.com



karanc Purchased

IS there any guide that how to set up the theme?

Hi @karanc

Please download full package of this theme Norris vxx.zip, unzip and you’ll see a folder naming Documentation. Open index.html file, that’s the setup guide.



?Hi there, ive updated to the latest version of your theme and when i try to turn the page titles off, it doesnt turn them off.

The reason i’m wanting to do this is because some pages we are using decorative image titles and others (like the blog page) we are wanting to use the actual title itself.

I see in the comments section you said to put some code into headline.php at line 2, the latest version has this already but the tick box to turn the pages off in the backend dont seem to do anything.


Hi @darrencnz

It’s 100 percent that you can hide this page title area with the checkbox in the backend with Norris 1.9.5, eg. this page: http://norris.withemes.com/latest-news/

Please double check your site


I see that but I’ve completely removed the child theme style sheet altogether in case it was CSS or child theme related and the tick box still does absolutely nothing.

Even if i revert back to the original non child theme which was only updated the other day, the tick box still does nothing on any of the pages and there are no mods to any of those theme files as it is a brand new install.

Thanks anyway

Hi @darrencnz

Indeed, we can not inspect this issue without looking your site’s backend.


vhugo01 Purchased

Hello, I have a question for you, how can I modify size and font of my woocommerce products? I tried modifying from “woocommerce.css” but it doesn’t work. I love my theme fonts but I want to use the other one in woocommerce, to make it looks better. About the upgrade, When is become available?

Hi @vhugo01

Please open a support ticket at https://withemes.ticksy.com/, our team is willing to help you to modify them :)




arinapr Purchased

Hi, just noticed this – the uploaded footer background is not seen, after I upgraded the theme. Any ideas why?


It seems you have an overriding CSS rule in your Theme Options > General > Custom CSS looking like this:

#wi-footer { background-image: none !important; }

Please remove that code and your footer background will show up.

Hope this helps,



arinapr Purchased


Thank you, you were right I had a Custom CSS code, but something else, and I still need it, to show the image properly. How can I fix it?

wi-footer {

-webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; }

Now I see your footer background image is showing up.

Do you need any help?


vhugo01 Purchased

Hello, Is this theme still being updated?

Hi vhugo01, we still update this theme to make it compatible with latest version of WP as well as needed plugins.

About developing new features, we really do not have a plan at this time.

Kind Regards,


I have a pre-purchase question: Is the lightbox customizable? I’d like to make the images larger and hide all of the controls. Thanks!

Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay on your reply. With only these queries, lightbox is only customizable via Javascript. Once purchased, we can help you to customize this at our support desk.


Can I hide the category filter buttons above the images?

Yes you can.

The demo isnt importing at all. Just downloaded the theme today. I really shouldn’t have to pay someone to install this per the demo when you say on your sales page that it is easy to install.

Hi Gingerlatte,

Of course the demo is importable while 900+ customers can install it. Please make sure that you followed exactly steps in quick setup guide of documentation included in the theme package.

If you have any difficulties with the theme setup, please open a support ticket at https://withemes.ticksy.com/ with your login credentials, we’re glad to help you.


hi, excellent template, can you please send me the css code that will change 1. the colour of the menu text, 2. change the colour of the dark separators one one page mode, Thank you very much

Thank you for the quick reply.. Please see paulsullivan,.ie there are dark separators on the front page. I want to change the colour of these separators please. Also where do i put the code in 1/ above, I have put the code into custom css but the menu text colour has not changed. I amended the colour code…. Thank you

It seems you copied from your email. Please copy only the code inside <pre> and </pre> The pre tag is just a markup to make the code more readable on ThemeForest.

For the separators, please use:

.page-separator {background-color:#AF1869;}

Hope this helps.

Btw our support staffs at https://withemes.ticksy.com/ is willing to help you too. If you could open support ticket there, it would be easier for us to manage support. Anyway, you’re welcome.

Thank you very much. Great support..

Hi, Thank you for your previous replies. Quick question. Can i change the height of the page-separator on the front page. Thank you

Hi. You can increase padding top & bottom of the separator in your page editor, page settings section > page separator > the last option.

Hope this helps :)

Can you please check the site paulsullivan.ie I want to change the height of the blue separators on the front page.. I am using the one page format. thank you.. Great template.. lots of options.. well done…

Yes, I know. Please edit each page About, Testimonials… In each of these pages, you can edit page separator height by increase the padding. Scroll to page setting area, click to the tab “Page Separator” and increase padding (the last option).

If you still feel difficult, you can use this custom css code:

.page-separator{padding:100px 0;}

(then your separator height will be 200px)

Hello, I love the theme! I’m wondering if it’s possible to resize the image box OR team member photo? If I do a portrait (instead of landscape) photo, it stretches my image into something larger. Please help. Thanks.

Hi JackieR, thank you for purchasing my item.

Please add this code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.wi-member .image {width:100px;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto 15px;}

If you don’t wanna centralize your image, please remove margin:0 auto 15px; above.

For imagebox, the code is:

.wi-imagebox .image {width:100px;max-width:100%;margin:0 auto 15px;}

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more assistance.



arinapr Purchased

Portfolio is not active. Please advise http://myjsf.org/gallery/

Hi arinapr,

You got a javascript on your page so the portfolio doesn’t work. Please try:

- Deactivate some plugins to know which one caused this issue. - Reinstall Norris theme (your data won’t be lost) and make sure that all javascript files are same as default (if there’s some changes in Javascript files, it’s hard to debug).

If it doesn’t help, let open a private ticket with your login info at https://withemes.ticksy.com/, we’ll help you further.

Kind Regards, WiThemes


MlleA Purchased

Hi there, Is it possible that for a single page that doesn’t appear on one page we can see the separator image ? Or at least would it be possible to add a full screen featured image above the content ?

Also I just figured out the parallax effect doesn’t work on iPhone, all we see is the image (the one used in separator areas) that repeats. Could you please fix this ?

Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards.

Hi MlleA, we apologize for the delay on your response. We were so busy last week.

1/ Unfortunately, integrating full screen section into a single page requires some extra works that not only a couple lines of code, we’ve tried but couldn’t find an easy way to do so. This theme is too dedicated for one page mode.

2/ Javascript stops when scrolling on Apple mobile devices so we decided to disable parallax effect on these devices.

Our support staffs working 24/7 at https://withemes.ticksy.com You can get a faster answer at our support desk. :)

Let me know if we could help you something more!


PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION: I see that this them has not been updated since Sept 2015 when your other themes have had updates in Oct 2016. Can I ask are you still supporting this theme and keeping vigilant to it’s update needs.

Also does this come with Wi Shortcodes and Wi Portfolio?


Hi wagwag,

Thank you for your interest. We’re selling Norris because people are buying it and asking for it. We do not update new features for this item but keep resolving any issue if you have at our support desk.

The theme of course comes with Wi Shortcode and Wi Portfolio.

Kind Regards,


Hi, I have installed the theme, but the “portfolio” button does not appears on the dashboard…. If there ir another theme activated appears, if Norris is activated does not :s

Thank you, the problem was that the portfolio needed a category.

I have another question, Is there a way that the accordion starts closed? Because when I set the accordion the first item is displayed, but I want all 3 closed. Thank you!

Hi Heber,

Quick solution: Please use three toggles instead solution.

Full solution: Please open /wp-content/plugins/wi-shortcodes/includes/shortcode-functions.php file, go to line 356 and replace

if ( $i != 0 ) {


if ( $i != -1 ) {

Hope this helps,


Yes! It worked! Thank you!