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Is there a way of making the width of .article-content and .wrapper change relative to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on rather than setting a certain pixel width and a max-width? When I widen .article-content it messes up the formatting on mobile devices so that you can only see a part of the post. Thanks.

Sure, send them to support at designcrumbs dot com.

Just sent it.

Hello, I’ve got just one small Notably formatting problems to fix before I launch in June and I hope you can help me with it. It’s the Nav Menu for mobile, when I click on the drop-down button for the mobile menu it just displays all of the grouped elements (links) in a list that gets cut off at the bottom of the page and there is no way to scroll down to see the rest of it. It will sometimes let me scroll down a little but then it just pops right back up to the top of the list, so as of right now there is effectively no menu when viewing on a mobile device because it only displays the first two elements or so and can’t scroll down.

There’s a Coming Soon Page up so I just emailed you the login credentials for my site to support at designcrumbs dot com.

Thanks and have a good day, talk to you soon. Cheers.

That’s from the myStickymenu plugin you have turned on. That plugin that sticks the menu to the top of the screen, so if the menu is longer than the screen you won’t be able to scroll on it.

Okay, I’m trying to format that plugin to see if it will work properly on mobile, what is the .my_navbar_class or #my_navbar_id? I can’t tell exactly what that it. This sticky menu is designed for theme Twentythirteen, I think if I update the navbar class in the settings it may work. Thanks again.

Oops! I missed this comment. Did you get it figured out?

Is there a way to change the page numbering format? My blog is one post per page because of the content and right now people just have to click through one at a time to see older posts, it only shows the next post and the very last post. I have a an archives section but that still displays one post per page so they have the same problem. Is there a way to change this format? Thanks.

I was hoping for a box in which page numbers could be entered so that they could get to any page they chose, this is the format I’ve seen on several blogs with a low number of posts per page.

That’s a stumper. I don’t know of any existing solutions to do that. I looked around and can’t even find a plugin… I’m afraid I’m at a loss with this one.

Okay, thanks for trying. Have a good one.

Where can I find a list of all of the Social Menu networks/icons that are supported and what their letters are? I was looking for Vine and all I found was Vimeo and a speaker for the lowercase “v”, but I’d like to know all of the potentials. Thanks.

Soundcloud was the other one I was specifically looking for as well.

Hello! Vine and Soundcloud aren’t part of the social networks icon set used in the theme. The next version will have them.