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Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

thank you!

Hey Mate, love the design only one thing. You say its compatible with Business catalyst, bu there ie no “ice editable” tags? Yes it fits BC but need to manually add tags..

Thanks, I’ll take care of it right away!

Hi Robbie, How did you go with the Business catalyst tags?

I will try to add the tags within the next update…
for now, i removed the “compatible with Business catalyst” from the features list.

Hi guys,

Great template! Wondering if the template would show fully in Outlook, including fonts and background?


Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 does not support background images, in that case the big background image gets a solid similar alternate color.

Hello Robbie,

We love the template and are anxious to use it! We’ve run into a bit of a roadblock and I’m wondering if you’re able to help us out?

We’re attempting to use this file: Layout_InlineCSS_02.html for an email. We get an error while attempting to upload it. When we load it into our email software it’s telling us the css isn’t “inline”. I’m not a programmer so this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense me.

Is there any chance this is something you could help provide some insight to?


Sure David,
please contact me by this email address,

Statistics and images don’t all show when at smartphone size.

as part of the responsive behavior some elements are removed on a smartphone view to avoid unexpected behavior.

Hi, I see campaign monitor is in the tags – can you confirm that it is compatible with Campaign Monitor? Thanks

Not a CM ready.

does your template come with the psd files?

PSD that includes six similar backgrounds. and a top label smart object.

… thought it comes with a fully layered PSD with all the newsletter-elements. a bit disappointed

it comes with a PSD that includes six similar backgrounds. and a label smart object.

Hi Robbie, yes, I have seen that. But it would have been great to have a PSD of the whole newsletter template and not only from the header with background images. It would help me a lot with the design.

Hi Celluz,
I understood what you meant, just wanted to clarify the issue for other users.

How do you fix the Outlook Background issue with this template?

some E-mail clients doesn’t support background images. in that case we use an alternative solid color as a replacement. match that solid color to the image you use.

That’s nice, but do you have a work around for this. Campaign Monitor has a Outlook 2007 background image code maker, and have you thought about adding a work around to this issue. I have completely removed the background image, but it’s a shame I have to.

not at the moment. I hope next outlook version will support this fundamental attribute.